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Voyage à paris (script)


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FLAVA 2014
French play

Published in: Education
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Voyage à paris (script)

  1. 1. Voyage à Paris Personnages: US Parent#1 (4) FrenchFamily#1 (8) Alexis(17) US Parent#2 (2) FrenchFamily#2 (5) Erin (10) US Parent#3 (2) FrenchFamily#3 (3) Olivia(10) US Parent#4 (2) French Family #4 (3) Jack (14) US Parent#5 (5) FrenchFamily#5 (2) Eric (13) Fille (famille #5) (3) Hotesse de l’air(2) Vendeurde crêpes (3) GardienChâteaude Versailles (3) Guide Châteaude Versailles (adulte) (2) Guide Châteaude Versailles(enfant) (2) _____________________________________________________________________________________ (Parentsat airport) US Parent#1: Bye Alexis! Don’teattoo manyof those Frenchcrêpesyoulove somuch! US Parent#2: “Aurevoir”! Take lotsof picturesforme! US Parent#3: Have funin Paris! Remember, if youare lost,justsay:“Parlez-vousanglais?” US Parent#4: Bonvoyage! Amusez-vousbien! Have fun! US Parent#5 (Eric’smom):Bye myangel,mysweetypie. Be careful pumpkin! Call me assoonas you land. Remember,don’ttalktostangersandbrushyour teetheverynight! Love you! Eric: Yeah, yeah! Love youtoo! Bye. I’ll missyou(not!). (In the plane) Olivia: Youpi! Onva à Paris! Jack: Thishomestayisgoingto be so much fun! Eric: I can’t waitto meetmy new family! Maybe I’ll have more freedomwiththem! Alexis: Moi aussi! My penpal seemsreallycool. Trèscool!
  2. 2. Erin: (witha huge smile onherface) Je suistellementcontente! Ican’t waitto be there. Thisflight seemssolong! (Signwithclock: “8 heures plustard” ) (view ofParis) Eric: Jack! Jack! Wake up! We are inParis! JACQUES! Tu dors? Song: Frère Jacques,frère Jacques Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous? Sonnezlesmatines,sonnezlesmatines Ding,dang,dong. Ding,dang,dong Jack: Humm? Quoi? On est à Paris? Super!(getsup). Airhostess: Excusez-moi monsieur maisvousdevezresterassis. Jack: Oui. Pardon. Pardon Monsieur. Heu, Madame! Heu,I mean,pardonMademoiselle. Airhostess: Et attachezvotre ceinture s’il-vous-plaît. Jack: Heu,oui oui. (At the airport) Olivia: Where shall we go? We needto getour luggage. Whichwayshouldwe go? (turningtoa friend) Your Frenchis betterthanmine. Youask. Erin: Moi! I don’tknowthe word forluggage! Excusez-moi! (addressingthe audience) Oùsontles “luggage”? (2 signsinfront: “SORTIE” “BAGAGES”, 3rd and 4th graderswill pointtothe rightdirection) Merci! Theysaidit wasthisway. On y va? (French familiesatairport) FrenchFamily#1: Bonjour! FrenchFamily#2: Ça va? (Americanstudents) Ouioui! FrenchFamily#3: Vousavezfaitbonvoyage? (Americanstudents) Ouioui! FrenchFamily#4: Vousavezvosbagages? (Americanstudents) Ouioui!
  3. 3. FrenchFamily#5: Voici mafille Isabelle. Isabelle: Bonjour! (American students) Ouioui! (Isabelletries to give the “bise” to one ofthe boyswho backs out,wonderingwhy she wanted to kiss him) Isabelle: BienvenueenFrance! Vousvouleztéléphoner àvosparentsou envoyeruntexto? (Americans) Untexto? Ouioui!(hesitating) (French parentsgivingcell phoneto kids. Americansfinallyunderstandingwhatthatquestionmeant) Erin,Eric, Jack, Olivia,Alexis: Ah! “Un texto”of course! Texting! Eric: Had a goodtrip. Familylooksnice,exceptforthe girl whotriedtokissme! Got 2 go. TTYL! Luv U! (French Family#1) FrenchFamily#1: Voici tachambre,la salle de bainsetlestoilettes. Alexis: Lestoilettes? Oui oui! FrenchFamily#1: Tu as faim? Alexis: Répétez,s’il vousplaît? FrenchFamily#1: Tu as faim? Tu veux uncroissant? Une crêpe au chocolat? Alexis: Crêpe auchocolat? OhOUI! Merci. FrenchFamily#1: Demain,onvavisiterlaTour Eiffel. Alexis: Eiffel Tower. Gotit! (French Family#2) FrenchFamily#2: Commentt’appelles-tu? Erin: Je m’appelle Erin. FrenchFamily#2: Aaran?(withstrongFrenchaccent) Erin: Heu,Erin. FrenchFamily#2: Aareen(withstrongFrenchaccent)
  4. 4. Erin: Non,Erin.(focusingonthe “r” sound) FrenchFamily#2: Aarrreen(withstrongFrenchaccent) Erin: Parfait! (“Le jourd’après” The day after...) (French familiesspeakwithheavy French accent) FrenchFamily#3: Voici laTour Eiffel. Didyouknow thatitwas builtforthe worldexhibitionin1889 by Gustave Eiffel? Olivia: 1889? Vraiment? FrenchFamily#3: Vraiment. Andatthat time,people thoughtitwassouglythat theyactuallysigneda petitiontohave itdestroyed. Jack: Good thingitdidn’thappen! The view of Paris fromuphere is justmagnificent! C’estmagnifique! FrenchFamily#4: Allonsvisiterle Louvre! Olivia: Regardez,c’estlaJoconde! The MonaLisa. Elle estpetite!!! Maisle Louvre esttrèsgrand! FrenchFamily#4: DidyouknowLouisXIV usedto live here andbuiltthe Châteaude Versaillesbecause he thoughtLe Louvre was toosmall? Tomorrow we will visitthe Châteaude Versailleswiththe famous “galerie desglaces.” Jack: Did she say“glace”? Yum! I love ice cream! (French Family#5) FrenchFamily#5: Erriiic! Erriiic! Téléphone! C’esttamaman! Eric: J’arrive (ohla lala la lala...) Allô? US family#5: Eric my baby! How are you? How isFrance? Are youhavinga good time? Canyou understandwhattheysay? How isthe food? Are youbrushingyourteetheveryday? Have youbeen visitingplaces? Howisthe tour Eiffel? Eric: Mom... US family#5: Andwhatabout the châteaude Versailles? Isit... Eric: Mom! Stop! To answeryour questions:Good,good,yes,yes,good,andyesIAMbrushingmy teeth! The Eiffel towerwaswonderful andwe are visitingthe Châteaude Versaillestomorrow and somethingaboutthe “Galerie desglaces.” US family#5: What’sthat?
  5. 5. Eric: I am not sure but Jack said“glace”meansice cream so I am sure it will be good! US family#5: Okdarling,mommyhasto go. Have a wonderful time andmake sure youdon’ttalkto... Eric: ...strangers. Iknowmom, I know! Bye (hangingupthe phone) Ohlala la lala la. (“Le jourd’après” The day after.. at the château de Versailles) Jack: Wow! C’estbeau! Olivia: C’estimmense! Erin: C’estincroyable! Eric: I wonderwhatkindof ice creamtheyhave here. Fancy onesI am sure! Alexis: Ihope so. I am hungry(rubbingherbelly) J’ai faim. Oh,regardez! Unstand de crêpes! (goingto the crêpe stand) Bonjour. Je voudraisune crêpe auNutella,s’il vousplaît. Vendor: Voilàmademoiselle. Alexis: C’estcombien? Vendor: C’est3 euros. Alexis: Voilà. Merci. Vendor: Merci. Bonne journée! Olivia(toAlexis): Youare eatinganothercrêpe? How manyhave youhad since yougot here? Alexis: Nottoomany. Justone everytime we see a“stand de crêpes.” Olivia: Butthere isa “stand de crêpe”in everystreet! Alexis: Sowhat’syourpoint? (Entrance of the château) Gardien: Vosticketss’il vousplaît?...(studentsgivingtickets) Merci. (ToAlexis) Désolé,vousne pouvez pas mangerdansle Château. Alexis: Pardon? Gardien: Vousne pouvezpasmangerdans le château. C’estinterdit! Alorslacrêpe...àla poubelle! Allez-y,entrez. Votre guide electronique estàgauche. Jack: What didhe say?
  6. 6. Erin: I am not sure. Justfollowthe others. “A gauche”,that’sleft.(studentspickingupelectronic guides) Guide adulte français(boringvoice): Bonjour. Vousvoici dansle châteaude Versailles... Jack: How do yougetEnglish? Erin: Numéro2. Jack: Merci. (Turningto3rd and 4th graders) What chanel didshe sayagain? I forgot. (crowdsayingnumberagain) Jack: Ah oui,merci! Guide adulte anglais(boringvoice): Whenthe châteauwasbuilt,Versailleswasacountryvillage;today, however,itisa suburbof Paris,some twentykilometressouthwestof the Frenchcapital.The courtof Versailleswasthe centre of political powerinFrance from1682... (JacklookingatOliviawhowaslaughing) Jack: What’s sofunny? Olivia: The guide! He ishilarious! Jack: Vraiment??? Ifindhimextremelyboring. Trèsrasoir! Olivia: Ibetyou chose the adultguide. Findthe one forkids. Chaîne 4. Jack: Merci. (Turningto 3rd and4th graders) What chanel didshe say again? I forgot. (crowdsayingnumberagain) Jack: Ah oui,merci! Guide enfant espagnol (fun voice): El Palacio de Versalles es un edificio como una pequeña ciudad ... Jack: Oh non,that’sespagnol. Ipressed3 by mistake. Whatchanel wasitagain? (Turningto3rd and 4th graders) (crowdsayingnumberagain) Jack: Ah oui,merci! Guide enfantanglais(funvoice): “...soafterbeingtaxedsomuch,the peopleinFrance gotmad at the kingand decidedtostarta revolution. The kingwasemprisonedandsentencedtodeath. Noelectric
  7. 7. chair forhim,non non,the guillotine wasmore fashionableatthat time. Youstickyour headinthe hole, the blade comesdownandBANG yourhead falls. Quickandeasy! Notverycleanthough... Olivia: YACK! That’sjustgross. I am goingto the galerie desglaces. Eric: Ice cream! Yeah! Nowyou are talking. All thistalkaboutthe kingjustmade me hungry. (Inthe Galerie desglaces) Eric: I don’tsee any ice cream stand. Shall we ask? (turningtothe gardien) Excusez-moiMonsieur? Où sontlesglaces? Gardien: Pardon? Quellesglaces? Eric: You know! Glaces! Vanille,chocolat,café,bananasplit... Glaces! Gardien: VousvoulezlaGalerie desglaces? Voilà! (pointingtothe hallwayof mirrors) Alexis: What? Noice cream? I wasa little hungry. Zut alors! I guessglace alsomeansmirror. Oh,I don’tfeel sowell. IthinkIam goingto throw up. Let’sgo back home. On y va? Eric: On y va! (Back to family#1) Famille #1: Ça va Alexis? Alexis: Non,cava mal! Je suismalade! Je vaisvomir! Famille #1: Ohoh! Crise de foie. C’estpasgrave! Alexis: CanIcall my maman? Famille #1: Oui! Biensûr! Pauvre petite! Alexis: Allômaman? OhI feel sick. Ihave a “crise de foie.” Americanmom#1: What’sthat honey? Are you ok? Alexis: Ilookedupthe wordsinthe dictionary. Ithinkit’sa livercrisis. Mom, am I goingto die? Americanmom#1: No honey,youwill be fine. Dadjustgoogleditandyour liveristiredfromall the chocolate youmusthave eaten. You will feel betterinacouple of days. Stop eatingthose crêpesyou were tellingme aboutyesterday. Bonne chance! Alexis: Buymom! Thanks! I’ll see youtomorrow since thisisourlast dayhere already. (Atthe airport)
  8. 8. Famille #1: AurevoirAlexis! Famille #2: AurevoirAareen! Famille #3et #4: Bon voyage! A bientôt. Fille famille#5: AurevoirEric (givinghimthe “bise”). A l’annéeprochaine!