Life Insurance Explained Power Point


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Life insurance can be confusing. Feeling lost in the insurance terminology? You are not alone. Watch this presentation to learn about life insurance. Visit to get more information about life insurance.

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Life Insurance Explained Power Point

  1. 1. Have you ever wondered what life insurance is and if you need it ?
  2. 2. Life insurance simply provides money to relatives or another entitiy after you pass away.
  3. 3. Life insurance is often used to take care of a spouse and children in the event of your death.
  4. 4. Some people leave their life insurance policy benefits to a charity or cause that is dear to their hearts.
  5. 5. Life insurance comes in two main types: pure life insurance and life insurance with an investment feature.
  6. 6. Term life insurance does not grow in value and is considered pure life insurance .
  7. 7. Whole life insurance and variable life insurance feature investment components so that the policy can potentially increase in value over time.
  8. 8. The life insurance policy you choose depends on many factors including budget, purpose for insurance and if you have dependents.
  9. 9. Talking with an insurance agent is a good idea because this can help you understand the intricate details of different types of life insurance .
  10. 10. You can find life insurance quotes to compare by using the search form on