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My strange addiction


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Published in: Sports
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My strange addiction

  1. 1. By Blake Williams
  2. 2. We won the Beast of the Southeast forthe first time in school history when Iran cross country my sophomore year.I was our first to finish on the teamand came in 2nd place.
  3. 3. The image to the right is of merunning at sectionals my junior year.
  4. 4. My senior year we upset a biggerschool and won county. We allseemed to come together and doour best when it mattered most.
  5. 5. Last summer my sister ran her firstever(nearly 4 mile) race and won herage group. I was so proud. She is 5thgrade and now runs cross country forWaldron. My Dad is also running nowdue to my achievements.
  6. 6. This picture is of my watch tan line Ireceived after a 10 mile run and 10mile bike ride over the summer. I feltso accomplished after the 10 and 10.The tan line was a reminder to myselfof the work I’ve put in.
  7. 7. The Collegiate Level I’m now a collegiate runner at Indiana Tech. The picture on the left is of me racing my first 8k ever. The picture on the right is a group picture of our team.
  8. 8. The picture on the right is of myfamily supporting me at one of myraces. I am with my litter sis and dad.
  9. 9. The team huddled up as Coach Wolfegave us a speech after our last race ofthe season.