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EmTechAsia 2020 (postponed) Cell-based meat

Slides that were meant to be the presentation slides for cellular agriculture and cell-based meat in EmTechAsia 2020 Singapore (postponed to August) - describes the emerging cellular agriculture, path to democratization and crossing with DIY gene edits and biohacking toward wagyu steak on Mars and DIY Pikachu meat.

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EmTechAsia 2020 (postponed) Cell-based meat

  1. 1. The Cell-Ag World 2020.02
  2. 2. Cell-based meat (cultured meat) Muscle cells Bioreactor Culture medium Processing
  3. 3. Myoblast grown at 200t scale Looks like a beer factory? Future: Meat brewery
  4. 4. Steak brewery Single use culture bags⇒ Steak grows inside⇒ Ready to ship⇒
  5. 5. Seafood by cellular agriculture Cell culture at room temperature Small ponds as cell source
  6. 6. Culture media produced by microalgae Short food miles Farm high-rise Cell-ag towers -95% water use, -98% land use? Tuomisto 2011, Oxford
  7. 7. Farmscape, A.D.2203 Vertical farms Vast land reverted to nature Artificial photosynthesis Cellular agriculture manu- facturing industry complex
  8. 8. Martian food production facility
  9. 9. The technical problem $325,000 Cell-based burger, 200g
  10. 10. Technological milestones Scaling & automation Inexpensive media Openness & public trust Appealing products
  11. 11. Cell-Ag movement and spin-offs Citizen Science For-profit Startup Non-Profit 2014 2015 2017 2019
  12. 12. “Open Source Cultured Meat” Growing meat at home Schoolkids culture cells in kitchens Manuals in Comiket Airtight box CO2 source humidity source dish
  13. 13. “Food grade” demo - Sports drink culture media 90% DAKARA 80% 70% 60% 0% (DMEM only) 50% DaysCelldivisions Proliferation of mouse L6 in DMEM/GreenDakara 10% FBS #pH and osmolality of Dakara adjusted by NaHCO3(s) and 2M NaOH Fluid name osmolality pH DMEM(-, hi glu) 345 7.4 Pocari 338 3.4 Aquarius 291 3.37 Amino-Value 4000 289 3.63 AminoVital Gold 186 3.33 Vitamin Water 302 3.3 Green DAKARA 322 3.28 Amiiru Water 249 3.4 Mamoru Chikara 546 3.58
  14. 14. “CulNet System” proof of concept
 ▲PoC #1 and #2   ▼Automated PoC#3 2018~ 2016 2017 Cultured avian liver paste Cultured muscle tissue
  15. 15. R&D roadmap
 Functional compound s, i.e. cosmetics Pasty foods, i.e. foie gras Processed meat salami Food Medium Serum BloodHormone Vascular ization 2020 2021 2023 Tissues, i.e. steak 2025 R&D JP Pat. filed 2018-210910
 “Space Salt” end of 2019 2019
  16. 16. The road ahead in protein transformation Meat by locals, democratization Hype cycle Price parity reached categories & regions Meat from complexes 2020~ 2030~Animal meat Cell-based meat Price Time Foie gras Beef Chicken Importer Half-producer Producer
  17. 17. Less cows Bioreactors in the backyard Many cows Cows are the product Cells or meat is the product Traditional farmscape Cell-ag farmscape The Cell-Ag Farmscape Less feeding, cleaning and waste treatment More facility management as in beer brewery
  18. 18. “Star Cow Talent Agency” ・Brands by individuals, not breed lines ・Animal talent agencies Talent agency Cell-based meat Brand development Food companies
  19. 19. Cost of DNA synthesis Cost of cell culture “Write DNA & grow cells” DIY insulin for those who can’t afford Concept demonstrated DIY cell culture
  20. 20. Pharma company DIY gene edit Cheap DNA DIY cell culture, manufacture drugs at home ”Drug DNA leaked to 4chan”
  21. 21. Capybara Electric eel Yellow fish Design an animal like LEGO Designed animal & its meat from home culture vat A fictional electric rat for pet
  22. 22. Prototyping of alien biospheres Avatar (2009), Forest of Pandora
  23. 23. Perhaps, someday in the future on Mars….