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How to make a USB Read Only or Write Protected


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Curious about how to make a USB read only so data cannot be formatted off the drive? Or make sure the USB is write protected so a virus cannot jump onto the drive. This SlideShare provides information about making a USB Read Only.

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How to make a USB Read Only or Write Protected

  1. 1. HOW TO Make a USB Read Only
  2. 2. There are two ways to make a USB flash drive Read Only
  3. 3. Which one is best for you? Universal solution and is 100% permanent PC specific and a good deterrent
  4. 4. Universal Solution = 100% Permanent On Everything This means the USB stick is Read Only on ALL computers, TVs, stereo’s, anything Read-Only a.k.a. = Write Protected or Data Locked
  5. 5. Flag a USB stick to be Read-Only in a specific computer Makes the USB read only, but only for a specific computer, not a universal solution
  6. 6. IT managers or Content Owners want the USB to be Read Only so the files cannot be deleted or formatted of the drive
  7. 7. Value of Read Only USBs: Original files to remain the same and blocks the ability for files to be changed or manipulated It’s smart to have USBs Read Only so virus’ don’t jump onto the drive and possibly spread to other computers
  8. 8. LET US START WITH THE LESS PERMANENT WAY Easier to do and doesn’t require specific hardware Windows7 machine or higher Use the DiskPart utility which allows you to perform all sorts of cool things to flash drives, like setting write protection
  9. 9. Connect the USB to your Windows computer Go to your Windows Start and in the Search Field type “cmd” TO BEGIN:
  10. 10. Get to the C root of your computer In the CMD window type: cd this will get you back to the root of the C drive In CMD window type: DISKPART Then type: LIST DISK
  11. 11. FIND THE USB STICK CONNECTED TO YOUR PC Select the device you want to change to become Read Only type: SELECT DISK “X” X = Disk # listed DiskPart will confirm the attribute was set and you can now type “EXIT To set the drive as read only, type: ATTRIBUTES DISK SET READONLY
  12. 12. What we did is make a registry entry in that Windows machine so the PC always treats the USB as Read Only PC SPECIFIC
  13. 13. AN EASY WAY TO REMOVE WHAT YOU JUST DID USB Scrub Utility will remove the registry entry we just made and the User can once again do anything they want to the drive REGISTRY CLEANING TOOL
  14. 14. ANOTHER NON-PERMANENT OPTION IS SET A FILE AS READ ONLY Set the file to Read Only will block the User from deleting the file However, this only works on the PC so if the USB is put into a Mac or Linux box, they can do whatever
  15. 15. ANOTHER OPTION IS: FORMATTING THE DRIVE AS NTFS NTFS file system is what we call a ‘dynamic file system’ If you decide to format as NTFS simply modify permissions so that All Users have Read Access. The USB is Read-Only, but only at the File level
  16. 16. THE ONLY PERMANENTLY READ ONLY SOLUTION Is setting the USB to Read Only at the controller level The controller level method will block the SCSI write command to the NAND memory of the device The device is set as Read Only Not the computer it’s connected to
  17. 17. Unfortunately there are over 100 USB controller chip manufacturers. Each manufacturer uses their own set of commands to talk with the controller INSIDE TIP:
  20. 20. Nexcopy offers USB media to turn on and off the write protection. This will make the USB Read-Only to anything it’s connected to FREE SOFTWARE Comes with the purchase of the drive
  21. 21. USB Drives USB 2.0 USB 3.0 From 2GB through 128GB Various styles and colors available Nexcopy Incorporated