.                                .                                .                                Badger Beacon          ...
NEWSLETTERFrom Your                                Marcia (our MFLC) for donating food                                    ...
NEWSLETTERHOOAH HappeningsPromotions                                    AwardsNONE                                        ...
FRG Information Sheet1. Name     _________________________________________________________2. Sponsor’s Name and Rank _____...
NEWSLETTER    11. Would you be interested in volunteering for any of the following positions (Circle all that apply)      ...
NEWSLETTER                                           Bravo 2BSTB FRG SurveyHello Bravo spouse! If you could please take a ...
NEWSLETTER                                                     Around Town                   (Here are some of the events ...
NEWSLETTER                          2012 Women’s ConferenceThe Enlisted Spouses Club is holding a Women’s Conference on Ma...
NEWSLETTERExtreme Couponing                                                   Katharine JacksonYou’ve seen the shows, you’...
NEWSLETTERyou to enjoy all social functions with your spouse from those in blue jeans to a black tie affair.Wine 101      ...
NEWSLETTER                 We’re on the Web!                  www.armyfrg.org        www.facebook.com/2ndbrigadespeci     ...
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Bravo Company March Newsletter

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Bravo mar 2012 newsletter

  1. 1. . . . Badger Beacon March 2012 Volume 1, Issue 5 From the equipped/trained on what they will be doing at JRTC. The other SIGINT Soldiers stayed busy packing for JRTC Commander and providing capabilities briefs to other To the Badger’s and their families, Commanders across the Brigade formation while ISR has had Soldiers An entire month has passed since the training all over the country, but this has Commander’s last write ups and I become somewhat normal to them. haven’t thought about it until Decima Three of the imagery analysts had theInside this Issue reminded us the other day. This month opportunity to attend the advanced has gone by remarkably fast meaning, GEOINT Production Course at the we’ve been busy. The main focus has Washington Naval Yard from 7-24FEB. been centered on JRTC out load and Two of the imagery analysts attended planning/preparation, but we have also the Fundamentals of Thermal Infrared been continuing our training tempo Exploitation and Analysis at Ft Belvoir towards the Soldiers core competencies and the remaining analysts stayed at Ft From the Commander and collective tasks that will need to be Drum and conducted a two week course 1 at the Brigade SCIF on their DCGS-A executed at JRTC. It’s much easier for us to cancel training as days get over software. Additionally, there is still come by events, than to just simply not some FRG events planned until we leave 2 From your FRG (most of us between 4-6MAR schedule training and run the risk of Leader Soldiers not having anything to progress timeframe). On the 25th Jen Limerick on throughout the days leading up to has a single Soldiers meal planned for JRTC. Our HQ Platoon and the the Soldiers living in the barracks. This 3 HOOAH Happenings Company’s Executive Officer, 1LT Burke, is going to take others involvement as have made the JRTC pack out as well. If you feel you can contribute to painless as possible allowing the an event like this, you can. There will 4 FRG Info Sheet Company to continue this training also be a bake sale at Clark Hall on tempo. UAS got a couple more flights in March 14th. Anything helps contribute this month supporting 2-14 Infantry to making a more successful event. 6 FRG Survey These FRG events are most important Battalions field exercise before they packed up all their equipment to get because they help take care of Soldiers inspected for out load. In the picture and families. General Odierno said it 7 Around Town (see page 13) PV2 Sabie loads his well: “The strength of our Nation is our second Shadow since he has been with Army; the strength of our Army is our us while SPC Lovelace supervises and Soldiers; the strength of our Soldiers is Women’s Conf. Info ensures PV2 Sabie is running through our Families.” We must maintain the 8 bond of trust between every Soldier and the sequence of events properly with his crew to launch the Shadow in the air. Family member and the Army as an HUMINT finished their 2 week mobile institution that we are all a part of. 12 Baby Bundle Info These events that our FRG plans will training team course which was a general coverage of all topics HUMINT help families better endure the month related. This past week covered source Service Members will be at JRTC. I look Picture operations, meeting mechanics and forward to seeing you all partake. Until 13 refining there report writing skills. The next write up, younger Soldiers conducted graded capabilities briefs to leaders across the V/R 14 Contact Us Brigade formation and Mr. Limerick and CPT Barclay Keay SSG Pennell gave a capabilities brief to all the Platoon Leaders in 2-14. SIGINT had three Soldiers attend the three week long SGA 101 course at foundry (on Post) to be properly 1
  2. 2. NEWSLETTERFrom Your Marcia (our MFLC) for donating food to the single soldier lunch that weFRG Leader had on Feb 25th. I think we had a decent turnout and it seems like everyone had a good time. Now forHello Badger Families – some sad news; Stephanie Burke has stepped down as the FRG Co- MarchMarch is upon us and that means Leader. Living so far away now she feels that she doesn’t have the time Happeningsit’s time for JRTC (Joint Readiness that she thinks the FRG deserves toTraining Center). For those of you function as the Co-Leader, but on athat haven’t experienced this before bright note she has agreed to stayit is approximately one month long on as the FRG Secretary and Iand they go to Fort Polk, LA to train 3-14 couldn’t be happier! Thank you veryas if they were downrange; it’s a much Stephanie for all that you do, 1100-1400good opportunity for them to iron I really appreciate you! The Bake Saleout some of the kinks before they battalion is looking for spouses who Clark Hallactually deploy. I hope, as I am speak Korean, Chinese, or Russiansure most of you do, that this who wouldn’t mind translating The FRG will be selling amonth goes by quickly! Last month phone calls. Please let Decima (our Mexican themed lunch at Clarkwe had an AWESOME fundraiser BN FRSA) know if you are willing to Hall as a fundraiser. If you canand were able to make over $500 to help out! As deployment nears I am donate time or baked goodsgo towards our next big event. trying to make sure that I have PLEASE contact me!When we last spoke we were trying everyone’s information so in thisto decide when would be a good newsletter I am including a FRG Infotime to have our next big event; a Sheet and FRG Survey. I would likeball, summer picnic, trip (maybe to to get the family member’s input asWater Safari) or Christmas party. I far as what can be done to makewould really like to hear your this a FRG that you want tosuggestions for what you would like participate in. I would also like toto see the funds go towards. We get family information to make surehave a bake sale at Clark Hall on the that I can put this info in the2nd floor on March 14th from 1100- Company Newsletter as well as add1400. It will be a Mexican theme the family member to the familywith beef and pulled pork tacos or Chain of Concern so we are able totaco salad with a drink and baked get a hold of them duringgood for $5. We sold out FAST last deployment. Our next meeting willtime and with it being in the middle 3-15 be at the Adirondack Creekof 3rd BCT coming home we should Community Center at 9797 1800do GREAT! I will need help though Constitution Ave on Fort Drum at FRG Meetingin the areas of donating baked 1800. It will be a potluck so please Adirondack Creekgoods, drinks and help manning the bring a dish to share. There is atable. If you can help in ANY of playroom for the kids as well! We will be having our monthlythese I would really appreciate it FRG meeting at the Adirondackand PLEASE get in contact with me! Again, thank you all for everything Creek Community Center. It willThere will also be a BN chili cook off you do! be a pot luck dinner so pleaseon April 16th at the BN motor pool bring a dish to share. We will bestarting at 1100. It will be $5 per Jennifer discussing future fundraisers andperson to enter and we can have 5 the use of the funds.people represent the company. Wewill also be selling small samples ofthe chili for $1 and bowls for $5.Again, if you are interested inhelping please let me know! I alsowanted to thank Mrs. Carpenter and 2
  3. 3. NEWSLETTERHOOAH HappeningsPromotions AwardsNONE AAM – SPC PenaReenlistmentsNONEGainsWelcome to SFC Blanchet, SSG Egli, SPC Yoeman, PFC Bartlett, PFC Monica, PFC Roller, PFCAnderson, PFC Koller, PV2 Miller, and PV2 Poleon.Leaving the FamilyFarewell to SPC Pena who is PCSing and SPC Saint who is ETSing! Good luck in your futureendeavors! We are also saying goodbye to SFC Redwing, SSG Ritz, SPC Meyer, and SPCThomas who have been relocated to different battalions.Special CongratulationsSpecial congratulations to CPL Karvelos on her lateral promotion and SPC Lovelace for beingselected as Bravo Company Soldier of the Month!Birthdays in March Anniversaries in March19 Mar – Mrs. Dahl 12 Mar – PFC and Mrs. Flores-Jimenez21 Mar – Mrs. Flores-Jimenez 25 Mar – Mr. and Mrs. Limerick26 Mar – Mrs. Grabill 25 Mar – SPC and Mrs. Goodrum 27 Mar – SSG and Mrs. Branner 30 Mar – SSG and Mrs. LyseExpectingSPC and Mrs. Lyon – 17 April 2012Mr. and Mrs. Ellis – 16 July 2012SPC Saint – 11 March 2012SPC and Mrs. Eppards – 13 June 2012Baby BadgersNONE ***If you would like to submit your special event please contact Jennifer Limerick*** 3
  4. 4. FRG Information Sheet1. Name _________________________________________________________2. Sponsor’s Name and Rank ___________________________________________3. E-Mail Address ____________________________________________________4. Home Phone ______________________________________________________5. Preferred method of contact: ________ Phone ________ Email ________ Text ________ Please do not contact6. Your Birthday _________________ Anniversary_________________________7. Children: Name ___________________________Age __________ Birthdate ______________ Name ___________________________Age __________ Birthdate ______________ Name ___________________________Age __________ Birthdate ______________ Name ___________________________Age __________ Birthdate ______________8. Are you and your spouse expecting a baby? ________ If so, when is the due date? __________9. What type of information would you expect your FRG to provide? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________10. Would you be interested in volunteering during fundraisers (time, expertise, baked goods, etc.) ________ Yes ________ No ________ Maybe but please contact me 4
  5. 5. NEWSLETTER 11. Would you be interested in volunteering for any of the following positions (Circle all that apply) Leader Co-Leader Treasurer Co-Treasurer Fundraisers Newsletter Key Caller Signature Date *** Please note that none of this information will be handed out or used in any other way other than FRG purposes. The FRG leader and Co-Leader will be the only ones with access to this information. Upon leaving this unit your information will be shredded***5
  6. 6. NEWSLETTER Bravo 2BSTB FRG SurveyHello Bravo spouse! If you could please take a minute and fill out this survey I would very much appreciateit. I would like to get as many people involved as possible and would really like to get your opinions. If youcould please fill this out and email it back to me at jennifer.r.limerick@us.army.mil orjrlimerick@hotmail.com.Thank you,Jennifer Limerick 1. What days (Monday – Friday) are best to have our monthly FRG meetings? _______________________________________________________________________ 2. Where are some places that you would like to see us conduct our FRG meetings at? ________________________________________________________________________ 3. What fundraisers would you be interested in participating in or would like to see the company/battalion have? ________________________________________________________________________ 4. Are you interested in participating in the FRG in any way? If so, in what capacity? ________________________________________________________________________ 5. Do you want to be sent the FRG newsletter? If yes, please provide an email address ________________________________________________________________________ 6. Please tell us the best way to contact you (phone, text, email). ________________________________________________________________________ 7. In what other ways can we improve the FRG to meet your needs? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for filling out this survey. I really appreciate you taking the time to help improve our FRG. If you ever need anything PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me! (I can text message if you prefer to do it that way just please let me know that you are in the FRG) Jennifer Limerick FRG Leader 315-804-0655 (c) 315-772-6423 (w) jennifer.r.limerick@us.army.mil jrlimerick@hotmail.com 6
  7. 7. NEWSLETTER Around Town (Here are some of the events going on in the Fort Drum area)2012 Black River Valley Concert SeriesMarch 3 ~ Bear Cat Jazz Band, Classic JazzMarch 24 ~ Nicole Johndrow, Broadway CabaretMarch 31 ~ Lipone Redding, Unique Artistry**First concert at Lowville Academy, all others at Lewis County Historical Society, 7552 South State St,Lowville All concerts at 7:30pm, Tickets $20 at the door, $18 in advance, Season Tickets $100 For moreinformation please call (315) 376-8957March 16-18WatertownNorth Country Goes Green Irish Festivalhttp://www.ncirishfest.com/March 17 & 18 and 24 & 25Lowville Area 16th Annual Maple Weekend Maple Weekend is a family event...and theres no better wayto spend time with family and friends! Five maple producers in Lewis County, along with over 90 othermaple producers across New York State, will be hosting open houses for the public to see how MapleSyrup and other related products are made. This family oriented event is sure to delight visitors of all ages.Participants will be boiling sap into maple syrup and many will demonstrate the making of other mapleproducts...and of course, visitors can sample and purchase maple products. In addition, some of the sugarhouses will provide a variety of other activities to make your visit more memorable. The following LewisCounty Maple Producers will be participating:Swisser Sweet Maple - Open 3/19, 3/20, 3/26 & 3/27 from 10am to 4pm ~ Jason & Barbara Zehr at 6242Swiss Rd, Castorland NY. (315) 346-1034 swisser@twcny.rr.com or visit: www.swissersweetmaple.comTug Hill Sweets & Treats - Open 3/17,18,24 & 25 from 10am to 4pm ~ County Route 163, CopenhagenNY. (315) 408-8100Golden Maple Shanty - Open 3/26 from 10am to 4pm ~ Marvin Widrick at 4836 Sharp Rd, Lowville NY.(315) 376-6310 sales@mapleshanty.com or visit: www.mapleshanty.comPierces Sugar Spigot - Open 3/17,18,24 & 25 from 10am to 4pm ~ Karen & Carl Pierce at 11603 Route812, Croghan NY. (315) 543-2980 kapierce3@hotmail.com or visit: www.lcida.org/sspigot.htmlYanceys Sugarbush - Open 3/24 & 3/25 from 10am to 4pm ~ Haskel & Jane Yancey at 7981 Long PondRd, Croghan NY. (315)346-6356 janeyancey@frontier.comMarch 17Sackets Harbor10AM at the Seaway Trail Discovery Center12th annual quilt show...the War of 1812 quilt challenge....at least 75 quilts to be displayed @ SeawayTrail Discovery Center on March 17 and 18 from 10am to 5pm....$5.00 admissionContact Daryl Or Lynette PHONE- 315-646-1000 lynette@seawaytrail.comMarch 30 & 31Alexandria BayBonnie Castle Resort, Holland St.The Thousand Islands Bluegrass Preservation Societys Eleventh Annual Winter Getaway Weekend.Friday, 7 - 10 pm: Delaney Brothers (first Getaway appearance) $10 per person Saturday, 7 - 10 pm:Darren Beachley & Heart Town $10 per person Dave Nichols and Spare Change will open both Fridayand Saturday shows. Jamming every day including Sunday. Guitar Raffle, 50/50 raffles and more. Ticketsavailable at the door. Special room rates being offered at Bonnie Castle. 7
  8. 8. NEWSLETTER 2012 Women’s ConferenceThe Enlisted Spouses Club is holding a Women’s Conference on March16 and 17th at the Commons. It is $30 for both days and it includeslunch. There are many different classes that are offered that aregeared towards women in the military (soldier and spouse alike). Iwent a couple of years ago and I had a blast! Take a look below to seethe classes that are offered this year. If you would like to attend fillout the registration form and mail it in (along with your payment) tothe address on the form. Registration is due March 1st. 2012 Women’s Conference Workshop DescriptionsFlower Arrangements SimmonsYou see beautiful flower arrangements almost everywhere you turn. You see them premade in the store and the price shocks you. Shariwill teach you how to make a simple yet beautiful arrangement yourself.Investing In Your Future Financial MFLCWith the economic rebound, everyone is wary and cautious on where to put your money. Key Bank will teach you where it is safe andhow to invest for short and long term in this post-recession era.Portable Businesses: How to PCS & Stay Successful Robin StephensonCalling all Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, Scentsy consultants! Anyone that has a home based business or small business this class isfor you! Learn how to stay in touch with contacts when you PCS and build your business when you get to your new location withoutlosing revenue.Car Care 101 FirestoneHow many of us had to learn how to pump gas when our husbands deployed? Or how to check air pressure in the vehicle, or even knowto check the oil and transmission fluid? Don’t worry you aren’t alone. Firestone will take you through the care of your car so it doesn’tend up in the junk yard!Chart Your Course For Success Parent to ParentGet your middle school/high school student on the right track. Learn what will help them prepare for college and what you can do nowto get them ready for their life!Hidden Casualties of War Behavioral HealthNot every Soldier comes home with physical wounds. This workshop will take you through the signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and what you can do to get help for your loved one.Home 101: Buying vs. Renting Hunt Real EstateLet Gwyn Monnat’s team at Hunt Real Estate take you through the diverse market of Northern New York. What is so different abouthere? When should I buy a house? When should I rent? Should I rent out the house I own or sell? Hunt is here to take you throughsome of the concerns and what may work best in this area.Educational Opportunities for Spouses Joe AgrestiThere are so many opportunities for spouses and family members to get educational assistance. Mr. Agresti will go over all the hiddensecrets that may lie in the educational field. 8
  9. 9. NEWSLETTERExtreme Couponing Katharine JacksonYou’ve seen the shows, you’ve read the news; now it’s time to be a part of the extreme couponing movement! Katharine will take youthrough the secrets and tips of the art of extreme couponing. This is not a workshop you’d want to miss.How to Navigate the Medical Field Martin’s PointIt seems inevitable when you come to a new duty station, someone in the family gets sick before the first box is unloaded. Martin’s Pointwill teach you how to move with you medical records and how to make the transition easy and fast.Drug Abuse Awareness ASAPIt seems like every time you turn around there is a new drug infecting our community and schools. The most recent is Spice and BathSalts. ASAP will go into the world of this new and legal form of synthetic drugs and how to educate and protect your family.Adoption Office of Child and Family ServicesThought about adoption? Think it may be for your family? Let OCFS talk about requirements and regulations for US and foreignadoptions. They’ll cover topics specific to military and what DOD offers for reimbursementsMovement Through Dance Amy Earle School of DanceMiss Amy will go through fitness dance, Latin and touch on some ballroom. Learn how to make your body move, feel good and have finewhile doing it.Cake Decorating 101 Julie CoffmanCake Boss & DC Cupcake fans, this is for you! Learn simple decorating tips from the pros. Even if you don’t think you have the best skills,you can do this!What Is That and What Does it Do? Tom Boy Tools: Amanda JonesMost of our husbands have tools, right? Most of our husbands fix things while they are home, right? And of course, most things don’tbecome broke until they are gone, right? Well that’s what Amanda is for. She has her tool bag full of all sorts of goodies! She will gothrough simple tools, what they are for and some simple fixes. She’ll also tell you when it’s probably best to call a pro!Holistic Health and Healing TapInfinity: Val SilverVal will discuss holistic health and healing: exactly what it is and why it’s important to your well being. She’ll discuss different types ofhealing and some pros and cons plus navigating the terms. Use this information to empower yourself in relation to your own health andwellness and when partnering with your medical providers.Educational Transitions for Children School Liaison OfficeMilitary Families transition frequently which can add additional stress when having to make educational choices. School LiaisonServices (SLS) can help cope with the additional stressors while moving from installation to installation or even from school to schoollocally. Simple tips will help you successfully transition your student and ease the stress of relocating. SLS will also provide you witheducational options in the Tri-County area.Things You Didn’t Know About Breast Cancer Dr. LucalIt seems like every day there is something on the news that is “breaking” about breast cancer. Samaritan Medical Center’s team will takeyou through what is vital information and what you need to walk away knowing.Repurposing Nana RoseA shelf made out of door knobs or a chair as a planter. Let the professionals from Nana Rose teach you how to turn something ordinaryinto something amazing.Personal Organization Put it Simply OrganizingHow many times has it happened to you that you’ve gotten to a new duty station, unpacked all of your belongings and realized you can’tfind anything?! Take the stress out of everyday life and any unneeded stress from PCSing by getting organized.Bows & Pretty Things NNY Gals: Maria RunyonHow beautiful is a little girl with bows in her hair? How cute is it when she has a bow for every outfit!? NNY Gals will teach you how tomake and assemble bows to put on headbands, clips or barrettes. Come learn how to coordinate your best girl!Tennis Shoes to Dress Blues: Formal Functions Made Easy ACSProtocol can be an intimidating word for many. Gaining and understanding of Army spouse’s etiquette through this course will allow 9
  10. 10. NEWSLETTERyou to enjoy all social functions with your spouse from those in blue jeans to a black tie affair.Wine 101 Class 6/AafesThe Class 6 will teach you how to pair wine, and how to properly taste it all through their wine selection from theirwinery in the 1000 Islands.Public Speaking: Tips and Tools Toast MastersClam up when you get put on the spot? All of a sudden do you develop a stammer that only seems to come on when you are in front of acrowd? It happens all the time. Kathy will teach you how to speak on the spot and in front of anyone!What Happens with the Unexpected Dawn Bauschke: Casualty Assistance CenterNo one likes to think about what would happen if an incident occurred with your loved one. But being prepared for a situation andhaving the knowledge and expectations of what should happen will make the transition smoother. Dauwn will talk about what happensin the event of a casualty notification and what the roles and responsibilities are of the notification and assistance officers. She’ll also goover basic SGLI information. 10
  11. 11. NEWSLETTER11
  12. 12. NEWSLETTER12
  13. 13. NEWSLETTER13
  14. 14. NEWSLETTER We’re on the Web! www.armyfrg.org www.facebook.com/2ndbrigadespeci altroopsbattalion ** There are more pictures that can only be seen on the vFRG and our facebook page so check it out! Contact Us: FRG Leader: Jennifer Limerick – 315-804-0655 jrlimerick@hotmail.com jennifer.r.limerick@us.army.mil Our FRG email address is badgerfrg@gmail.com BN Family Readiness Support Assistant: Decima Chiasson - 315-772-9166 decima.chiasson@us.army.mil14