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Business plan presentation


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My Business plan presentation on Paper Recycling.

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Business plan presentation

  1. 1. Paper Recycling Plant Business Plan Proposal By:- Atif Memon
  2. 2. Our mission is to reuse the waste papers to makedynamic paper products using cost-effective and latestmethods of productions to not only raise profits butalso to promote GREEN and healthy living environment.
  3. 3.  To purchase waste paper and make recycled paper from it on lower cost. To sell to the other paper manufacturing industries. To take care of the environment and to provide low-cost paper products to end customers.
  4. 4.  Increasing literacy rate. Increase in demand of paper. Availability of competitive raw material and cheap labor force. Increase in GREEN trend. Great market potential. 40% decrease in the cost of paper production.
  5. 5.  According to FAOSTAT 2011, Demand of paper = 1,522,400 tons Production of paper = 1,079,000 tons Imports of paper = 443,400 tons Paper market growth rate = 15% p.a
  6. 6.  Product: recycled paper and/or extended products. Price: 30% mark up on the cost of production. Place: Availability in main cities of Sindh in initial phase and then whole Pakistan. Promotion: Contacts with paper products manufacturers and/or awareness sessions.
  7. 7.  3-years goals: Market share = 10-15% Sales growth = 10% Maintain positive cash flows To increase the product line i.e. to include paper boards, stationery etc. Maintain average revenue growth rate = 20-25%
  8. 8.  Form of business: Partnership Initial Investment: Rs.36,847,000 Debt= 50%, Equity= 50%
  9. 9.  Unavailability of the specific machinery that is used for recycling paper waste in Pakistan. Costly infrastructure facilities in form of interrupted and irregular power supply and high transportation. People will be reluctant to buy our product if we do not market our product rightly. Lack of subsidy and funding for the recycled products. Higher taxes and duties. Competitors can enter.
  10. 10.  Excess availability of the raw materials such as paper waste that is abundantly available everywhere. Cost efficiency. Abundant availability of manpower. Environmental friendly. Lessening the garbage and litter in the society.
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