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Health Insurance Explained


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Health insurance can be confusing. Feeling lost in the insurance terminology? You are not alone. Watch this presentation to learn about health insurance. Visit to get more information about health insurance

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Health Insurance Explained

  1. 1. As employers trim company - sponsored health benefits
  2. 2. Going online for health insurance is wise
  3. 3. Decide the needed coverage for your situation
  4. 4. Also determine how much you can afford for premiums
  5. 5. Numbers of factors can determine how much you pay
  6. 6. Pre-existing conditions and locations can impact price
  7. 7. It is important to compare multiple policies side-by-side
  8. 8. Also review your policy near the end of the year
  9. 9. This allows you to see how the policy worked for you
  10. 10. Most importantly, stay healthy as much as possible