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cracking the code of early consumer products


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narrative > primitive > enablers

Published in: Technology

cracking the code of early consumer products

  1. 1. Narrative Primitive Enablers Cracking the code of early consumer products… @2LR
  2. 2. Self-Fulfilling Prophecies Looking backwards to understand present success @2LR
  3. 3. Truth Revealer Find that one thing that reveal the truth about what people want @2LR
  4. 4. Narrative Extract the profound, sustainable, authentic psychological hook. @2LR
  5. 5. Ego-boost Recognition Well-being Stalking Privacy Proximity Beauty Reassuring
  6. 6. @2LRNarrative
  7. 7. Trust One can only reveal the truth about what people want through trust. @2LR
  8. 8. Matching Popularity Branding Always Control Receipts Network Accuracy
  9. 9. Primitive Find the core feature that sustains itself, through and around which everything is built @2LR
  10. 10. Swipe Profile Experts Filter Camera Chat Post Map
  11. 11. @2LRPrimitive
  12. 12. Obsession One shall never stop to work on and enhance their primitive. @2LR
  13. 13. Quality Connections Formulas Effects Lenses Reliability Reactions Engine
  14. 14. Enablers Build the features that, within your narrative, strengthen your primitive. @2LR
  15. 15. Parties Recruiting Digital Profile Chat Groups Pages Gatherings
  16. 16. @2LREnablers
  17. 17. Now what ? In the process of building a consumer experience, stay focus, clean and informed @2LR
  18. 18. Don’t mess up
  19. 19. Respect Users
  20. 20. Don’t be evil Data Talks
  21. 21. Don’t be evil Thank you :)