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Ntc pre deployment brief


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Ntc pre deployment brief

  1. 1. 2BSTB NTC Pre-Deployment Brief Date: September 5th Time: 1800 Location: The Multi Purpose Auditorium (MPA) Building 10725 (Movie Theater) North Riva Ridge Loop Fort DrumThere will not be any childcare provided for this brief; please note thatchildren are welcome to attend. Please contact the FRSA DecimaChiasson by phone at 772-9166 or email any questions you may have.This event will provide you with information about the dates the Soldiersare leaving and returning, the location they are going to, and how to bebetter prepared for the time that they will be gone.If you are unable to attend this Pre-Deployment Brief please contactthe FRSA Decima Chiasson at 772-9166 or