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  • This quick overview will tell you about all of the products and services that the 280 Group offers.
  • The 280 Group is a Product Management and Product Marketing firm that helps companies deliver products that delight their customers and produce massive profits. We have been in business for over 14 years, have a large list of satisfied clients including both small companies as well as Fortune 500 such as Adobe, Wells Fargo, Cisco, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Etrade, Toshiba and others and offer a wide range of products and services.Our methodology is used by tens of thousands of pms and pmms around the world to help them do their jobs more effectively
  • Whether you need to tune up the product management function at your company by having us perform an assessment, want to go through training or become certified, are looking for an interim product manager or product marketer or just need some templates or a best-selling book, the 280 Group has something for you.
  • Our training, certifications, consulting practice and templates use the 280 Group Optimal Product Process. This is a worldwide standard based on the Product Management Body of Knowledge from the Association of International Product Marketing & Management. This standard process is modern and flexible, and can be used as a standalone process or combined with the process your company uses today to make it more effective.
  • With our Product Management Assessment service collect information about your company’s process, people and tools. We then do a gap analysis against the best practices we have seen across hundreds of highly-successful companies and come up recommendations and a plan for how you can dramatically improve product management at your company.
  • If you have projects such as writing a market or product requirements document, doing business cases or other product management and product marketing work our team of very seasoned and experienced consultants can help you get the work done quickly in a very high-quality manner. All of our consultants and trainers have extensive real-world pm and pmm experience – anywhere from ten to thirty years – and they all hold Certified Product Manager credentials. Additionally, if you need an interim product manager or product marketer we provide contractors that can help you get the job done effectively.
  • Our Consulting services include all tasks in the product lifecycle – whether you need to define a great new product or launch it and generate high interest and revenues we can help you achieve your goals
  • We offer training courses publicly throughout the world and have a wide range of courses. By taking our courses you can earn the prestigious CPM and ACPM credentials from the AIPMM to help further your career and show that you have mastered the profession.
  • We also deliver our courses privately onsite for companies worldwide. This is a great way to significantly enhance the skills of your entire team while also being able to focus on those issues that are specific to your company’s situation.
  • Private courses can include full and half-day seminars, which can be completely customized for your needs.. We also do executive seminars for management teams in order to help improve their understanding of the value of great product management and product marketing. Three of these that are available include:The Seven Phase Standard Optimal Product ProcessBuilding Insanely Great Products Through Optimal Product ManagementHow Product Management Can Make or Break Your Company
  • You can also take our self-study courses on your computer and then take the cert exam online when you are ready. Thebenefits for product managers & marketersEnhance your careerBuild your resumeOpen new opportunitiesSharpen your skills and knowledge to be more effectiveBenefits for managersIncrease the effectiveness of your teamReward your employees with a career-enhancing certificationEnsure all product managers have consistent knowledge
  • The 280 Group Toolkits include templates for every aspect of pm and pmm as well as short training presentations that teach you how to use them. They are included and covered in many of our training courses and can also be purchased as stand-alone products. You can buy them one at a time or you can buy all seven in the PM Office Pro bundle at a very significant discount.
  • In addition to our products and services we also have resource central for pms and pmms. This provides one central place with extensive free resources such as white papers, the pm manifesto, free templates, the best pm and pmm job listing sites and much more.
  • For more information about our products and services click the appropriate button. Or you can email us, visit our website or give us a call.
  • 280 group product management services

    1. 1. Optimal Product Management and Product MarketingTM Overview of 280 Group Products & Services© 2012 280 Group LLC.
    2. 2. Helping companies deliver products that delight their customers and produce massive profits™© 2012 280 Group LLC. 2
    3. 3. Product & Services Product Toolkits Training Consulting Coaching Management PM Office Certification Contractors Mentoring Assessments Portal PM Assessments Courses: We Provide: Templates: Available for: • Process - Public • Product Managers - Product Lifecycle •Teams • Gap Analysis - Private Onsite • Product Marketers - Launches •Projects • Recommendations - Self-Study • Projects - Roadmaps •Individuals • Executive Presentation • Interim Contractors - Competitive Certifications: - Beta Programs - Certified Product Manager - Product Reviews - Agile Certified Product - Developer Manager PM Office: Course Offerings: - Standard - Optimal PM & PMM - Pro - Phenomenal PM - Agile PM Excellence Books: - CPM Intensive - Agile - Social Media Marketing - Phenomenal - Excellent - 42 Rules - Optimal Product Process© 2012 280 Group LLC. Product Management Portal 3
    4. 4. © 2012 280 Group LLC. 4
    5. 5. Product Management Assessments© 2012 280 Group LLC. 5
    6. 6. Consulting & Contractors Project-based Contractors/Interim PMs Meet to discuss needs Introduction/initial meeting Set expectations Develop proposal (onsite/offsite, reporting, responsibilities) Agree on timeline, deliverables, costs Rates - # hours per week Kick off the work - Length of contract Rates depend on scope of - Experience level project and work involved Hourly, weekly or monthly© 2012 280 Group LLC. 6
    7. 7. 280 Group Services Product Management Product Marketing Assessments Product Launches Competitive Analysis Sales Tools Market Analysis Positioning Business Cases Pricing Profit & Loss Analysis White Papers Customer Research Reviewers Guides Market Research Product Demos MRDs & PRDs Competitive Comparisons Product Roadmaps Customer Testimonials Working With Engineering Teams Success Stories Reviewing Functional Specs Features & Benefits/USPs Finalizing Product Requirements Press Tours & Materials Prioritizing Feature Sets Presentations Running Beta Programs Training Materials© 2012 280 Group LLC.
    8. 8. Training & Certification Public Courses - Optimal Product Management & Product Marketing™ - Agile Product Management Excellence™ - How to be a Phenomenal Product Manager™ - Certified Product Manager Intensive Prep Course - Social Media Marketing Certifications - Certified Product Manager™ - Agile Certified Product Manager™© 2012 280 Group LLC.
    9. 9. Private Onsite Courses Held at your offices or nearby facility Available worldwide Great for team-building & skill enhancement Can be fully customized for your team/company Ability to discuss company-sensitive issues under NDA Can include assessment & recommendations© 2012 280 Group LLC.
    10. 10. Private Onsite Courses Public Courses Full & Half-Day Seminars Executive Seminars - The Seven Phase Standard Optimal Product Process - Building Insanely Great Products Through Optimal Product Management - How Product Management Can Make or Break Your Company Custom Half-Day Seminars (Choose any 3 topics) - PM best practices: how to be more effective on the job - PM productivity: how to get twice as much done in half the time. - PM career advancement - Compelling product roadmaps - High-impact product launches - Successful beta programs - Phenomenal product reviews - Working more effectively with sales - Working more effectively with engineers - How to tear apart your competition© 2012 280 Group LLC.
    11. 11. Self-Study Courses CPM™ (Certified Product Manager) - Take the course on your own computer, review as many times as you want - Ten narrated training presentations, four sample exams - Two chances to pass AIPMM industry-standard certification exam - $1,295 (include $395 exam) ACPM™ (Agile Certified Product Manager) - Take the course on your own computer - review as many times as you want - Nine section narrated training presentation, study guide & practice exam - Two chances to pass AIPMM industry-standard certification exam - $1,295 (include $395 exam)© 2012 280 Group LLC.
    12. 12. 280 Group Toolkits Topics - Product Management LifeCycle Toolkit™ - Product Launch Toolkit™ - Product Roadmap Toolkit™ - Beta Program Toolkit™ - Developer Program Toolkit™ - Product Reviews Toolkit™ - Competitive Analysis Toolkit™ Contents - Templates - Samples - Narrated presentations - White papers PM Office Bundles© 2012 280 Group LLC.
    13. 13. 280 Group Website Resources© 2012 280 Group LLC. 13
    14. 14. 280 Group Book Series© 2012 280 Group LLC.
    15. 15. For More Information… Product Management Consulting/Contractors Consulting/Contractors Optimal Product Process Consulting/Contractors Consulting/Contractors Assessments Consulting/Contractors Consulting/Contractors Consulting/Contractors Templates/Toolkits/PM Office Consulting/Contractors Consulting/Contractors Training Consulting/Contractors Consulting/Contractors More About the 280 Group Consulting/Contractors Consulting/Contractors Certifications Consulting/Contractors Consulting/Contractors Books Consulting/Contractors Consulting/Contractors contact@280group.com www.280group.com (408) 834-7518© 2012 280 Group LLC.