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Interview: Robert Kwak of Muu


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Kids change. Rapidly. They grow physically fast. Their personalities flourish and waver. Their likes and dislikes are different from one day to the next. How is it that we expect them to be satisfied with one aesthetic look to their room for the entirety of their childhood? And even more, how do we expect kids who use hand-me-down furniture to enjoy the same looks that their older siblings did? With the amazingly versatile and customizable options of kids furniture company Muu, you won't have to.

Muu's unique in that they offer modern kid products -- cribs, storage and more -- with interchangeable graphic panels, so that whether you're letting your little one change their tastes as they get older or using the same furniture between different kiddos, you'll always be able to give them what they want and let them express their personality. And, of course, Muu cares about sustainability, the health of their products and those that are American-made, too. We got to speak with Robert Kwak, the founder of Muu, and he shares what's important to them and their company, the origins of the name "Muu" and what's coming up in the future.

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Interview: Robert Kwak of Muu

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