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Bravo FEB 2012

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Bravo feb 2012 newsletter

  1. 1. 1 February 2012 Volume 1, Issue 4 Inside this Issue 1 From the Commander 2 3 4 5-10 From your FRG Leader HOOAH Happenings Pictures Around the Town 11 Motivational Picture 12 Contact Us From the Commander To the Badger’s and their families, The month of January has been nothing short of demanding since we’ve come back from block leave. Our first week upon return consisted mostly of gathering ourselves back into the daily battle rhythm of work and figuring out where we actually left off last year. We also conducted PRT twice a day in an attempt to regain our forward progress of physical fitness before two weeks of vacation. It helped, but physical fitness continues to be an uphill battle with our organization as a whole. Leaders in this Company strive every day to help and encourage our younger Soldiers, but it isn’t always easy and it surely isn’t a quick fix. But, it is part of our number one priority here, readiness to deploy. Perhaps Gen. Dempsey, the 37th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said it best “Upon notification to deploy I was able to requisition nearly everything my unit needed. What I couldn’t requisition was trust, discipline, and fitness. These qualities have to exist in every unit and in every Soldier of our Army all the time.” Readiness also entails quality time with family (the vacation was long, but very needed) and training, which we eventually got to. After the first week we received word that the March JRTC training opportunity was solidified for 2-10 MTN and we continued right where we left off. UAS has been supporting 2-14 (one of our maneuver battalions) during their Platoon level live fire exercises throughout this month and working long hard nights. When weather doesn’t allow flight, they continue their operators progression with a simulator they requested from Huntsville, AL in order to ensure they have the proper crew endurance to support the BCT’s expectation for JRTC. SIGINT has been ensuring there equipment is ready to train on for March and following up on all their pre required training requirements. IEW has been supporting them throughout this process. ISR continues to be the BDE’s think tank and is already setting the conditions for our JRTC rotation by providing the senior leadership information on the operational environment. HUMINT has reached a culminating two week course that the Army Operations Group is conducting. They are receiving training from all facets of HUMINT from understanding the legalities of interrogations to cultural integration with the Afghan populace, to interpersonal skills for their collectors. Last to mention is our HQ’s Soldiers, they continue to help me keep this machine running, and ensuring that your Soldiers receive the resources and support they need for successful and effective training to accomplish our mission. I look forward to finishing up January and moving into February as our FRG leaders have put some great events on our Calendar. Until next write up, V/R . . . BadgerBeacon
  2. 2. NEWSLETTER 2 CPT Barclay Keay From Your FRG Leader Hello Badger Families – Well here we are in February already! This year is sure to go by fast! In January we had our FRG meeting which I thought was very successful! We had our BDE MFLC (Military and Family Life Consultants) and the Financial MFLC present and gave some great pointers! They informed us of a FREE website where we can go to check our credit score. This site differs from because unlike that website, will let you check your credit score as many times as you would like and not just the once a year. We also talked about upcoming fundraisers. Even though it is 11 months away I would like to start planning the holiday party now to ensure we have an awesome holiday party before deployment. I am asking for suggestions on places you would like to have our holiday party this year. So far the Commons and Best Western are the front runners. I have a lot of information from the Commons and I haven’t heard anything from the Best Western as of yet. The fundraisers that are planned right now will be a bake sale auction on 1 February at 1700 at the company. I am looking for anyone willing to donate baked goods (homemade or store bought). The more we have the more we can sell! Here is how it will work; I will assign a prize to each baked good so when you bid on the baked good you are also bidding on the prize. The prizes will include 3 day passes; 4 day passes; PT off; Commanders Parking Spot; and 1SG’s Parking Spot, but it wouldn’t be fun unless there were gag prizes as well! Please let me know if you are able and willing to help us out! The other fundraiser that is scheduled right now is on March 14th at Clark Hall from 1000- 1400. With 3BCT returning we should have PLENTY of hungry folks running around there at that time so help is going to be GREATLY appreciated! Stephanie and I will be there but we could use help manning the table. We are going to be selling tacos (beef and pulled chicken) with all the fixin’s as well as baked goods and drinks for the suggested donation of $5. If anyone is able to help during this fundraiser (manning the table or with food and drinks) please let me know! As with all fundraisers, if there is a soldier who would like to help (and the mission and chain of command allows it) you will have to be in civilian clothes. I am planning a Pie-In-The-Face auction for the summer time as well. On another note, I have been involved in a FRG in some way, shape, or form for 9 years and in that time I really haven’t seen a lot done for the single soldiers; I would like to fix that. I asked the single soldiers that were present what they thought about getting a free lunch provided by the FRG. We are going to do a practice run on February 25 from 1100-1400. It will be a Mexican themed lunch with pulled pork tacos with all the fixin’s, baked goods and a drink for FREE for all our single soldiers! If anyone would like to help please let me know. With JRTC around the corner there is a JRTC pre-deployment brief scheduled for February 16 at 1500. I will try to attend to take notes for those who cannot make it and discuss it at our next FRG meeting on February 23. Again, thank you for all that you do! Jennifer January Happenings 2-1 1700 Bake Sale Company We will have a bake sale auction! Donations of any homemade or store bought baked good would be GREATLY appreciated! 2-16 1500 Pre-Deployment Brief MPA The Pre-Deployment Brief will give you the who, what, where, when and why of our soldiers going to JRTC. It will also give you information on anything you may encounter and how to deal with the situations while they are gone. If you haven’t had your soldier deploy before or if you have never gone though a pre- deployment brief before I would highly suggest you attend; it’s good information! 2-22 1800 FRG Meeting Company We will be discussing the upcoming JRTC schedule. For those who couldn’t make the JRTC Pre-Deployment brief I will be discussing the key points. We will also discuss upcoming fundraisers! It is a potluck so bring a dish to share!
  3. 3. NEWSLETTER 3 Promotions Awards PFC Brooks NONE Reenlistments Congratulations SSG Carpenter and SGT Padgett for reenlisting! Gains Welcome to SPC Montillo, SPC Teague, SPC Bennett, PFC Bell, PFC Connely, PV2 Hooks, and PVT Bell! Leaving the Family None Special Congratulations Special congratulations to 1SG Pasol who gained a new son-in-law! Birthdays in February Anniversaries in February 10 Feb – Mrs. Carpenter None 13 Feb – Mrs. Limerick 21 Feb – SPC Pena Expecting SPC and Mrs. Lyon – 17 April 2012 Mr. and Mrs. Ellis – 16 July 2012 SPC Saint – 11 March 2012 SPC and Mrs. Eppards – 13 June 2012 Baby Badgers Congratulations to Mr. and SGT Thomas – Taylor McKenzie was born on 23 January 2012 at 1521 weighing 6lbs 8ozs and 19.5 inches! ***If you would like to submit your special event please contact Jennifer Limerick*** HOOAH Happenings
  4. 4. 4 Taylor McKenzie Thomas 23 January 2012 at 1521 6lbs 8ozs and 19.5 inches!
  5. 5. NEWSLETTER 5 Around Town (Here are some of the events going on in the Fort Drum area) 2012 Women’s Conference The Enlisted Spouses Club is holding a Women’s Conference on March 16 and 17th at the Commons. It is $30 for both days and it includes lunch. There are many different classes that are offered that are geared towards women in the military (soldier and spouse alike). I went a couple of years ago and I had a blast! Take a look below to see the classes that are offered this year. If you would like to attend fill out the registration form and mail it in (along with your payment) to the address on the form. Registration is due March 1st . February 4, 2012 Watertown Annual Snow Deer Festival The "Annual Snow Deer Festival" is sponsored by the New York State Old Tyme Fiddlers' Association, Osceola, NY Saturday ~ Food Served at 5:00pm make reservations with Caroline Camidge (315) 408-8062. Jam Session begins at 6:00pm North Side Improvement League, Mill Street Watertown, NY February 4, 10, 11, 14, 17 & 18 Syracuse Valentine's in the Forest 7:00pm – 11:00pm $85 per couple Celebrate love and loved ones at Valentine’s in the Forest, and support the hard-working volunteers of the Nordic Ski Patrol with a buffet dinner and live entertainment in the Skyline Lodge at Highland Forest County Park. Each evening begins with a cheese & vegetable platter and live entertainment followed by a candle-lit dinner which features carved roast prime rib of beef, oven roasted chicken, and riggies with vodka sauce. After dinner guest will enjoy horse drawn sleigh rides, a commemorative photograph and a bon fire, or folks may opt to remain at the lodge and dance the night away to live music. Location: Highland Forest Park Website: Phone:683-5550 Email: February 11 Watertown Time: 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM Event Description 18th Annual "Bark and Wine" Auction and Cocktail Party. Saturday, February 11, 2012 from 6pm-10pm, Tickets: $25.00 per person or $40.00 per couple. Appetizers and Desserts. Bar Provided by the Paddock Club. Call 782-3260 for tickets or further information
  6. 6. NEWSLETTER 6 2012 Women’s Conference Workshop Descriptions Flower Arrangements Simmons You see beautiful flower arrangements almost everywhere you turn. You see them premade in the store and the price shocks you. Shari will teach you how to make a simple yet beautiful arrangement yourself. Investing In Your Future Financial MFLC With the economic rebound, everyone is wary and cautious on where to put your money. Key Bank will teach you where it is safe and how to invest for short and long term in this post-recession era. Portable Businesses: How to PCS & Stay Successful Robin Stephenson Calling all Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, Scentsy consultants! Anyone that has a home based business or small business this class is for you! Learn how to stay in touch with contacts when you PCS and build your business when you get to your new location without losing revenue. Car Care 101 Firestone How many of us had to learn how to pump gas when our husbands deployed? Or how to check air pressure in the vehicle, or even know to check the oil and transmission fluid? Don’t worry you aren’t alone. Firestone will take you through the care of your car so it doesn’t end up in the junk yard! Chart Your Course For Success Parent to Parent Get your middle school/high school student on the right track. Learn what will help them prepare for college and what you can do now to get them ready for their life! Hidden Casualties of War Behavioral Health Not every Soldier comes home with physical wounds. This workshop will take you through the signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and what you can do to get help for your loved one. Home 101: Buying vs. Renting Hunt Real Estate Let Gwyn Monnat’s team at Hunt Real Estate take you through the diverse market of Northern New York. What is so different about here? When should I buy a house? When should I rent? Should I rent out the house I own or sell? Hunt is here to take you through some of the concerns and what may work best in this area. Educational Opportunities for Spouses Joe Agresti There are so many opportunities for spouses and family members to get educational assistance. Mr. Agresti will go over all the hidden secrets that may lie in the educational field. Extreme Couponing Katharine Jackson You’ve seen the shows, you’ve read the news; now it’s time to be a part of the extreme couponing movement! Katharine will take you through the secrets and tips of the art of extreme couponing. This is not a workshop you’d want to miss. How to Navigate the Medical Field Martin’s Point It seems inevitable when you come to a new duty station, someone in the family gets sick before the first box is unloaded. Martin’s Point will teach you how to move with you medical records and how to make the transition easy and fast. Drug Abuse Awareness ASAP It seems like every time you turn around there is a new drug infecting our community and schools. The most recent is Spice and Bath Salts. ASAP will go into the world of this new and legal form of synthetic drugs and how to educate and protect your family. Adoption Office of Child and Family Services Thought about adoption? Think it may be for your family? Let OCFS talk about requirements and regulations for US and foreign adoptions. They’ll cover topics specific to military and what DOD offers for reimbursements Movement Through Dance Amy Earle School of Dance Miss Amy will go through fitness dance, Latin and touch on some ballroom. Learn how to make your body move, feel good and have fine while doing it. Cake Decorating 101 Julie Coffman Cake Boss & DC Cupcake fans, this is for you! Learn simple decorating tips from the pros. Even if you don’t think you have the best skills, you can do this!
  7. 7. NEWSLETTER 7 What Is That and What Does it Do? Tom Boy Tools: Amanda Jones Most of our husbands have tools, right? Most of our husbands fix things while they are home, right? And of course, most things don’t become broke until they are gone, right? Well that’s what Amanda is for. She has her tool bag full of all sorts of goodies! She will go through simple tools, what they are for and some simple fixes. She’ll also tell you when it’s probably best to call a pro! Holistic Health and Healing TapInfinity: Val Silver Val will discuss holistic health and healing: exactly what it is and why it’s important to your well being. She’ll discuss different types of healing and some pros and cons plus navigating the terms. Use this information to empower yourself in relation to your own health and wellness and when partnering with your medical providers. Educational Transitions for Children School Liaison Office Military Families transition frequently which can add additional stress when having to make educational choices. School Liaison Services (SLS) can help cope with the additional stressors while moving from installation to installation or even from school to school locally. Simple tips will help you successfully transition your student and ease the stress of relocating. SLS will also provide you with educational options in the Tri-County area. Things You Didn’t Know About Breast Cancer Dr. Lucal It seems like every day there is something on the news that is “breaking” about breast cancer. Samaritan Medical Center’s team will take you through what is vital information and what you need to walk away knowing. Repurposing Nana Rose A shelf made out of door knobs or a chair as a planter. Let the professionals from Nana Rose teach you how to turn something ordinary into something amazing. Personal Organization Put it Simply Organizing How many times has it happened to you that you’ve gotten to a new duty station, unpacked all of your belongings and realized you can’t find anything?! Take the stress out of everyday life and any unneeded stress from PCSing by getting organized. Bows & Pretty Things NNY Gals: Maria Runyon How beautiful is a little girl with bows in her hair? How cute is it when she has a bow for every outfit!? NNY Gals will teach you how to make and assemble bows to put on headbands, clips or barrettes. Come learn how to coordinate your best girl! Tennis Shoes to Dress Blues: Formal Functions Made Easy ACS Protocol can be an intimidating word for many. Gaining and understanding of Army spouse’s etiquette through this course will allow you to enjoy all social functions with your spouse from those in blue jeans to a black tie affair. Wine 101 Class 6/Aafes The Class 6 will teach you how to pair wine, and how to properly taste it all through their wine selection from their winery in the 1000 Islands. Public Speaking: Tips and Tools Toast Masters Clam up when you get put on the spot? All of a sudden do you develop a stammer that only seems to come on when you are in front of a crowd? It happens all the time. Kathy will teach you how to speak on the spot and in front of anyone! What Happens with the Unexpected Dawn Bauschke: Casualty Assistance Center No one likes to think about what would happen if an incident occurred with your loved one. But being prepared for a situation and having the knowledge and expectations of what should happen will make the transition smoother. Dauwn will talk about what happens in the event of a casualty notification and what the roles and responsibilities are of the notification and assistance officers. She’ll also go over basic SGLI information.
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  10. 10. NEWSLETTER 10 2BSTB JRTC Pre-Deployment Brief Date: February 16th Time: 1500 Location: The Multi Purpose Auditorium (MPA) Building 10725 (Movie Theater) North Riva Ridge Loop Fort Drum There will not be any childcare provided for this brief; please note that children are welcome to attend. If you need to exit the brief early in order to be home for a child getting off the school bus please feel free to do so, but please be sure to sit near the rear of the theater. Please contact the FRSA Decima Chiasson by phone at 772-9166 or email with any questions you may have. This event will provide you with information about the dates the Soldiers are leaving and returning, the location they are going to, and how to be better prepared for the time that they will be gone. If you are unable to attend this Pre-Deployment Brief please contact the FRSA Decima Chiasson at 772-9166 or email
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  12. 12. NEWSLETTER 12 Contact Us: FRG Leader/Co-Leader: Jennifer Limerick – 315-804-0655 Stephanie Burke – 315-775-7663 Our FRG email address is BN Family Readiness Support Assistant: Decima Chiasson - 315-772-9166 We’re on the Web! ** There are more pictures that can only be seen on the vFRG so check it out!