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2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse (UCCX / UCCE) - slide deck


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This is a slide deck for a set of Cisco Finesse gadgets developed by 2Ring. The solution focuses on creating a truly unified workspace for the agents and supervisors in Cisco Contact Centers. It allows customers to integrate all the tools that the agents use - a CRM (Salesforce, SAP, MS CRM, and other web-based system), automate repetitive tasks, connect agents to back office and remote experts, and much more.

2Ring Gadgets are available for Cisco Unified Contact Center (UCCX) 10+ and Enterprise (UCCE) 9+ (incl. Packaged UCCE).

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2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse (UCCX / UCCE) - slide deck

  1. 1. 2Ring Gadgets v3.1 incl. Dashboards & Wallboards .. Product Overview
  2. 2. 2Ring for @CiscoCC: Bundles Available
  3. 3. » Message Ticker / Marquee » Task / Custom Buttons » Time in State w/ Thresholds » Audible and Toast Alerts » Call Variable Modification » Data Lookups & Caller Identifications » Post Call Surveys Support » Single-Step / Blind Transfer » JavaScript Workflows / Macros » .. Closing the Finesse/CAD Feature Parity Gap » Auto Logout » Synchronize Contacts » Search Contacts while a Call is on Hold » Personal Address Books » Speed Dials » Connect Agents with Back Office (incl. presence status from CUPS) » Agent to Agent and Supervisor to Agent Chat » Supervisor Friendly Real-Time Stats
  4. 4. Ticker Gadget » Agent time in current state (changing text colors per threshold) » Automated alerts > To the ticker > Via Toaster Notifications (displayed on top of other windows) » Broadcast messages from supervisors
  5. 5. Dialog Gadget » Agent time in current state (changing text colors per threshold) » Call Variables (such as priority of caller, language, eligibility for promotion etc.)
  6. 6. Toolbar Gadget » Configurable Action Buttons > bookmark > sending a call to the IVR > sending notifications to your IS > change agent state with a single click > panic button > pass data to a open thick application (ActiveX – IE required) > ..
  7. 7. » List of Agents by teams and queues > Agent state | Time in state | Reason Code » Agent Profiles for > Agent to Agent chat > Supervisor to Agent chat > Call | Consult | Single Step Transfers » Agent States & Call History » Current Call Detail Team Gadget
  8. 8. » Access for all web-based CRM systems » Access to advanced wrap-up forms and scripts » Orchestrator gadget automates workflows and repetitive actions » Applications must be able to run inside of an iFrame: > application-in-finesse.html Browser Gadget
  9. 9. » Corporate Directories > Back Office Workers > Subject Matter Experts > Suppliers » List of Speed Dials » Click2Dial for Manual Outbound calls Phone Services
  10. 10. Scripts & Forms » Wrap-up forms (multilevel) » Guiding scripts
  11. 11. Precision Skilling Gadget (U/PCCE only) » Assign precision attributes to agents » Supervisors can review agent lists and agent skills on one screen » Supervisors can perform multiple changes and skills from Cisco Finesse
  12. 12. Call Picking (UCCX only) » Lists calls currently waiting in selected queues » Agents can pick their next call » Requires Resource Skills Resource Pool Selection Model to be in place on UCCX
  13. 13. Compact Agent » Finesse API based (UCCX Enhanced and Premium License Required) » Agent State and Call Control inside of Cisco Jabber for Windows (or next to a homegrown CRM or Service Desk system) » Automation (screen pop-ups) via a workflow mechanism » Touch screen friendly & no browser limitations (IE9+, Safari, Chrome, Firefox) » Localized to Dutch, French, German, Russian, Spanish, ..
  14. 14. Dashboards & Wallboards Mobile Friendly Finesse / Browser Friendly
  15. 15. CRM Integrations with Cisco Finesse » Supports automatic and manual querying of Accounts and Contacts in multiple CRM systems > Salesforce > SAP > MS Dynamics CRM > Any MS SQL Server based CRM or Service Desk System (coming in 3.1) > ServiceNow (fall 2017?)
  16. 16. CRM Integrations with Cisco Finesse » Displays matching accounts from all systems in one unified view > Click2dial supported » Brings chosen page (account, opportunity, ..) to the front (screen pop) > Open & prefill multiple pages with known info about the caller > SAP and MS CRM do not support in an iFrame » Enables integrations with many homegrown CRM and even legacy applications
  17. 17. 2Ring .. 2Ring .. Connect with Us Questions OFFICE MOBILE EMAIL WEB Michal Grebáč Strategic Sales & Marketing Director +1 (916) 282-9514 +1 (916) 514-3355 OFFICE MOBILE EMAIL Tom McCain Director of North American Sales +1 (916) 426-3790 +1 (480) 255-7500