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Fetc 2016 creating a game design sequence


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Join the educational revolution by adding the FLDOE's most exciting pathway! Use the excitement of video game design to engage students in the digital arts, Industry Certifications and CORE curriculum. Students learn 2D art, animation 3D modeling, sound recording, character development, story writing, computer logic and much more. See how existing Industry Certifications from Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk and others are integrated into game design as "Tools of the Trade". Explore the rigorous integration of CORE curriculum to support Close Reading, Claim Writing, Algebraic Math, Physical Science, Physics and more.

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Fetc 2016 creating a game design sequence

  1. 1. Creating a Game Design Sequence with Industry Certification D. Michael Ploor Teacher and Author Hillsborough County Public Schools and Goodheart-Willcox Publisher
  2. 2. Who is this Character?
  3. 3. Character Elements
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Character development, symbolism, storyboards Environmental Design, Cultural Symbolism and Semiotics Gravity, Force, Friction, Physics and Ballistics Social Science Science English Geometry, Trigonometry, Probability, Fractions and Graphing Math Digital Design Color, Contrast, Elements of Art, Principles of Design Other STEM Elective Platform Game Design
  6. 6. SCIENCE EXAMPLE Physics, Gravity and Friction
  7. 7. MATH EXAMPLE Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry
  8. 8. STEM EXAMPLE Integrated CORE Curriculum Review
  9. 9. High School Career Academy of Computer Game Design Year 1 Game Foundations Industry Certification: Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Adobe Illustrator Year 2 Game Composition Industry Certification: Flash, Photoshop, Excel, Access MTA Game Developer or App Dev Year 3 2D and 3D Animation Industry Certification: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Dreamweaver, Premiere Year 4 AP Computer Science College Credit with passing AP test score Unity 3D Certification* * Available Soon
  10. 10. Integrate into Other Courses 1 Year Video Game Design Foundations Create 12+ Online and PC Games Semester Introduction to Video Game Design Freeware used to design and program games 15 or 20 day Integration Introduction to Video Game Design One game build 45 day Integration Introduction to Video Game Design 4 game projects and Capstone build
  11. 11. Industry Certifications •MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) •Adobe Certified Associate (Photoshop and Illustrator) •Adobe Certified Associate (FLASH and Dreamweaver) •Autodesk Certification (3D Studio Max or Maya) •Microsoft Technology Associate Game Developer •Microsoft Technology Associate App Developer •Unity 3D (Available Soon)
  12. 12. AP Credits •AP Computer Science Principles (2016-17) •AP Computer Science A
  13. 13. Basic Curriculum Design • Start Simple (foundation skills) • Scaffold in Learning (apply foundation skills in different software or project) • Build Complexity (combine skills and team projects)
  14. 14. Successfully Motivating Classroom Audience Make it FUNIntegrate Student Interest Build from one success to another Animations Character Development Drawing Games Creating - - not just doing! Student becomes unteachable Students become independent
  15. 15. Integrating Office Technology •PowerPoint Games (Quiz show and Maze) •Microsoft Word Asset construction (2D and 3D; Design Documents) •Microsoft Excel Games (Crossword ,Tic-Tac-Toe, Battleship) •Microsoft Paint or Open Office Draw •Microsoft Clip Art •Microsoft Sound Editor or Audacity •Create Presentations, Brochures, Letters, Charts using Office products for marketing
  16. 16. Art Gradients Lighting
  17. 17. Spatial Positioning Lighting
  18. 18. Key Frame Animation (Tweening)
  19. 19. Basic Game Design • Game Environment (Pieces needed) • Rules (Interactivity, Obstacles, etc) • Victory Condition (Goal and Reward)
  20. 20. Activity 3-4:Physical Dexterity Puzzle Objective: Students will be able to construct a simple puzzle game. Students will demonstrate hyperlink and mouse over game features. Students will use a variety of tools to build games. Students will understand the benefits of a physical dexterity training game. Situation: The Really, Really Cool Game Company needs to create a few puzzle games to teach users how to correctly use a stylus (digital pen) on a handheld organizer. Your team will create a prototype sample puzzle to test the concept of a hand-eye coordination training game. Each team member will create a different maze concept.
  21. 21. Click START to begin. Follow the maze to get the cheese. Avoid touching the red or the cats.
  22. 22. Principles of 3D Start Simple (Foundation Skill) PowerPoint • Extrusion • X, Y, Z axis • Textures (image and colors) • Grouping • Poly Count
  23. 23. Crop coin image to edge. Change line color to match coin. Rotate to 3D.
  24. 24. MOS Certifications Student names cannot be displayed due to privacy
  25. 25. Adobe Certifications Student names cannot be displayed due to privacy requirements
  26. 26. Start on Monday • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) • 3 to 4 hours of activities • Explores content and covers essentials New! Office 2013 Practice Test included* * Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access
  27. 27. Test on Friday Based on 50 min class time • Word • PowerPoint • Excel • Access • Outlook
  28. 28. Start Week 1 Monday • Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) • 8 to 12 hours of activities and reading • Explores content and covers essentials • Lesson Review Questions are the review for the exam
  29. 29. Test end of Week 2 • Photoshop • Dreamweaver • Flash • Illustrator* • InDesign* * Coming Soon
  30. 30. Clickteam Software •FREE to schools (The Games Factory 2 and MMF2) •Object oriented programming •Rapid Game Development •Foundation for Visual Basic or C++ •Simple interface •Step by step directions •Builds as an executable file •Build games as HTML 5, Android, iPhone, Xbox, etc. •Post to your school website •
  31. 31. IF THEN Prototype in PowerPoint Programmed in Fusion
  32. 32. Play all of these game samples at Select the Video Game Design Option Click on each book to see Full Site. Click to open each chapter to find the se games and more
  33. 33. Pivot •Freeware •Animation basics •Simulate a 3D environment in a 2D plane •Search for pivot stickfigure animator
  34. 34. • Pivot Software • Free download • Student example with depth • 3D Animation with Blender Animation Basics
  35. 35. Pivot
  36. 36. Blender •Freeware •New User Interface •3D modeling and animation •Built in Game Engine •Python scripting language available •
  37. 37. 3D Graphics Rendering and Animation
  38. 38. 3D Graphics with Lip Sync
  39. 39. Engine 001 •Visual programming modules •Easy to use •Rapid design •RPG •Story / Dialog / Creative Writing •Action Games •Artificial Intelligence
  40. 40. Visual Basic Programming •Freeware •Easy to learn and use •Use – Visual Pinball – to create game quickly
  41. 41. UNITY 3D •School version available with Unity 5 •Freeware version (students use at home only) •Free tutorials with 3D models and art included •Teaches programming •Teaches physics •Professional grade •New Industry Certification Available Soon!
  42. 42. Use to recruit students
  43. 43. Download and Play games from your school’s website
  44. 44. Social Media •Students post games on social media •Students market games on social media •Students beta test using social media •Students build portfolio •Can extend to crowd funding sites
  45. 45. Video Game Design Curriculum
  46. 46. Insanity • Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Read more: a/alberteins133991.html#ixzz1KgH3jq4T •Do not dumb down. •Make the learning process simpler and more effective •Reverse engineer from desired outcome •Scaffold learning to achieve objectives
  47. 47. Integrated STEM
  48. 48. BEST Practices Daily Bellwork to give students daily reading review and application of concepts/terms
  49. 49. Integrated Reading Strategies Anticipation Guides to give Purpose for Reading Think About It Activities to apply reading
  50. 50. Pre-Test and Post-Test Mobile Device or Online
  51. 51. Step by Step Directions
  52. 52. Integrated Cooperative Strategies Team Roles Structure Directions Understanding
  53. 53. Learning Objective Defined
  54. 54. Educational Objectives with “Real World” Situations Real Job Roles Free Help Card
  55. 55. Eliminate IDK.
  56. 56. Learning Enhanced with “Error Inclusion” Directions Unlike other curriculum, I find value in errors. Without putting errors in the directions, students never learn how to problem solve for the solutions. That is why common errors are left in place, tested and then explained how to fix. Next time the students encounters a similar error, they will have tools to fix the problem and not rely on you to help.
  57. 57. Common Core Integrated
  58. 58. CTSO Event Prep and Portfolio Building
  59. 59. Download: Fusion 2.5 Windows FETC Exclusive License Version Expires 5/1/2016 Mike Ploor Email:
  60. 60. Get Free Textbook Teacher Preview Copy