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Conquer CAD Focus Day 1


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Conquer CAD Focus Day 1

  1. 1. C.A.D. Certification Training: Day 1 1
  2. 2. Mission Statement 2
  3. 3. Conquer Entertainment is a turn-key solution for an artist ortheir team to open, own, and successfully operate anindependent label for the purpose of creating music, brandingartists, building a music career, and generating income. 3
  4. 4. The Current Music Industry 4
  5. 5. Distribution Merchandising Touring Services Mentor To Assist Opportunities Opportunities Opportunities (websites/graphics) in Career GrowthiTunes BandCamp ReverbNation ReverbNation No One!TuneCore TopSpin BandCampCD Baby Audiolife TopSpinReverbNation 5
  6. 6. Typical Artist Career Options… 6
  7. 7. •Take profit from artist all •Help artist get around (360) promotion, marketing, and career services •Sign artists to multiple album deals•Help artist build a career •Recoupable advances & a success story •No guarantee of promotion, •Pays artists royalties marketing, or career services access •100% Creative Control 7
  8. 8. Artist goes GOLD = 500,000 units sold9.1 cents per song (statutory royalty)If album has 10 songs - $1 per albumFor that same album… 8
  9. 9. Label gets $9 per albumLet’s say…Label spends a recoupable $600,000(low end number) for:• Advances• Marketing• Promotions• Production 9
  10. 10. After Sales…Artist portion = $500,000The label recoups from that $600,000Artist NEW portion = - $100,000 10
  11. 11. Meanwhile…The Label has profited $4,500,000PLUS recouped $500,000! 11
  12. 12. Similar Scenario:Artist goes GOLD = 500,000 units soldLabel spends $100,000 up frontLabel pays:• Producer royalties• Manager percentage• EtcArtist gets paid LAST and LEAST(whatever is left) 12
  13. 13. Artists USED to be OK with this scenario:They received money from:• Merch• Touring• Licensing, etc.However…360 deals take a piece ofeverything! 13
  14. 14. 360 Deals Are:The main contract offered to artistswhen they are “signed”Key Components to 360 Deals:•Label takes a piece of everything in the artist’s career: -Acting as a “pseudo-manager” 14
  15. 15. •Artist gets musical •Artist is the manager, freedom producer, promoter, etc.•Artist creates their own •Need lots of connections, success story know-how, and money •Artist keeps monies •Can be mentally and made from music and physically exhausting merchandise sales 15
  16. 16. The UnLabelIs… A program an artist can participate in that gives them an online label with training, tools, and support where they can build, manage and grow their music careers and stay independent 16
  17. 17. Conquer EntertainmentBasic Education • What’s A CAD – Definition – Role – CAD Candidates 17
  18. 18.  A Certified Artist Developer (C.A.D.) is an individual who is a Market America Unfranchise Owner that has met the minimum qualifying requirements, and:• Attended and passed our two day certification training• Have previously completed their NDT & B5 trainings• Are current on their transfer buying and UFMS• Each C.A.D. will be required to sign and abide by the Mutual Agreement between themselves and each new ULO. 18
  19. 19. Example of an ideal C.A.D:• Someone that has: – A strong desire to build artist’s career – Previous experience In the music industry – A true PASSION for working with artists 19
  20. 20. Conquer EntertainmentBasic Education • Becoming A CAD – Benefits – Goals & Goal Statement – Developing A CAD Plan Of Action 20
  21. 21. 1. Ability to sell UnLabels2. Turn UnLabels into UnFranchise Owners (for extra profit)3. New Customers4. Increased portal traffic5. New Prospects 21
  22. 22.  Prospect, Recruit & sponsor 10 or more quality artists Help artists create a marketing plan based on their music career goals (Mentor) Promote Artist to everyone you know, viral channels and current UnFranchise team because :  We receive 100% of 100% of the artist volume - which will inspire organizational involvement 22
  23. 23.  By helping artist to convert fans into consumers they will be automatically learning the Basic 5 and by default will have created a “Go Now” distributor.• Sponsor more C.A.D.’s that you will meet through you new ULO. ( A very high Percentage of Distributors were first customers) 23
  24. 24. Code Of EthicsStandard of Conduct1. Always dress professionally2. Associate with Independent Distributors that are striving to attain higher levels of excellence.3. Conquer Certified Artist Developers must attend Conquer Touring System (CTS) and artist-supported NMTSS events at least once (1) a month, and bring an ULO and/or CAD prospect.*Published CTS and NMTSS events are to be open to the public and all independent distributors. 24
  25. 25. Code Of EthicsStandard of Conduct4. Report any unauthorized reproduction of sales materials and the sale or use of any unapproved Market America/Conquer Entertainment literature or generic sales aids.5. Never disparge or complain about other Certified Artist Developers or UnLabel Owners (ULOs) to anyone.If there is a complaint, put it in writing and either FAX or MAIL your grievances to the Director of Training for Conquer Entertainment, April Benson. 25
  26. 26. Code Of EthicsStandard of Conduct6. When in public, your conduct should always be above and beyond reproach. You are a representative of Market America & Conquer Entertainment.7. No Conquer Certified Artist Developers should ever engage in any deceptive or unethical recruiting, business-building, or marketing practices. 26
  27. 27. Code Of EthicsStandard of Conduct8. Conquer Certified Artist Developers shall exercise great measure to ensure that no statements, promises, or testimonials are made which are misleading to prospective Independent UnFranchise owners, or the general public.9. No Conquer Certified Artist Developer shall ever knowingly make statements which misrepresent the accuracy of any Independent UnFranchise owners financial earning potential.10. Conquer Certified Artist Developers should always demonstrate any ULO lessons or procedures that they were taught to ensure duplication. 27
  28. 28. Code Of EthicsStandard of Conduct11. It is imperative that every effort is made to represent the policies, procedures, methods, and marketing practices, as defined in Market America’s Career Manual.THIS BUSINESS PROMOTES COMMUNITY, NOT COMPETITION! 28
  29. 29. Developing A C.A.D. Action Plan 29
  30. 30. • How many artists will you prospect in the next 1-3 months – Names & Contact Information• How many shows will you have to attend to find those artists?• How many ULOs would you like to convert to UFOs by end of the year? 30
  31. 31. • How many industry events will you attend in the next 1-3 months? – South By South West – CMJ – Make Music NY• How many hours will you spend online researching artists, your local music scene, etc.?• How many hours will you spend offline researching artists, local music scene, etc.? 31
  32. 32. • What MA products will you introduce to your future ULOs?• Which existing or new preferred customers will you introduce your ULOs to? 32
  33. 33. Conquer EntertainmentBasic Education ULOs – What’s An Artist? – What’s An UnLabel Owner? – Requirements – Benefits – Goals & Goal Statement – Developing Brand Image – Developing Marketing Plan 33
  34. 34. UnLabel Candidates•Any artist, musician, or music business professional that: –Serious about their music career –Chooses to be self-endorsed –Just need tools and a little training on how to build their career to an independent success –Wants to be educated on how to build their career with Conquer 34
  35. 35. Responsibilities to ULOsYou Sign On1. Review UnLabel Handbook on marketing, branding and promoting strategies2. Create a marketing strategy to: – Grow ULO fanbase with customers, music fans, and friends you have – Promote social networking sites and official websites of the ULO – Build ULO brand through promotion and marketing through Conquer Entertainment’s tools, Touring system, and online promotion 35
  36. 36. • Must be Personally Sponsored by a Certified Artist Developer (C.A.D.) and sign a mutual agreement between the Artist and Distributor.Prerequisites: Must have at least 1 professionally recorded song – or 4 demo songs Must have performed at least 1 time at a live venue to an audience of 10-20 people, acceptable documentation includes video, photos, and/or a performance resume 36
  37. 37.  Must have and submit:  Official artist social networking sites – Facebook fan page, MySpace, Twitter OR have standard press kit /EPK.(electronic press kit) If submitting SN sites, in order to qualify, one of the sites submitted must carry a fan base of 500 fans or more.. 37
  38. 38.  ULO receives a BDC Artist have massive fanbases and are willing to share with them what they are excited about. Belief - Artists believe in their music! One-To-One marketing familiarity Great fan to consumer conversion ratio. Its like having a celebrity endorsement! 38
  39. 39. Interactive Artist Profile Page: This page will allow artist toconnect with fans across the globe as well as instantly convertthem from fan to consumer.Custom URL for ease of tracking and greater viral promotionSocial network hubTour and Event calendar Funding Feature (like sell-a-band) – coming soon Music & Merchandise store (artist & MA brand merchandise)- – coming soonEasy share widgets - – coming soon Administrative Login 39
  40. 40. Certified Artist Developer: Unique to this company, ConquerEntertainment provides our Unlabel Artists with a CertifiedArtist Developer.The role of our Certified Artist developer is to coach and mentorthe new ULO as to how to effectively achieve their music goalsthrough our Unlabel System. 40
  41. 41. Paid Street Team: The creation of a solid street team(serious fanbase) is a vital part of an Artist’s success. Through Market America’sexisting “Paid To Shop” program every fan will receive up to 50%CashBack on eligible purchases as well as ½% CashBack on any oftheir referrals purchasing for as long as they are purchasing throughtheir branded MA webportals. (20% for widgets needs to be defined via Loren) 41
  42. 42. Fan Creation:Unlabel artist have a unique opportunity to market themselvesto our millions of pre-existing consumers who already purchasefrom Conquer Entertainment and Market America.COMING SOON TO CONQUER – We will offer arecommendation tool that will allow consumers to listen tomainstream music while easing into the indie artist experiencebased on what they already like and not force feeding themartists! 42
  43. 43. Fan Creation:Allows us to match “Fan to Music and Music to Fan”.Potential fans will no longer have to scour the internet in searchof your music, rather it will be recommended to them based ontheir preferences.Sold out corporate events where select artists will have achance to showcase their talent. 43
  44. 44. Conquer Service Providers: Conquer is providing IndependentArtists with a true marketing & branding experience where theywill have access to many top local service providers at ourExclusive ULO Rates. 44
  45. 45. Not all service providers will be in your area and rates mayvary based on the tier of service provider you choose. 45
  46. 46. Touring: With Conquers ULO Program , Artists can joinConquers tour circuit as well as integrate their external tourlocations.We will also provide a tour recommendation tool that will helpour artist to schedule tour locations more effectively based onthe Geo-Targeting of consumers who have downloaded theirmusic or purchased their merchandise. 46
  47. 47. Conquer will launch nationally and use the same system as theNMTSS.The Touring system will be very similar to NMTSS in terms ofrules and regulations, but will differ in venues in-line with themusic industry 47
  48. 48. Conquer Rewards: Conquer Rewards are a virtual currencythat is applied to a sale of an artists music and merchandise.This creative financing rewards artist for doing the resultproducing activities necessary to be successful as an UnlabelOwner and allows them to redeem for the services necessary tocreate more music product and further their Image and Brandwithout having to come out of pocket. 48
  49. 49. How They’re Accumulated – 49
  50. 50. Obtaining CR PointsIf more CR points are needed to purchase services,1. Grow ULO Career2. Promote ULO BRAND!3. Sell ULO Music/merchandise 50
  51. 51. Merchandising System:With our complete merchandising system ULO owner can veryeasily create merchandise and have it available for purchasewithout the traditional hassles like warehousing, shipping andlarge order requirements traditionally required to make a profit. 51
  52. 52. Merchandising System:e-commerce capableorder fulfillment includedno warehousing requiredships direct to consumer from warehouseGreat retail profit and BV potential Low min order requirements 52
  53. 53. Price:$15 a month (first three months up front)•35 song upload pack included 53
  54. 54. Cost: 99Cents BreakdownArtist .58 centsCAD .05 centsBV .25CR .05 54
  55. 55. Below is an example of profit potential for an Unlabel Artist.These numbers reflect aBasic T-shirt order per shirt with a minimum order quantity of 25 55
  56. 56. Profit margin may vary based on type of merchandisebeing purchased, order quantity and additionalcustomizations. 56
  57. 57. • Touring• Retail Profit from Lifestyle Merchandising• This number varies based on particular product that is sold within the MA structure and carries additional incentives for commissions through the MPCP. 57
  58. 58. • ½ percent Referral Cashback on all referred fans purchasing through our webportal.• Participation in the MPCPUnlabel artists can leverage up to $156,000 in commissions through proper implementation of our Unlabel business model. 58
  59. 59. ULO Goals & Goal Statement 59
  60. 60. Your ULO’s WHY?• Why do they do music? What’s their drive?• Do they have a big picture of their career? If so, what is it?• Are they actively working to become a successful musician?• How much time will they commit to growing their music career with you and Conquer? 60
  61. 61. Goal Breakdown• Short Term (next 3-6 months)• Long Term (next 12-24 months)Next:, break down into• Monthly• Weekly• Daily 61
  62. 62. Step 1: Identify ULO Goals & Needs • What are the needs & current demands of your music career? • How much ongoing income do you want to make? • What do you envision as “success”? – Money? – Number One Record? – Millions of fans? – A show every week? 62
  63. 63. Step 1: Identify ULO Goals & Needs • After you write down your goals, you should know: – What you have in your career currently (& where you want to go): • Music sales • Fans • Performances • Merchandise/Promotion • Services – Overall goal or desire 63
  64. 64. Step 2: Breakdown Goals • Yearly • Monthly • Weekly • Daily • To achieve overall goal 64
  65. 65. Step 2: Breakdown Goals EXAMPLE: • Your ULO wants to make: – $1,000 in profit in MERCH – Generate an income of $10,000 profit – Perform 50 shows • In the next year (12 months) 65
  66. 66. Step 2: Breakdown Goals 1. Divide yearly amount by 52 (for the amount of weeks in a year) GOAL YEARLY WEEKLY Merch Sales $1,000 $19.2 Annual Income $10,000 $192 Shows 50 1 66
  67. 67. Step 2: Breakdown Goals 2. Determine how much merch per weekly show you would have to sell to reach your merch (and income) goal If ULO purchases shirt for $7 • Retail:$15 • Profit of $8 • $1000 / 8 = 125 shirts total • 125 shirts = 2.4 shirts per week (or show) 67
  68. 68. Factors To Consider • Venue size • Average Audience • Venue outside of Conquer vs Conquer showcases WHY? Conquer showcases rotate genres bi-weekly or weekly 68
  69. 69. Step 3: Adjust & Control 3. Work with ULO to: • Schedule the right shows • Promote music and merch sales • Reach THEIR GOAL! 69
  70. 70. Goals Review• Short Term (next 3-6 months)• Long Term (next 12-24 months)Next:, break down into• Monthly• Weekly• Daily• Tasks that need to be achieved to reach “OVERALL GOAL” 70
  71. 71. Products & Services 71
  72. 72. UnLabel HandbookWhat it is – UnLabel owner’s guide to Conquer and ULOimplementation in their career.Why use it – To understand how to effectively use UnLabel packageand properly promote, brand, perform, and market UnLabel ownersthrough Conquer Entertainment and the music industry. 72
  73. 73. UnLabel ServicesWhat it is – Quality, industry services that are available forpurchase from UnLabel owners using their Conquer reward points.Why use it – To understand what services to purchase that willfurther the ULOs career and match their brand perfectly. 73
  74. 74. 74
  75. 75. UnLabel ServicesSeparated into three tiers:A: Professional LevelB: Semi-Pro LevelC: Novice Level 75
  76. 76. UnLabel Services – Music ProductionThis service is used to obtain a pre-produced song for usewith songwriting and recording. 76
  77. 77. UnLabel Services – RecordingThis service is used to record vocals, instruments, overdubs(re-recording tracks), and full song construction. 77
  78. 78. UnLabel Services – Mixing/MasteringThese services are used to further tweak or refine theaudio and make it sound crystal clear and radio-ready. 78
  79. 79. UnLabel Services – Video ProductionThis service is used to create professional music videos,video promos, and capture live performances. 79
  80. 80. UnLabel Services – PhotographyThis service is used for candid photo shoots, live photoshoots, press/media shoots, and press kit photos. 80
  81. 81. UnLabel Services – Graphic DesignThis service is used for creation and modification of logos,performance flyers, and album/single covers. 81
  82. 82. UnLabel Services – Website DesignThis service is used for creation and modification of officialwebsites and promotional sites. 82
  83. 83. UnLabel Services – The ProcessGrady Spivey – Head of Services DivisionOnce a Service Provider applies:1. Evaluates product quality a. Only HIGHEST quality of services are accepted2. Looks at the resume (if accepted) a. Who they’ve worked with b. What they’ve done3. Determines Tier a. “A”, “B”, or “C”4. Matches “Service Provider” to “ULO Brand” 83
  84. 84. •$4.99 for 10 extra song uploads•$7.99 for 20 extra song uploads•$12.99 for 35 extra song uploads & 1CR point 84
  85. 85. Promo Packages(coming soon)What it is – Promotional packages designed to promote the ULO tothe fullest through use of Conquer Charts, banner ads, and MP3player ads.Why use it – ULO can use to get more CR points, promotion for theirbrand, and traffic to their ULO page 85
  86. 86. Promo Packages(coming soon)5 packages:•$25 – “Boost Package”•$50 – “Mini-Campaign”•$100 – “Buzz Campaign”•$200 – “Official Campaign”•$500 – “Ultimate Campaign” 86
  87. 87. “Boost” Package(coming soon)$25 Boost Package (2CR):•ULO’s genre & brand featured on front page of Conquer ONE TIME•Gives ULO instant credibility•Option to jump into the TOP 100 of Conquer Charts 87
  88. 88. “Mini” Campaign(coming soon)$50 Mini-Campaign (5CR):•2 promoted songs on Conquer•2 BONUS TRACKS•4 day TOTAL FEATURED PROMOTION 88
  89. 89. “Buzz” Campaign(coming soon)$100 Buzz-Campaign (15CR):•3 promoted songs on Conquer•3 BONUS TRACKS•1 week BANNER AD featured throughout 89
  90. 90. Banner Adincludes:•Promo Picture•Logo•Promotion of: –Merchandise –Single –Profile Page 90
  91. 91. “Official” Campaign(coming soon)$200 Official Campaign (35CR):•5 promoted songs on Conquer•5 BONUS TRACKS•2 week Banner Ad featured throughout Conquer•2 weeks of MP3 player promotional ads•Downloadable banner for fans/street team/ULO to share andpromote further 91
  92. 92. “Ultimate” Campaign(coming soon)$500 Ultimate Campaign (100CR):•6 promoted songs on Conquer•6 BONUS TRACKS•1 month Banner Ad featured throughout Conquer•1 month of MP3 player promotional ads•One spotlight feature on Conquer’sFront Page•PRIME SPOT on TOP 20 of Conquer Charts 92
  93. 93. Prospecting, Recruiting & Sponsoring ULO’s 93
  94. 94. Conquer EntertainmentBasic Education • Recruiting ULOs – Locating & Approaching – Prospecting, Recruiting, & Sponsoring • Talking In Themes – Base 10/7 Strong – Follow Up & Duplication 94
  95. 95. Two Types:EMERGING ARTIST ESTABLISHED ARTISTSpends most of their time… Spends most of their time…Getting exposure via press/media Performing shows and on tourSetting up opportunities for Recording their next release (to go onthemselves (and/or bands) and tour with)connections 95
  96. 96. Artist Qualification Checklist Using the qualification checklist Rating system: 1. Unacceptable 2. Good 3. Near-Perfect 4. Perfect 96
  97. 97. Artist Qualification ChecklistUsing the qualification checklistMusic Sound Quality Category:1. Unacceptable– song can barely be made out (Recording)2. Good– song Is noticeably recorded “live” – all at once(Recording) or song needs mixing, but sounds professional3. Near Perfect - song sounds mixed, but needs professional mastering4. Perfect– song sounds great and radio-ready 97
  98. 98. Artist Qualification ChecklistBrand & Image Category:1. Unacceptable– Brand image does not match “sound”2. Good– Brand direction established, but still needs to be matched better or Brand is established, but need to define sound3. Near Perfect– Brand and sound established, but needs better direction4. Perfect– Brand, image, and sound are cohesive and match 98
  99. 99. Artist Qualification ChecklistBrand & Image Category:1. “UnAcceptable” EXAMPLE: Today’s HIP HOP Star 99
  100. 100. Artist Qualification ChecklistBrand & Image Category:1. PERFECT EXAMPLE: Today’s HIP HOP Star Soulja Boy Tell Em 100
  101. 101. Artist Qualification ChecklistFanbase Category:1. UnAcceptable– Fans on SN sites are <502. Good– Fans on SN sites are <2003. Near Perfect - Fans on SN sites are <5004. Perfect – Fans on SN sites are 2,000> 101
  102. 102. Artist Qualification ChecklistFanbase Category:DO YOUR RESEARCH!Google the artist’s name + “keywords”: Fans Press Videos 102
  103. 103. Artist Qualification ChecklistFanbase Category:Find EXACT amount of fans by: Checking social site fan and friend “count” Checking people at shows that are there to see them Checking out their merchandise table (if applicable) Checking fan interaction and activity on SN sites 103
  104. 104. Artist Qualification ChecklistCareer Initiative Category: Live/Performing1. Unacceptable– artist takes no initiative in career 1. EX. – On phone and talking to friends after show, or disappears2. Good– artist takes some initiative 1. EX. – Talks to some fans, but “disappears” soon after (OR) artist demonstrates mediocre amount of initiative 2. EX – Takes pictures and talks to fans before/after shows3. Near perfect – artist demonstrates good initiative 1. EX – Takes pictures, signs autographs, talks to fans4. Perfect– artist demonstrates great initiative 1. EX – Takes pictures, signs autographs, hand-selling merch, promoting social and personal sites 104
  105. 105. Artist Qualification ChecklistCareer Initiative Category: Online1. Unacceptable– artist takes no initiative in career 1. EX. – Doesn’t update social sites at all2. Good– artist takes some initiative 1. EX. – Updates status, adds friends, and check messages every other month 2. (0r) – artist demonstrates mediocre amount of initiative EX – – Updates status, adds friends, and check messages monthly3. Near perfect – artist demonstrates good initiative 1. EX – – Updates status, adds friends, and check messages weekly4. Perfect– artist demonstrates great initiative 1. EX – – Updates status, adds friends, and check messages daily/regularly 105
  106. 106. Locating ArtistsTwo ways:• TYPING •WALKING 106
  107. 107. Locating ArtistsTyping Route:• Search independent musician pages on: – Facebook – Twitter – Google• Search for your favorite genre or sound and see results 107
  108. 108. Locating ArtistsWalking Route:• Find out local music scene/spot• Mark your calendar with locations &showtimes at best music spots in your area• Make it a date every week to seek out talent you like 108
  109. 109. Locating ArtistsWhen you have 2-5 acts you like, develop relationship by:• RESEARCHING THE ARTIST BEFORE APPROACHING• Congratulating them on a good set• Purchasing a merch item from their merch table• Finding out where they are playing next• Going on social networks and viewing recent updates 109
  110. 110. Approaching ArtistsTalking in Music Themes:• Complete Control• UnLabel (Services)• Recording• Distribution• Merchandising• Touring• Promotion/Marketing• Time Leveraging• Fan Leveraging• ULO Vs Traditional Labels• Two minute Commercial 110
  111. 111. “What Is It?” Answer…MISSION STATEMENTConquer Entertainment is a turn-key solution for an artist or their team toopen, own, and successfully operate an independent label for the purpose ofcreating music, branding artists, building a music career, andgeneratingincome.• Simply put, it’s an alternative to the major and independent label option that allows you to achieve the same levels of success with half the hard work!• *Can connect themes = always flowing/become fluent in CE• Don’t re-invent the wheel, just re-invent your thinking! 111
  112. 112. Approaching ArtistsTalking in Music Themes:• Artist Asks:What’s your company do?How’d you get involved?• Response: Two-Minute Commercial 112
  113. 113. Two-Minute Commercial• I decided to become a Certified artist developer for CE because…• What motivated you?• EX> I saw how the industry treats artists and I wanted to make a difference. So, I took the certification training and am now seeking out artists to help mentor.• EX> I saw the opportunity that artists like yourself need access to, and I wanted to learn as much as I could to help the artists I am passionate about.• EX.> I wanted to teach artists like yourself how they can build their music career without the help of a label. So many artists feel that labels are necessary to succeed in the music business, and that just isn’t the case anymore. 113
  114. 114. Approaching ArtistsTalking in Music Themes:• Artist Asks:What can your company offer me that other labels can’t?Why should I choose to build my music career with your company?• Response: Complete Control Theme and/orUnLabel Themes 114
  115. 115. Complete Control• The UnLabel package my partner company offers took all of the downfalls of the recording industry operations(such as control, 360 deals, lack of payment) and kept the positive (mass promotion, touring &merch options, distribution).• With the UnLabel system, an artist (such as yourself) has COMPLETE control over your career. YOU CHOOSE where you want to record your music, when your record will be released, what you wear and say, anything and everything! With this control, you’re able to get the success you desire YOUR WAY!• Is this something you would like to learn more about? 115
  116. 116. ULO vs. Traditional Model• What makes Conquer’sUnLabel so different from anything else out there is that we give the artist quality services, tools and training necessary to become successful, while still maintaining their creative control and freedom! Other recording companies contract you to a multi-album deal, offer you limited control, and take most of your hard-earned royalties. We do the exact opposite! We basically kept the positives and got rid of the negatives.• With the UnLabel package, you aren’t bound to any contract, you keep all of your musical rights, and there are multiple opportunities to make extra ongoing income!• Is this something you would like to learn more about? 116
  117. 117. UnLabel Services• My partner company, Conquer Entertainment, has certified me to look for quality talent (like yourself) and educate them on our UnLabel program. Unlike traditional recording options, the UnLabel gives the artist the tools and training they need to get ahead, all the creative control they could ask for, and no contracts to sign!• The artist gets all the services, shows, and tools they need to succeed. There’s even a certified artist developer such as myself who helps the artists transition into UnLabel owners.• Is this something you would like to learn more about? 117
  118. 118. Approaching ArtistsTalking in Music Themes:• Artist Asks:Do you offer studio time?Can I record an album with your company?• Response: Recording Theme 118
  119. 119. Recording• I know there’s a lot of options out there and methods to record your demos and make them quality products. With my partner company’s UnLabel package, an artist (such as yourself) can choose where to record, who to use as an engineer, and when you want to get booked.• With the UnLabel package, you basically accrue what are called Conquer Rewards to purchase any of the UnLabel services available - offering endless opportunities for growth in your career!• Is this something you would like to learn more about? 119
  120. 120. Approaching ArtistsTalking in Music Themes:• Artist Asks:Can I distribute my music through your company?How will my music get to the masses?• Response: Distribution Theme 120
  121. 121. Distribution• As you probably already know, digital downloads are pretty much the main source of music sales and promotion for an artist. My partner company, Conquer Entertainment, makes it easier for artists to get online distribution by using online tools, as well as the most powerful form of promotion - WORD-OF-MOUTH.• Conquer partnered with an internet and network marketing company called Market America, who has access to over 180,000 entrepreneurs that do nothing but talk about what they love to use and share it with others. By creating this partnership, it allows for all of MAs people to at least know who you are, and if they enjoy your music, they will promote it to their customers and friends.• Is this something you would like to learn more about? 121
  122. 122. Approaching ArtistsTalking in Music Themes:• Artist Asks:Do you offer merchandise?How will it get to my fans? Do I have to ship it myself?• Response: Merchandising Theme 122
  123. 123. MerchandisingI know how difficult it is to find the right merch company that offers excellent quality, at a good quantity, for a good price. What my company has done is take the headache out of the merch process by allowing you to order and design as little as 30 shirts, purchase it, and shipping and online ordering is easily managed. When one of your fans orders a merch item, you get compensated immediately.• Is this something you would like to learn more about? 123
  124. 124. Approaching ArtistsTalking in Music Themes:• Artist Asks:Can I go on tour with your company?Do I have to have a booking agent?• Response: Touring Theme 124
  125. 125. Touring• Touring can be a challenge for any artist. That’s why with the UnLabel program, Conquer Entertainment gives you the tools to sets up the shows and events, and all you have to worry about is putting on a great performance! You can enter in venue details (like show times, ticket price, location and date of event). There are also Conquer events set up all across the country, various times per month, and only feature like-genre artists, that you can incorporate into your tour.• Does this sound like something you’d like to learn more about? 125
  126. 126. Approaching ArtistsTalking in Music Themes:• Artist Asks:How will I be promoted and marketed?What do you provide for promoting my online sites and music?• Response: Promotion/Marketing Theme 126
  127. 127. Promotion/Marketing• As you know, promotion and marketing are two of the biggest pieces in your career. It takes a lot of know-how, connections and funds to put on a great promotional plan and campaign. The company I’m partnered with, Conquer Entertainment, takes away some of that challenge by giving artists (such as yourself) an “online community” where they can promote social links, latest videos, pictures, shows and more all from one personal URL. They can even promote their link through our distribution partner, Market America’s sites and networking tools.• Does this sound like something you’d like to learn more about? 127
  128. 128. Approaching ArtistsTalking in Music Themes:• Artist Asks:Can I do this part time?• Response: Time Leveraging Theme 128
  129. 129. Time Leveraging• Funding your music career can be a challenge – but my company offers the BEST solution available! The UnLabel package that I offer lets artists leverage their time and build their music career either on a part-time or full- time basis. So, if you’re working two or three jobs, you can concentrate on generating multiple streams of income, and build your career as you see fit.• The UnLabel package also allows artists to leverage their fanbase to earn an extra income.• Is this something you would like to learn more about? 129
  130. 130. Approaching ArtistsBY THE END OF THE CONVO:YOU should have a good idea of:• Who the artist is• What their current plans are for their music/career• Contact Info (phone, email, facebook, twitter, website, or all)• Next upcoming show in your area 130
  131. 131. Approaching ArtistsBY THE END OF THE CONVO:THE ARTIST should have:• A good impression of you• An idea of what you do• Some form of contact info (for follow up appointment)DON’T SET APPOINTMENTS AT SHOWS! 131
  132. 132. Follow Up With ArtistAfter A Few Days…Send a follow up email to check artist’s interest level:EXAMPLE:Hey (use name if you know it, If not then use act name)! We met the other night at (whatever venue they performed at). I was just seeing when you were in town next. I wanted to get together and show you about my company I was telling you about. Give me a call (or message) back when you can! Look forward to it! Thanks! 132
  133. 133. Sponsoring ArtistsSIGN UP PROCESS Through getConquer:1. Log into getConqerthrough your personal URL ( Select “Join As Artist” button3. Watch the short video explaining Conquer 3.0 platform4. Have prospective ULO complete the “Artist Inquiry Form” 133
  134. 134. Developing An ULO 134
  135. 135. Developing An ULO Marketing Plan MARKETING PLAN 135
  136. 136. Developing An ULO Marketing PlanBrandingWhy is it important? 136
  137. 137. Developing An ULO Marketing PlanBranding1. Identifies an artist’s personality2. Successfully matches a “style” to a particular artist’s “sound”3. Makes that artist easily identifiable if done right 137
  138. 138. Developing An ULO Marketing PlanBranding1. Identifies an artist’s personality (NOTE: The following information was taken from the book, “The Rockstar In You”, by John Battaglia Jr.)• What “thing” about you makes you unique and successful?• How do others view you?• What would you consider your “signature style”? 138
  139. 139. Developing An ULO Marketing PlanWhat’s A “Signature Style“? What makes that artist UNIQUE! • ACDC • JIMI HENDRIX • MANSON • GAGA 139
  140. 140. Branding With Conquer1. Use ULO Artist Profile2. Upload songs, pictures, videos on a regular basis3. Provide a unique sound and style for target demographic 140
  141. 141. Branding An Artist1. Find out the artist’s “personality” and “song style”2. How would you define the artists “sound”?3. Ask yourself: 1. Does this artist sound like they look? 141
  142. 142. Name: StefaniGoal: To Be Pop StarSound: Catchy PopTalents: Singing, dancing, playingpiano 142
  143. 143. 143
  144. 144. Do this fit the image of a pop star?NOWhat about this image can you use tobuild the right brand?HAIRSTYLEWhy?The length and style can be used invarious ways and reflect “fun” and“exotic” look 144
  145. 145. What about this image can you getrid of?CLOTHINGWhy?It does not fit an image of today’s popstar. More of a 70s vibe! 145
  146. 146. Does this “sound/style” match their“look”?Based on the sound sample, YESDoes it match the “look” of a popstar?NO. POP stars have qualities of:•eye-catching makeup• exotic hairstyles• Unique and distinct “look” 146
  147. 147. 147
  148. 148. 148
  149. 149. 149
  150. 150. Name: Lady GaGaStyle:Theatrical, Outlandish,DramaticSound: Catchy Dance PopTalents: Singing/Songwriting,dancing, playing piano 150
  151. 151. Do this fit the image of a pop star?YESWhat about this image can you use tobuild the right brand?Everything! THIS is a PERFECTrepresentation of a POP star today 151
  152. 152. What about this image can you getrid of?NOTHING! This image perfectlycaptures the image and style ofStefani the POP star (a.k.a. LADYGAGA) 152
  153. 153. Does this “sound/style” match their“look”?YESDoes it match the “look” of a popstar?YES! It has all of the qualities:•eye-catching makeup• outlandish hairstyles• DISTINCT “look” 153
  154. 154. 154
  155. 155. •Hairstyle/Color•Makeup•Sound and StyleIt’s still the same PERSON, just a differentSIDE – her BRAND IMAGE 155
  156. 156. 1. Define your ULO’s “look” and “sound” •Ask yourself: DO THE TWO MATCH?2. If YES – Move to Next StepIf NO – Talk to ULO about words that define their personality and unique style 156
  157. 157. ASK QUESTIONS!!EX: Artist is an urban hip hop rapper• What three adjectives that describe you best:? • EX: aggressive, courageous, strong• What “style” do you feel most comfortable? • EX: loose clothing, urban wear 157
  159. 159. 3. Does “Brand Image” match their sound? • If YES – GREAT! You’re ready to develop a MARKETING PLAN! • If NOT:• Seek out pre-produced music using the MUSIC PRODUCTION service• Save up CR points to purchase instrumental• Have ULO write lyrics, or have ULO or ULOs manager work with a songwriter 159
  160. 160. Remember: SIGNATURE STYLEWhat can your artist do to create a “staple” and a “true brand” that their fans can relate them to? 160
  161. 161. EXAMPLE: Justin Bieber – “Hand Heart” • Uses to express love for his fans • A part of his concerts • Image is “nice guy” 161
  162. 162. EXAMPLE: 162
  163. 163. EXAMPLE: 163
  164. 164. EXAMPLE: This created “BELIEBERS”: • Core fanbase of Justin Bieber 164
  165. 165. EXAMPLE (“BELIEBERS”: 165
  166. 166. EXAMPLE: Justin Bieber – • Justin picks a girl from the crowd • Sings an entire song (One Less Lonely Girl) • Gives them flowers at the end 166
  167. 167. 167
  168. 168. EXAMPLE: Lady Gaga – “Monster Claw” • Uses to communicate love to her fans • In the “Bad Romance” music video • Calls fans “little monsters” • Gives her fans a “show” 168
  169. 169. EXAMPLE: 169
  170. 170. 170
  171. 171. Lady Gaga gives back to herfans! 171
  172. 172. Developing An ULO Marketing PlanHOW TO PROMOTE AND MARKET AN ULO:1. Create a “buzz” by:A. Identifying your target demographic & marketB. Creating and handing out merchandise such as: Flyers Exclusive merchandise StickersC. Develop a Street team 172
  174. 174. •WOMEN•Late 30’s to early 50’s•Suburban setting 174
  176. 176. •YOUNG WOMEN/TEENS•Early Teens to Early 20’s•Suburban/Urban setting 176
  178. 178. •MEN•Early 20’s to Mid 40s•Suburban setting 178
  179. 179. Developing An ULO Marketing PlanHOW TO IDENTIFY A TARGET MARKET1. Take the artist’s “brand” and match it to the audience that fits it best by:• Promoting at local venues• One to One promotion• Promotion at local stores (music related) 179
  180. 180. Developing An ULO Marketing PlanHOW TO IDENTIFY A TARGET MARKET2. TEST MARKET your artist’s brand in the local demographic• Promoting Conquer URL where music is uploaded• One 2 One marketing – Having music for sample on an MP3 player• Prospect fans at similar artist/genre local shows 180
  181. 181. Developing An ULO Marketing PlanHOW TO IDENTIFY A TARGET MARKET3. Calculate overall response:• If most peopleenjoyed what they heard, then you have your target demographic!• If most peopledidn’t enjoy what they heard, then you have to tweak the demographic slightly• EX: Playing “Lady Gaga” at a “Classic Rock” Concert – might not be the right audience• Playing “Lady Gaga” at a “pop” Concert – perfect demographicDO WHAT MAKES THE MOST SENSE ACCORDING TO THE “SOUND” and “STYLE”! 181
  182. 182. Developing An ULO Marketing PlanPromotion & MarketingWhy is it important? 182
  183. 183. Promotion1. Identifies fans for that artist BRAND2. Successfully matches a “fan” to a particular artist’s “sound”3. Helps that artist gain mass appeal and listeners/fans 183
  184. 184. Marketing1. Creates the artist BRAND in various ways2. Another form of promotion for the artist using: – Online – Performances – One To One/Word Of Mouth – MA Resources 184
  185. 185. Developing An ULO Marketing PlanPROMOTE AND MARKET WITH CONQUER1. Promote ULO Artist Profile on social sites2. Promote recent uploads and blog posts on social sites and at showcases3. Perform weekly or monthly to grow fan base and potential customers 185
  186. 186. Promote & Market Your ULO “Brand”Create A “One Sheet”This is a one-page explanation of your ULOs brand,accomplishments, target market, marketing efforts, and anyother info to entice press to give your ULO coverage. 186
  187. 187. “One Sheet” Example 187
  188. 188. Promote & Market Your ULO “Brand”Street Promo:1. Research local retail and music stores2. Design flyers, samplers, and/or special small merch to place at stores 1. i.e. stickers, “single” sampler, flyers3. Record all stores that accepted your ULOs brand to be promoted there4. Find similar stores and do promo campaign there 188
  189. 189. Promote & Market Your ULO “Brand” 189
  190. 190. Promote & Market Your ULO “Brand”CADs have a special advantage:•Preferred customers already established•Thousands of people promoting via word-of-mouth•Experience in promotion and network marketing fromUnFranchise® 190
  191. 191. Street Teams:• What are they? – Passionate fans of a particular artist – Buy, share, and promote artist’s music &merch – As small as 5 (local) – As big as hundreds or thousands (national)• Help artists generate a local “buzz” 191
  192. 192. Street Team Example: KISS Army = Fans of the band KISS • Paint their faces for shows • Add to their “brand” • Core fans of KISS 192
  193. 193. Street Team Example: 193
  194. 194. Street Team Example: 194
  195. 195. Street Teams:• How and why they’re created? – One to one – Accomplish artist’s street team goals – Can work to achieve one “common goal” – Can work on specific tasks 195
  196. 196. Street Team Example: 196
  197. 197. Street Team Example: 197
  198. 198. IF ARTIST HAS STREET TEAM:• USE IT TO PROMOTE LOCALLY! – At similar artist/genre shows playing that week (or in upcoming weeks) – At music retail stores – At Mom N Pop Shops supporting local talent – At similar venues to artist’s brand image 198
  199. 199. Promote & Market Your ULO “Brand”Online Promo:1. Research local e-zines, music reviewers, local press, and “tastemakers” to review artist’s material2. Distribute “one sheet” to press options3. Continue research until you get responses 199
  200. 200. Promote & Market Your ULO “Brand”When You Get Responses:1. Say THANK YOU2. Get details about press A) i.e. If interview, get location, time, date and interview length & list of questions (if applicable) B) If reviews, get release date and link3. Notify your ULO as to what topics will be talked about4. Follow up with press on any changes or further details and confirm until scheduled. 200
  201. 201. Promote & Market Your ULO “Brand”EX:Hello NAME. Thanks for getting back to me! I would love toschedule this (press option), and please write back withdetails such as location, time, date, etc. Look forward tohearing back from you!YOUR NAMETITLE: Artist Developer 201
  202. 202. Developing An ULO Marketing PlanServicesWhy is it important? 202
  203. 203. Services1. Identifies what the artist needs to further their career and reach their goals2. Allows the ULO to grow career independently3. Helps that artist brand to be a professionally represented image 203
  204. 204. Services With Conquer1. Recommend to ULO based on career needs and status2. Find what providers work for that ULO3. Accrue CR points for the chosen service ULO needs 204
  205. 205. ULO & Fan Retailing 205
  206. 206. 90% of an artist’s income comes from 10% of their fanbase 206
  207. 207. Converting FAN to CUSTOMER• WHY? – Cashback on purchases through the portal – ½ Cashbackon referral purchases – Can buy exactly what the artist uses – Build collective buying power 207
  208. 208. Converting FAN to CUSTOMER• HOW? – Utilize lifestyle merchandising – Promote portal & products to fans – Utilize collective buying power 208
  209. 209. Lifestyle Merchandising• What is it? – Sharing what products ULO uses to fans – ULO buying from themselves and sharing it with fans 209
  210. 210. ULO Business Development Centers 216
  211. 211. ULO BDC:• Unique to the Conquer Entertainment® UnLabel Program• Qualifications: – If ULO is partnership, corporation, or other business organization, ULO must submitto MA all documentation detailing all of the following: • Trustees • Partners • Stockholders • Officers • Directors in business • Social Security Number • Business interest 217
  212. 212. ULO BDC::• Operations (Non-Distributor): – ULO’scannot assign BV or IBV – ULO’s cannot sponsor Distributors or other ULO’s – Representatives of ULO do not have to attend any training classes – No annual renewal 218
  213. 213. ULO BDC:• Operations (Non-Distributor): – Upon acceptance by MA of signed Terms and conditions, ULO able to: • Receive weekly and monthly commissions• No additional subscription fee• No initial order requirements 219
  214. 214. ULO BDC:• Operations (Non-Distributor): – All ULO Compensation Plan administration performed by ULO-sponsoring CAD – Virtual account established for crediting accrued retail profit and commissions – ULO is unable to log into an UnFranchise Business Account – Sponsoring CAD will have access to UFMS • Responsible for managing the ULO’s fans (Preferred Customers) 220
  215. 215. ULO BDC:• Operations (Non-Distributor): – ULO assigned SHOP.COM and GETCONQUER.COM web portals – Name chosen by ULO – BV and IBV from orders placed on the ULO’s webportal • Auto assigned in rotation between two centers – Left & Right• ULO-sponsoring CAD cannot place BV or IBV directly into the ULO’s BDCs 221
  216. 216. ULO BDC:• Weekly Commissions: – Generated by accumulated BV and IBV in ULO’s BDC’s – BV and IBV payouts and bonuses issued with same criteria as in the MPCP – ULO may receive Weekly Commisions up to $3000 per weekly cycle • i.e. $1500 from BV, $1500 from IBV 222
  217. 217. Base 10/7 Strong With Conquer 7 Steps To Building ULO’s, CAD’s, and New Customers 223
  218. 218. Base 10/7 Strong With Conquer 224
  219. 219. Base 10/7 Strong With Conquer 1. Establish base foundation of > 10 ULOs 2. Each ULO services > 10 PCs (Fans) who purchase minimum 10 BV/Month 3. 10 ULOs x 10 Fans = 100 4. 100 fans purchasing > 10BV/month = 1000 BV 225
  220. 220. Base 10/7 Strong With Conquer 5. CAD needs to activate by personally sponsoring 1 qualified CAD on their left and 1 CAD on their right 6. Each new CAD needs to duplicate by establishing B10 foundation of ULOs having each of them service base of 10 PCs (Fans) 7. Duplicate above with 3 CADs on left and 3 CADs on right, with B10/7S average CAD generate from themselves and organization 226
  221. 221. Base 10/7 Strong With Conquer TOTAL=7350 BV/month 3675 BV on right - and - 3675 BV onleft 227
  222. 222. Base 10/7 Strong With Conquer 228
  223. 223. 229
  224. 224. @conquerent /conquermusic 230