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Shojinmeat Project and Integriculture Inc. at New Harvest 2018


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Presentation slides at New Harvest 2018 conference in MIT Media Lab, Boston on July 20th 2018

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Shojinmeat Project and Integriculture Inc. at New Harvest 2018

  1. 1. Democratized Cellular Agriculture NIIJIMA MEGAFLOAT “ALGAVITA COMPLEX”, Earth A.D.2203
  2. 2. Cellular agriculture as a solution? Protein source sustainability?
  3. 3. What makes cell-ag a viable option? Being safe (regulatory) Feeling safe (cultural) Technology is coming but...
  4. 4. Regulatory and cultural discussions? Being safe (regulatory) Feeling safe (cultural) Technology is coming but... Positive and accessible climate
  5. 5. Regulatory and cultural discussions? ←Factors that people weigh Besides taste and price, Safety & Trustbuilding
  6. 6. Shojinmeat Project and Integriculture Inc. Citizen science community “Open source clean meat” Venture-funded startup company “Commercialization of clean meat”
  7. 7. Shojinmeat Project “Democratization of cellular agriculture” Nonprofit non-corporate non-university citizen science community No formal definition for membership - people just come and join DIY bio/fab enthusiasts, students, researcher, artists, writers etc. Open source cellular agriculture” by DIY bio Public communication by art and education
  8. 8. Past and recent, from Shojinmeat Project Kitchen DIY cell culture ‘Zine, Kids growing cells at home etc... ------------------------------------------------------------------ -Household fan centrifuge -DIY cell incubator sold with the ‘Zine at Comic Market -Bio Art at Tokyo Met. Gallery “Cell-ag in the neighborhood”
  9. 9. Nationwide debut - and open discussions begin -Recognized academics are discussing DIY bio and people’s cellular agriculture -Advocacy by officials at Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries “DIY clean meat” featured Professor Iwasaki speakingDIY bio featured
  10. 10. Low cost cell culture by "Networked Coculture” Cell culture medium Inter-cellular interactions Basal media Sugar, amino acids Growth factors (incl. in FBS) Inexpensive Expensive $0/L ⇒Clean meat at $2/kg Liver cellsMuscle cells Growth factors GF’s & FBS GF’s & FBS Invented by “Dr. IKKO” PCT/JP2016/067599 JP-Pat.6111510 granted
  11. 11. No externally added FBS & growth factors * * Liver cells Muscle stem cell Placental cells Conventional“CulnetSystem” ”Culnet System" Cellcount(ratio) □Liver cells ■Pancreas cells ■Ovary cells *p<0.01, **p<0.05 Variety of cells, with no added FBS or GF
  12. 12. “Culnet System” at a glacne “General-purpose large-scale cell culture system” The technology to inexpensively produce wide range of cells Currently at > 1/100, > 1/100,000 within sight by economy of scale
  13. 13. “Cell-ag infrastructure” Sugar & amino acid “Culnet System” Cells ingredients supplements foie gras meat etc. 2020~ 2023~ 2025~? 2028~? General-purpose large-scale cell culture platform
  14. 14. Prototype and $2.7M fundraise Lead investor VC specialized on value adds for hard science startups Government fund under Ministry of Agriculture ・MTG Co., Ltd. Cosmetics & branding ・euglena Co., Ltd. Algae food and fuel ・Dr. Kitano Systems biology 2nd Lead VC strong at value adds for life science startups (CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.
  15. 15. Food grade culture medium 2018 LAUNCH Contact for quotes & details.
  16. 16. IP between Citizen Science and Business How to make ⇒ Open How to scale ⇒ Proprietary Numberindemand Degree of personalization Product dev. Citizen Science domain Business domain and other businesses to come
  17. 17. ・Local farmers can develop their own clean meat recipe. ・Brand ownership opportunity opens up for local farmers. ・Hobbyists come up with unique meat recipe. Local farmers design their own meat brands
  18. 18. Beef branded on individual cows Cell source cow still alive Scan the QR code printed on package See how the cow is doing
  19. 19. “Democratized cellular agriculture” Academia hints the way Citizens act and set the direction Businesses scale and deliver
  20. 20. Myoblast grown at 200t scale 20 Industrial meat brewery Looks like a beer factory?
  21. 21. 21 Single use culture bags⇒ Steak grows inside⇒ Ready to ship⇒ Steak brewery
  22. 22. “Domestic meat culture vat”?
  23. 23. Why stop at meat? DIY tissue engineering? Tastier than meat DIY kidney! DIY differentiation & morphogenesis to make heart Is this even “meat”!? “Green meat” algae- meat composite food ・Bioreactors improve over time, enabling cell, tissue & organ culture ・DIY tissue engineering is ubiquitous, innovative prototypes everywhere
  24. 24. Personalized domestic designer meat
  25. 25. And everyone get the share of cultured meat.
  26. 26. Acknowledgements And all Shojinmeat Project participants!