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The Creative Couple behind the Haskell Collection Part 2


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You know what’s even better than coming across a gorgeous, eco-friendly and available modern piece of outdoor furniture? Buying that piece of furniture from a lovely couple completely deserving of your business. Perhaps one of the greatest pleasures of doing this job is getting to know the people behind the brand names of furniture out there, and it was especially nice to get to know the folks behind a new modern outdoor furniture company that’s fresh, stylish and must-have for this upcoming outdoor season.

Andrew Stoneman and Laura Haskell, besides being adorably in love and the parents of the cute and almost two Laird, are also behind what’s one of the coolest looking new modern outdoor furniture collections that we’ve seen in awhile: the Haskell Collection. Also, the Haskell Collection is one of 2Modern’s newest vendors!

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The Creative Couple behind the Haskell Collection Part 2

  1. 1. Interview: Creative Couple behind the Haskell Collection Part 2
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