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Phrases in english


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Phrases in English language. It's very important to do conversation. The personality of a candidate depends on the language clarity. To speak fluently in English, we should use English Language Phrases. Various English Phrases ex: Hey, How are you?

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Phrases in english

  1. 1. English Phrases
  2. 2. Continu... No worries! What’s going on? Did I get you right?
  3. 3. Continu….  Don’t take to heart.  Don’t be so upset.  I didn’t catch the last word.  Sorry, I wasn’t listening.
  4. 4. Continu... It doesn’t matter. Finger crossed! Oh, that. That explains it. Things happen.
  5. 5. Continu… Sorry to bother you. Where were we? You were say? Lucky you!
  6. 6. Continu… I freaked out! (I was so angry/ crazy) Good for you! (Positive/Negative) You’ve got to be kidding me! (Surprises you) Cheer up!
  7. 7. Continu...  Come on , you can do it.  Step up your game.  Pull yourself together.  You sold me.  Couldn’t care less. (boring...not int .to listen)
  8. 8. Continu..  Thanks so much.  I really appreciate…  Excuse me  There you go. (If someone is successful)
  9. 9. Continu...  Not a bit.( I don’t want to continue)  There is no room for doubt. (If you are Sure)  I’ll text you.  You should go the extra mile...
  10. 10. Thank You