Global marketing management-Introductory Lecture


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Introduction to Global Marketing Management.

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Global marketing management-Introductory Lecture

  1. 1. GLOBAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT Course Instructor: Sneha Sharma
  2. 2. MBA7142 GLOBAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT UNIT I • Introduction to global marketing, the process of international marketing and transition from domestic to transnational marketing, benefits of international trade, international marketing entry strategies; segmentation, selection of foreign markets and positioning strategies.
  3. 3. MBA7142 GLOBAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT UNIT II • Product planning for global markets, standardization vs. product adoption, new product development and management of international brands, packing and labeling
  4. 4. MBA7142 GLOBAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT UNIT III • Global pricing strategies, environmental influences on pricing decisions, channel structure, channel strategies for foreign market entry, social and cultural environment and its influence on international marketing.
  5. 5. MBA7142 GLOBAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT UNIT IV • Promotional strategies in international marketing, international marketing organization and control, emerging issues in global marketing, integrated approach to international marketing.
  6. 6. GLOBAL • covering, influencing, or relating to the whole world Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003 • pertaining to the entire globe rather than a specific region or country.
  7. 7. CONTROVERSY ABOUT GLOBAL MARKETING Theodore Levitt, ‘‘The Globalization of Markets,’’ Harvard Business Review, 61 (May–June) 1983, pp. 92–102 Global marketing refers to marketing activities by companies that emphasize the following: Standardization efforts Coordination across markets Global Integration
  8. 8. Identify the Logo!!!! 1993 2000 Newell Rubbermaid
  9. 9. GLOBAL MARKETING STRATEGY Brand Name Product Design Product Positioning Packaging Distribution Customer Service
  10. 10. THE END     THAT’S A LOT See you in next lecture. 