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Turn your students into first time authors

You want your students to take risks, increase their fluency, perfect their written skills and still remain confident? This session will show you how to help your students write a book or ebook, using random pictures. Your students will love the freedom to incorporate their creativity with their language skills. Participants will be given lesson plans and will be able to adapt this lesson to their students’ level. Great promotional tool for your program!

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Turn your students into first time authors

  1. 1. Turn  your  students  into  first  .me  authors!     You  want  your  students  to  take  risks,  increase  their   fluency,  perfect  their  wri6en  skills  and  s8ll  remain   confident?    This  session  will  show  you  how  to  help  your   students  write  a  book  or  ebook,  using  random  pictures.     Your  students  will  love  the  freedom  to  incorporate  their   crea8vity  with  their  language  skills.    Par8cipants  will  be   given  lesson  plans  and  will  be  able  to  adapt  this  lesson  to   their  students’  level.    Great  promo8onal  tool  for  your   program!   Presenter:  Karine  Boulle   School:  St.  Anne’s-­‐Belfield  
  2. 2. French  in  my  school   0   20   40   60   2010-­‐2013   2002   Students/   grade   +  
  3. 3. Why  spend  the  .me  on  projects?   They  take  a  long  8me  and     don’t  seem  as  efficient  as  a  regular  class!   No  need  to  take  class  8me!   Build  long  las8ng  memory!   Flexible!    Adaptable!   Great  promo8onal  tools!  
  4. 4. PICTURE   BOOK   Class  8me  used:  2  (50  minute  classes)     1  class  to  present  the  project  (teacher)   1  class  to  PRESENT  the  project  (student)  
  5. 5. GOOD  OLD  PAPER  BOOK                                                                      POWER  POINT  /  EBOOK  /  COMIC  BOOK?   Everybody  has  access  to  paper  and  pen     Leaves  room  for  more  elaborate  design   Reliable  storage   Will  s8ll  be  there  in  10  years   Easily  goes  home     Can  be  seen  as  old  fashioned!   Uses  21st  century  skills   Simple  to  use   Everybody’s  work  “looks”  the  same   Can  add  audio   Easy  to  share  with  others     Doesn’t  always  make  it  home!   Your  choice  or  make  it  their  choice!  
  6. 6. APPS  
  7. 7. Basic     Does  the  job     Simple  therefore     fast  to  use   FREE  
  8. 8. Easy  to  use     Good  selec.on  of  op.ons     (color/format)     Professional  look     Fun  for  kids   FREE  
  9. 9. Basic     Does  the  job     Simple  therefore     fast  to  use     CANNOT  SAVE  PAGES!   FREE  
  10. 10. $2.99?   Easy  to  use     Good  selec.on  of     op.ons     (color/format)     Professional  look     Fun  for  kids     You  can  save  pages    and  edit  later  
  11. 11. Choosing  the  kind  of  book  you  want     is  fun!     Choosing  your  pictures  well     is  important!  
  12. 12. TRICK:    Choose  pictures  from  the  same  book/series  
  13. 13. Book  cover   Copy  rights   Dedica8on   About  the  author  paragraph   Summary  of  the  story  on  the  back   Promo8onal  comments       Include  elements  in  a  real  book:    This  is  the  fun  part!   Students  who  struggle  feel   comfortable  with  this  part,  yet  they   are  challenged  by  the  paragraphs.   Include  requirements  regarding  grammar:   Make  it  fit  your  level!   Preposi8ons?   Par88ve?   Verbs?   Past  tense?   Future?   Condi8onal?   Differen8ate!   Your  strong  students  will  love  the   freedom  they  have!  
  14. 14. RULES   1  MONTH   PARENTS   DATES   PROJECT   Take  stress  out   Avoid  problems   Weekend  planning   Opportunity     to  improve   Now  they  are  ready    to  hear  you!  
  15. 15. DETAILS  
  16. 16. Anybody  can  do  this!   (20  points)   CORRECTIONS!   (25  points)  
  17. 17. LISTE  D’ERREURS       1.    Use  an  ar8cle   2.    Genre  (masculin  ou  féminin)   3.    Singulier/Pluriel   4.    Orthographe  (spelling)   5.    Wrong  word  (check  the  defini8on  in  the  dic8onary)   6.    Infini8f   7.    Conjugaison  (wrong  way  of  conjuga8ng  the  verb)   8.    Présent   9.    Imparfait   10.    Passé-­‐composé   11.    Dr.  Mrs.  Vanddertrampp   12.    Verbe  réfléchi  (reflexive)   13.    Grammaire  (check  your  grammar  rules)    *  à  +  le  =  au,  à  +  la  =  à  la,  à  +  l’  =  à  l’,  à  +  les  =  aux    *  de  +  le  =  du,  de  +  la  =  de  la,  de  +  l’  =  de  l’,  de  +  les  =  des    *  à  +  city  (ex:  À  Paris...)    *  en  +  date  (ex:  En  1990...)    *  le  +  day  of  the  week  (ex:  Le  lundi...)    *  agreement  of  adjec8ve  (ex:  elle  est  grande)    *  2  vowels  in  a  row  (je  ai  =  j’ai)    *  Age:  #ans  (ex:  j’ai  11  ans)   14.  de/d’   15.   à   16.  dans   17.    qui/que/qu’   18.    Order  of  words  (ex:  my  dad’s  sister  -­‐-­‐-­‐  the  sister  of  my  dad  -­‐-­‐-­‐  la  soeur  de  mon  père)   Easy  for  you!   Makes  them  think!   Learning  moment   NO  CLASS  TIME!  
  18. 18. NOW  WHAT?     Share  the  books  in  class:    *  in  partners    *  in  front  of  the  class    *  over  Skype  with  another  class/school   Read  to  others:    *  Younger  classes  to  promote  your  program    *  Re8rement  homes  or  hospital  for  community  service   Choose  a  few  books  to  turn  into  movies:    *  Use  imovies  or  movie  maker    *  Make  skits   Give  a  copy  to     your  boss!  
  19. 19. SHOW  THE     REAL  STORY!   “My  Father’s  Glory”  
  20. 20. Conference  slides  available  at: