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IPOboard new English Version

  1. 1. Access to capital for growing innovative companies and small scale businessesMoscow, April 16, 2012
  2. 2. Small Scale Business growth in Russia… Russia EUEntrepreneursper 1000 people 6 30 30% 60%Small firms’ share inthe total number ofall businessesPercentage of GDP 20% 70%
  3. 3. …is impossible without development of high-tech production 16,3  % 13,5  % 7,6  % 0,25  % China USA Germany Russia* Worldwide exports of high technology products *5-10%** - Russian Government objective by 2020The innovative development strategy of Russia for 2020,approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federationon December 8, 2011 N 2227-р
  4. 4. It needs urgent investments"Our country is now among the top ten world leaders in financing R&Dactivities. We have recently increased public spending on this sector and takethe eighth place in the world concerning investment in R&D, coming up to suchcountries like Great Britain and France and outrunning Italy and Canada, "-said Mr. Medvedev.However, he highlighted insufficient growth of private investment in innovation."Business is not so dynamic as we expected. Of course, there are somereasons for it. Russian companies’ costs on innovative and technologicaldevelopment have augmented from 190 billion rubles in 2006 to 350 billionrubles in 2010. I can admit that this growth is not significant. As a matter offact, it is rather a weak growth, "- declared the Russian president.RIA Novosti. OCTOBER 29, 2011,
  5. 5. Russia has money for small scale business100 000 1 000 000 000 000 rublespeople with spare capital more than will be spent on modernization in 2012 (October$1 million. HNWI (World Wealth Report 2011) 2011, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev)750 000 $ 16 800 000 000private investors registered in RTS-MICEX, total amount of capital in the Russian Venture31% of turnover ($1.05 trillion in 2011) Capital Association (RVCA)$ 68 000 000 000 $ 22 000 000 000in individual deposits in Russian banks Pension funds: (5-10% can be invested in alternative(Rosstat) assets)
  6. 6. but it can not find the way to small business Data BasesIIM RTS-MICEX contain information about start-up projects,only for public companies however are mostly informational absence of efficient systems which providesRTS Board, SecondShares informational disclosure of projects and facilitatesecondary market for open joint-stock tracking companies’ life cyclecompanies where the issuer is not an absence of expertiseinitiator lack of investors (mostly consultants and mediators) absence of real transactions (professional projects) lack of insurance systems of transactions and settlements
  7. 7. is an online informationand trading system forattracting capital forleading companies in theinnovation sector of theRussian economy
  8. 8. is a platform integrated in IIMRTS-MICEX, which may becomeone of the infrastructureelements of Russiandevelopment institutions andcapital market improvements
  9. 9. • creates investors’ data base for Russian innovation sector and for medium and small scale business• facilitates access to capital for the whole range of perspective young companies• provides market with new prepared companies
  10. 10. Market Participants Analytics Information andInterconnection and Training Transparency Market analysisPlatform for efficient cooperation of Transparency improvement Project expertiseentrepreneurs and investors, joint of young sector of Trainings on capitalprojects realization, information innovation attraction for innovativeexchange, networking and also for Monitoring systems of entrepreneurinformal communication companies’ financialsPromote collaboration with development Development of corporateinstitutions management culture
  11. 11. Start-ups Growing Companies IPO Preparation Initial Level Base Level Pre-IPO Level Requirements:Requirements: Requirements: to have a board-assistant,to be an innovation sector company, to to have a board-assistant, estimated capitalization at least $5 million,have legal entity and to provide brief capitalization at least $1 million, to company valuation and investmentcompany presentation provide an investment presentation memorandum Information Mode Negotiations Auction Clearing and Settlement Block is going to be implemented on the basis of National Settlement Depositary RTS-MICEX
  12. 12. Efficient way of companypresentation forinvestorsInformation and Private Investorsanalytical support ofcompanies and State Institutionsentrepreneurs Entrepreneurs- innovatorsOnline activities(seminars, webinars, Companiesonline conferences) forinvestorsand partners
  13. 13. • Encourages growth of participants of sector of innovation• Meets necessity of small scale business in capital• Connection with venture and innovative association• Partnership with leading Russian exchange – RTS-MICEX• Cooperation with institutions os development• Open architecture - the ability to connect with external systems
  14. 14. Second Market – is a SEC regulated trading platform for alternative assets which isregistered by a broker or a member of FINRA, MSRB и SIPC, founded in 2004Provides more than 50 000 private and institutional investors, and more than25000 private companies.Shares Post – establised in 2009. This platform allows investors to acquire shares ofleading technological companies. The system permits to make and processtransactions automatically and assure escrow settlements.Provides more than 100 000 private and institutional investors, and 152companies.ASSOB (The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board) – is a system for attraction of privateand equity capital of medium and small capitalization, created in 1997Number of investors: more than 7500, funds raised - $122 million, majorplacing is from $250 thousand to $5 million.
  15. 15. Initial Stage Growth IPO8200 114 Projects, approved by Projects of Fund for Promotion of Small RUSNANO 100 companies in 3 years RVC Fund Enterprises in Science and 104 Projects (24 companies are on IIM RTS-MICEX) Technology Projects of funds of 100 private equity and46 “Skolkovo” members venture capital Foreign companies 30 with the "Russian feedback"400 RVC Seed Fund projects 20 CIS companies 200 potential issuers of MICEX > 10 000 ~ 600 ~ 100
  16. 16. 2011 2012 2017Working in test mode New comprehensive on-line version 50018 companies Techniques and standards are companies being elaborated by the working5 companies became“Skolkovo” residents, 2 of themgot grant financing group of IIM Up to 50 companies 10 000 investors Attraction of up to 1000 investors450 investors and users and first transactions
  17. 17. See you on