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Types of communication


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This presentation discusses the verbal and non verbal form of communication.

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Types of communication

  1. 1. TYPES OF COMMUNICATION Course Instructor: Sneha Sharma
  2. 2. Types of Communication Verbal and Non Verbal Formal and Informal Written and Oral
  3. 3. Verbal Communication
  4. 4. Clear Concise Concrete Correct Coherent Complete Courteous 7 C’s Communication
  5. 5. Lets Play !!! P I C T O  Rules  Team of Two  One person will describe the object given and other will try to draw that object on board.  Participants can’t see each other.  Any number of guesses can be made.  Use of only geometrical terms for explaining the object  Time given 90 seconds
  6. 6. Non Verbal Communication
  7. 7. The relationship between physical space and the process of communication. Proxemics
  8. 8. Postures, orientations, and oculesics Individuals' positioning relative to their counterpart and the use/avoidance of eye contact during communication.
  9. 9. The timing of verbal exchanges in a conversation with others. Chronemics
  10. 10. The use of touch while conversing. Haptics
  11. 11. Movements of parts of the body to facilitate communication, such as Kinesics
  12. 12. Non-verbal aspects of speech, including emotional intonation, accents, and the quality of voice. Paralinguistics
  13. 13. One's physical attire and overall grooming. Appearances
  14. 14. Use of odors to convey messages, whether religious or Olfactions
  15. 15. Have a Good Day That’s all in Non Verbal Communication