Memo and minutes of meeting


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Memo and minutes of meeting

  1. 1. Memo and Minutes of Meeting Course Instructor: Sneha Sharma
  2. 2. Memo  Memos   short for memorandum in singular memoranda in plural   are an efficient way of interoffice communication. They present information in a way that allows the recipient to be aware of the important details of a situation without going into too much detail.
  3. 3. Begin a memo with :  TO   FROM   the name of the sender, his/her position, and if the memo is printed, the sender’s initials. DATE   This is where the name of the recipient goes, along with their title in the company. the date the memo is sent. SUBJECT or RE:  the title of the memo. It mentions the situation the memo will address.
  4. 4. Memo’s Content  Situation/Problem   Solution/ Action   an introduction or the purpose of the memo followed by a description of the issue at hand. the steps needed to resolve the problem and how they are to be carried out. Closing  end with a polite expression; also, provide a contact number where the recipient can reach you and offer to answer any questions that may arise.
  5. 5. Sample Memo
  6. 6. Example of a Memo
  7. 7. Minutes of Meeting The record of the proceedings of a deliberative assembly is usually called the minutes.
  8. 8. Minutes  The first paragraph of the minutes should contain the following information      The kind of meeting: regular, special, adjourned regular, or adjourned special; The name of the society or assembly; The date and time of the meeting, and the place, if it is not always the same; The fact that the regular chairman and secretary were present or, in their absence, the names of the persons who substituted for them. Whether the minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved-as read, or as corrected-and the date of that meeting if it was other than a regular business meeting.  Any correction is made in the text of the minutes being approved; the minutes of the meeting making the correction merely state that the minutes were approved "as corrected”.
  9. 9. Body of the minutes  It should contain a separate paragraph for each subject matter, giving, in the case of all important motions, the name of the mover, and should show:     All main motions or motions to bring a main question again before the assembly All notices of motions and All points of order and appeals, whether sustained or lost, together with the reasons given by the chair for his or her ruling. The last paragraph should state:  The hour of adjournment.
  10. 10. THE SIGNATURE  Minutes should be signed by the secretary and can also be signed, if the assembly wishes, by the president.  The words Respectfully submitted – although occasionally used - represent an older practice that is not essential in signing the minutes.
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  13. 13. Format II (cont)
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  15. 15. Format IV
  16. 16. Sample Minutes of Meeting
  17. 17. Sample Minutes of Meeting
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