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Agent Balance


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Agent Balance

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Agent Balance

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  2. 2. What is AgentBalance An analytical “Solution as a Service” that provides managers with unique correlations of psychometric data and performance parameters about their employees. “AgentBalance helps us understand our agents.” “A great tool to decrease employee turnover.” “Helps improve our workforce management process.”
  3. 3. Who are our typical customers 4 Utilities 3 BPOs, Call centers 5 Retail 2 Telco 1 Finance
  4. 4. What does AgentBalance help you with Employee turnover Customer churn Operational costs Quality and satisfaction Sales and collections Engagement and gamification
  5. 5. We asked customer services managers: Omnichannel Access to brands on all channels anytime Technology Observe your employees’ reactions to technologies Millennials An upcoming customer and employee wave People Measure how your employees feel Company culture Brands need to stand out from the crowd Brand Know how employees value your brand What managers told us: What it means: What we call it: How AgentBalance helps: Based on a research conducted by AgentBalance on more than 400 customer services managers and executives. What is impacting customer satisfaction?
  6. 6. Solutions on the market Add to the problem through measuring only PERFORMANCE.
  7. 7. What if you could… Measure satisfaction Measure relationships Measure engagement …understand your employees and customers
  8. 8. Get relevant data from unique sources AgentBalance combines parameters and metrics based on multiple sources: • Original AgentBalance data • Customer-specific data • Integrated external sources
  9. 9. Observe relevant data on multiple levels Mine unique and exclusive data sources on employee and customer level Perform focused analyses of new types of metrics and parameters on team level Run flexible reporting and make informed improvement and optimization decisions on management level
  10. 10. Employee level in the AgentBalance Suite Martin Arduino 11.07.1990 Sales / Team Alpha Bratislava Energetic and loyal TOP 10% Performer TOP 10% Influencer Experienced agent … Trained sufficiently Based on each customer‘s specifics, we are able to freely combine parameters from various data sources that matter to this customer. Original AB parameters showing levels of energy, fulfillment and loyalty Original AB parameter showing employees’ reactions to selected topics Customer-specific KPIs that can be correlated with any other metrics in AB Combined AB and customer data defining new understanding of employee life-cycle Original AB parameter showing team dynamics and relationships External parameters that can be integrated into AB from various sources
  11. 11. Team level in the AgentBalance Suite Name: Team Alpha Location: Bratislava / Sales TL: Jane Brown 10 agents Loyalty: Low Sociometer: 8/10 Lifecycle: 2 alerts A/V Test: TOP 10% TL Competency model KPIs 7/10 4/52/10 Crossinfluence This customizable set of parameters combines all desired data sources on team level and helps team leaders in following and evaluating performance and overall operations of individual teams within the company structure. The Team leader Competency model is a set of clearly defined expectations from team leaders based on personal development plans. This provides data on how quality of team leaders influences the quality and performance of teams. Team-specific set of KPIs Based on each customer‘s specifics, all team leaders have access to a unique data set that is relevant to their team.
  12. 12. Management level in the AgentBalance Suite CustomParameter1 Custom Parameter 2 Based on each customer‘s specifics, managers can see intra-team correlations of any parameters. 1 2 1 – A poorly performing team 2 – A top performing team What does this mean? Your managers can: • Compare performance and results of various teams over any desirable criteria and parameters • Find reasons for low performance in a way never achievable before, combining unlimited variables • Optimize performance of low scoring teams • Boost overall company performance across multiple KPIs • See the potential financial outcome of corrective actions even before taking these actions
  13. 13. A few original AgentBalance parameters AgentBalance provides you with data that cannot be obtained anywhere else: • How much energy an employee has • How fulfilled an employee is by his/her work. • How likely an employee is to leave the company You can dig much deeper into the mental state of your employees: • Into which activities your employees invest their mental energy • How balanced they are • How much do they pretend and try to hide their real state of mind
  14. 14. More original parameters: A/V Testing APPEAL:Newproductcampaign VALUE: New product campaign APPEAL: How much do your teams LIKE a certain topic VALUE: What is the VALUE your teams see in this topic Based on our scientifically proven and validated method called the CA Method, we are able to determine how agents/teams perceive values they work with every day: brand, products, campaigns, customers, etc. It is all up to you. Are you planning a new product campaign? Do you want to know how your employees feel about the new remuneration package? Would you like to know how your employees feel about your customers‘ reaction to your newly promoted service? AgentBalance can measure it for you. Is 1, 2 or 3 the optimal team result regarding your new product campaign? AgentBalance will tell you and help you steer your teams in the right direction. 2 1 3
  15. 15. 34 phrases 5 minutes per week How do we measure? The CA Method. 25 years of research 700 000+ test results
  16. 16. Self-calibration is used for individual approach Multiple parameters are put into perspective Results are independent on region, culture, environment More about the CA Method
  17. 17. Knowledgebase and Consultancy When you have all the data, we can help you run your operations on employee and team level with our online knowledgebase and personalized consultancy: • Constantly updated set of common scenarios that team leaders deal with • Searchable online and hard-copy database of recommended solutions and activities built on industry best practices • Analysis of internal processes and their correlation with the knowledgebase • Standardized or customized consultancy sessions and trainings based on real-life results
  18. 18. What to remember • Uniqueness of data from multiple data sources • SaaS: Solution as a Service • Implementation based on customized financial added value • Unified Dashboard summarizing all data in one place • Influencing all employee levels • Harvesting data about the company, customers, marketing, sales and HR in a unique, efficient and effective way
  19. 19. Recognition of AgentBalance “Most interesting innovation for contact centers worldwide in 2015.” ICMI “2016 Slovak Startup Awards Winner, category DIGITAL” Slovak Startup Awards 2016 “2016 TOP10 Startup Worldwide” Pioneers Festival and Vienna Wirtschaftsagentur
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