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Frsa flash 10 may 2012

  1. 1. FRSA FLASH 10 May 2012Contents of this news letter are compiled from multiple military family news sources and local area event sources. Materialpresented does not represent the views or endorsement of the 2nd BSTB, 2 nd BCT or the Army. This material is for personal use by the readers. All readers are encouraged to do further research for all applicable restrictions and guidelines
  2. 2. May 12Hand In Hand Family Fun Day 5k Run/WalkThe Hand In Hand Early Childhood Center invites you to participate in their "Family Fun Day 5K Run/Walk"All proceeds will be donated to the Hand In Hand Early Childhood Center. For more information, please contact:Denise Harper at 376-9414 OR Becky Tiffany at bstiffany@hotmail.comMay 12, 18 and 19WatertownThompson Park Zoo ( Zoo is open 7 days a week from 10AM - 5PM.May 12 - Jr. Animal Keepers (9:30AM - 11:00AM)May 18 - Wild About Reading! (11AM - 11:30AM)May 19 - Animal Enrichment - Lynx (10AM - 11AM)May 19WatertownRun to the Sun5K, 10K, Half Marathon to benefit Heather A. Freeman Foundation (HAFF) for more details visitwww.haffblogspot.comMay 19WatertownArmed Forces Day Parade beginning at 10:00 AM from the Watertown High School parking lot, proceedingnorth on Washington Street to the reviewing stand in front of the Dulles State Office Building on to Stone Streetwhere units will disband. Contact Information: Stan Zaremba @ 315-785-0102 or KathleenMay 20Sackets HarborGREAT STRIDES WALK TO BENEFIT CYSTIC FIBROSIS Held @ Gazebo on W. Main Steet Starts @ 8amand ends 4pm Email: MORE INFO Phone: 315-463-7965 - CRISTINA JARDINEMay 26Sackets HarborVILLAGE WIDE YARD SALE Phone: 315-783-2995 - BARB MCKEEVERMay 26Alexandria BayGrape Blossom Festival at Thousand Islands Winery from 12:00 - 8:00 PM http://www.thousandislandswinery.comWe will have a pig roast, beer, Thousand Islands Winery Wine, local craft vendors, and live music! Complimentarywine tastings and winery tours available! Don’t miss this fun for the whole family event!
  3. 3. May 26 – June 24Sackets HarborSACKETS HARBOR 12TH ANNUAL SPRING ART SHOW Sackets Harbor Arts Gallery 119 West Main StreetOpen to the public Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 12:00-4:00pm. Free admission. The Arts Association ofNorthern New York invites you to come and enjoy the competitive artwork of our local and regional artists. Sevendivisions plus youth. Email: MARSHA DEMING Phone: MARSHA DEMING - (315)785-9038 DONNA REPATY - (315) 777-2492 Links: http://www.aanny.orgMay 29Sackets HarborTHE WAR OF 1812 STORY FROM A CANADIAN PERSPECTIVESackets Harbor Battlefield State Historic Site Barn, Hill St., off West Washington St. Join the Sackets HarborBattlefield Alliance for their annual meeting with guest speaker MJ John Grodzinski from Kingstons Royal MilitaryCollege for his presentation at 7pm following the annual business meeting at 6pm. MJ Grodzinski teaches historyand writes extensively on military topics. Email: CONSTANCE.BARONE@OPRHP.STATE.NY.USPhone: 315-646-3634 - CONSTANCE BARONE Links: http://www.sacketsharborbattlefield.org http://www.nysparks.comMay 30WatertownOpening Day Watertown Farm & Craft MarketDate: May 30, 2012 Time: 6:30 AM - 3:00 PMJune 16-17WatertownThompson Park ZooZOOM is coming back to the North Country! The Fast and the Furriest.Presented by the Car-Freshner Corporation and sponsored by Otis Technology, ZOOM is a car show like noother! This years event will be hosted at the New York State Zoo on June 16th and 17th and will feature big trucks,fast cars, sleek limos, smoking sports cars, giant dump trucks, fire trucks; all the hottest vehicles in one place!ZOOM has raffles, giveaways and kids games; plenty to do and see!This years highlights include the Highway Legends and a demonstration by the heroes of the Watertown FireDepartment as they perform a vehicle extraction right before your eyes!August 11WatertownThompson Park ZooBobcats, Bears and Brews - (21+ only)Taste test good food and different brews with a special evening view of the animals.12 May - - Doubles Bowling Tournament: Free Bowling, Food and PrizesOnly 45 teams spots are left, Sign up ASAP ! ! Two person team tournament: Men, Women, Coed Each team will bowl three games, handicap will be calculated Teams will be ranked by total score with handicap Teams will be placed by rank in a tournament bracket Teams will bowl one game against another team: Winner moves on untilfinals Some food will be provided. Games and shoes are covered by MWR
  4. 4. Prizes will be given away can pick up the two trip shots (unlimitedchances while tournament is running. Must be in tournament to qualify)If you have question please ask. Games are played at Pine Planes Bowling Center.~SPORTSMWR is having Recreational Volleyball Night for the Month of May and June.Every Tuesday and Thursday nights from 1800 to 2100 @ Magrath Sports Complex –The Gym Winner stays loser moves out. New team enters. If teams wins three in arow, two new teams will enter.Bring a team or join one that is thereAll Authorized ID card holders are welcomeIf you have any questions please let me know!~SPORT OFFICEBrandon F DohertyChief of Sports Fitness and AquaticsFMWR Sports OfficeFort Drum, New York 13603Commercial: (315) 772-6663DSN: 772-6661/6663Fax: (315) 772-0383
  5. 5. 101 Ways to Thank a Military Spouse Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! It is about Respect, Love, Admiration, Appreciation, and a simple Thank You.1. A simple "Thank You for Serving, too"2. CHOCOLATE3. Take the time to *listen* She may not have had an adult conversation for quite some time!4. Don’t assume HE is not a military spouse. Thank the military-husbands too.5. Pick up something at the store that reminds you of her; a potted-plant, a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine, nail-polish & nail files, etc etc6. Give her a call! Say ‘Thank You’ and find out how her day is going.7. A day at the spa!8. FREE child-care. Watch her children for her. Let her do something on her own.9. Invite her out for a local-sight-seeing tour. She might not know the area & enjoy learning.10. Equip her.11. Take a spouse out for coffee or tea.12. Pray for him. Pray for her.13. Make a fancy-drink. Pour two glasses. One for you, one for her. Make toasts and enjoy together.14. *Give* him a book from your book-shelf that you enjoyed.15. Offer to wash her car (Don’t forget to vacuum)16. Business-owners: Host a special event just for spouses, don’t do it for monetary gain.17. Do you garden? Bring her some of your produce; flowers, fruits, vegetables.18. Give her personal space to miss her loved one. Then open-up your arms to take her in.19. Gather your mutual-friends. Have a multi-family picnic.20. If she calls asking for something, a cup of milk, some eggs, potatoes etc etc Lend with a cheerful heart and dont expect your gift back!21. Buy her a military-spouse shirt. Have it shipped to her: Find a military-spouse book she might enjoy: Plan a play-date at your house. Get the kids together and enjoy the day.24. Sit with him at church. Not many enjoy sitting in the pew alone.25. Take a picture. Send it in an email to her. 101 Ways to Thank a Military Spouse26. Offer to help with yard-work!27. Give her privacy if you sense she does not want to open up.28. Send her a quick note (on hand-made stationary if you are feeling crafty).29. Say Thank You with food. Its the way to our heart!30. Send her an email, let her know you miss her if you havent seen each other in awhile.31. If you havent seen her for some time because of distance look at the calendar. When can you visit? Dont always expect her to do the travelling home.32. Get excited over something he is excited about!33. Take her children to the park. Ask if she WANTS to come to. Some spouses like time alone; others want adult-company. It might just depend on her mood.34. Give him a genuine smile; remember, a smile is worth a thousand words!35. Compliment her children36. Send an anonymous note of encouragement37. Do you have a favorite magazine? Send her a subscription38. Call her up. Ask if she wants to go out and get some ice-cream!39. Run across a funny comic-strip or joke that reminded you of him? Clip it and send in a letter.40. Do you see a new face in the crowd? She might be a new-spouse. Go over and introduce yourself.41. If a seasoned-spouse does something that makes you feel welcomed, say Thank You. Itll make her feel good, too.42. Business Owners: Offer a Military-Discount List it on MilitaryAvenue.com43. Dont assume she knows that you appreciate her sacrifice as a military-spouse. Say it.44. Organizations: Host a special military-spouse tea. It doesnt have to be fussy, just fun!45. If you are standing in line at the commissary and she is behind you with a cart full of food, fussy babies & screaming toddlers let her go in front of you. *Everyone* may say Thank You.46. Say good-things about her spouse, the service-member. It can feel like a reflection of her.47. Are you the service-member? Wash your spouses feet. What a humbling, gratifying act for the woman (or man!) you love so much48. Give her a list of things she has done for you. Take 5 minutes and make a list of 10 to 50 things you love about her.49. Appreciate that "How are you holding up" isnt always the best question to ask the spouse of a deployed service member!
  6. 6. 101 Ways to Thank a Military Spouse50. Make her a CD full of all the songs that remind you of her. Keep it cheery!51. Dont forget the Military Husband! Include him while planning spouse-functions52. Pick up a bottle of bubble bath. Deliver it with a small note of appreciation.53. Respect her decisions. If she says she cant do it let her no be no.54. Give to Operation Showers of Appreciation for expecting moms with deployed spouses: http://www.operationshowersofappreciation.org55. Offer a simple-hug. Amazing what touch can do to heal the soul. But respect personal space if that is an issue.56. Go to an art-class together. Many bases have an Art-Shop, or find a local business where you can make jewelry or paint-ceramics together.57. Take him out to a ball game; either a local pro- or semi-pro. Buy him a beer and a hot dog. And enjoy the evening!58. Are her kids sick? Is SHE sick? Offer to help. Bring over chicken-noodle soup. Run to the store for some 7-Up. Find out what she needs.59. Service-members: Help her with the laundry! Help put it away without being asked.60. Did she make a dish for a social-gathering? Compliment her. Ask for the recipe! Tell someone that is near you how good it is.61. Contact your local Television or Radio Station. Do *they* know it is Military Spouse Appreciation Day?62. Dont forget to say Please if you need her. She is probably juggling quite a bit at once. She will appreciate being asked, as opposed to told.63. Chamber of Commerce: Host a special city-wide event for your military families. (Place your event on at your closest installations to get the word out.)64. Take the time to find out how his weekend was. Where the family went, what they did, how his sons baseball game was.65. Show her politeness, thoughtfulness and helpfulness. Open the door for her, pick up something she dropped.66. Service-member: Buy "a little something" for the bedroom that you know s/hell enjoy. ;)67. Help her start a hobby. As an example, if you scrapbook offer to help her get started if she is interested.68. Businesses: Hold a contest that will benefit the military spouse like, "Laptops for Flattops" ( Service-member: Whisper sweet-nothings in your spouses ear. Tell him how much you appreciate him.70. Help her children make an "I Love You, Mom" card. Get artsy with glitter and glue and construction paper.71. Make some cookies with your kids & have them deliver them. Teach your own children gratitude for our military-families. She will appreciate it.72. Do you make cards? Send blank ones to @cardsforheroes . They send them to deployed soldiers to can send a note home on - a treasure for a military spouse!73. A very simple, heartfelt thank you means the world. Oh, and donuts too.74. Businesses: Contact your installations Family Service Center and find out what you can do for the families on base. 101 Ways to Thank a Military Spouse75. Invite him over for a game on TV. Sit back and enjoy a beer together.76. When cooking dinner, make enough for two families. Bring half to a military-family or invite their family over.77. Benefit Of The Doubt. A little BOTD can go a long way to show your appreciation for the military-spouse.78. Make an acrostic with his/her name filled with adjectives about their strengths.79. Flexibility is the name of game. Be flexible in making plans. Things happen out of her control.80. When thanking a soldier for their service, thank their spouse, too!81. Play a game of catch with her children. They may be missing the presence of a man in their life.82. Businesses: Have a special gift for all the military spouses that come through your door; a key chain, a nail file, keep it simple.83. Hit a mid-day movie together. Buy a large popcorn to share!84. Invite her to a bible-study at your church. What a great way to meet new people!85. Grab the strollers and take a walk together!86. Servicemen - Buy her favorite lotion and give her a back rub.87. Businesses - Having a special contest? Ask a military spouse to be a judge. Shell be honored.88. Call, Send an email, leave a comment to her/him. Sometimes the smallest gesture means much more than you think.89. Service-member: Sign up for dance classes with your spouse.90. Take time to get to know HER/HIM. He/she is more than a #milspouse.91. Do you have a friend you know she would enjoy knowing? Introduce them!92. Do they have a green-thumb? Give a potted plant. "Bloom where you are planted" and a note that says thanks93. Invite him over for a BB-Q on a Friday night!94. Businesses: Do you see the flash of her ID when she makes a transaction? Be sure to say Thank you for her service!95. Military Spouse in the family? Laminate a special card with the families phone numbers, addresses, birthdays. Help her keep organized.96. Service-Member: Take Leave on your anniversary. Do something special together. #milspouse97. Do you have a pool (or just a slip-n-slide!) invite the military-family over. Have a big pitcher of lemonade ready!98. Plan a girls day... manicures, pedicures and lunch!99. Create a Themed box or basket for her. Drop it off at her door anonymously with a note of appreciation.100. Businesses: Encourage your colleagues to offer a meaningful military-discount. Make yourself a town that appreciates the military!101. Make her stop, breathe, and ASK "How can I help?" and then do it. Information Compiled by Leanne from
  7. 7. TRAINING INFORMATION MOBILIZATION AND DEPLOYMENT (YOU MUST CALL TO RSVP 772-0470) FRG Leader : MAY 14 0900-1300 ACS Key Caller: JUNE 12 1000-1130 or 1400-1530 ACS Informal Funds: MAY 14 1400-1500 or 1700-1800 ACS AFTB (YOU MUST RSVP TO 772-6710/9229) Level 2 MAY 22-23 0900-1600 ACS Stress Management - For more information, call 772-0593. JUNE 05 1330-1530 ACS Anger Management - For more information, call 772-0593. MAY 15 1330-1530 ACS Conflict Resolution - For more information, call 772-0593. MAY 29 1330-1530 ACS ACS Master Resilience Training (YOU MUST RSVP TO 772-0470/2848) MAY 21 0930-1430 ACS Problem Solving, Put it in Perspective, and Real-time ResiliencyFOR FREE ADMISSION SUMMARY VISIT
  8. 8. Contents of this news letter are compiled from multiple military family news sources and local area event sources. Material presented does notrepresent the views or endorsement of the 2nd BSTB, 2 nd BCT or the Army. This material is for personal use by the readers. All readers areencouraged to do further research for all applicable restrictions and guidelines.