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Flyer27eregion engl

  1. 1. the 27th Region,
  2. 2. (Re)designing public policiesWho ?The 27th Region is a non-pro- with design, political and ad-fit organization based in Paris, ministrative sciences skills,founded in 2008 and supported together with a national/inter-by the 26 french regional national network involving 40governments through their national professionals such as serviceassociation called Association designers, sociologists, archi-des Régions de France (ARF), but tects, urbanists, anthropologists,also by the European Union, a digital activists and researchers.national bank called Caisse des Around 200 politicians and civilDépôts and the Next Generation servants are directly involved inInternet Foundation (FING). the projects initiated by the 27thThe project is run by a team Region.Why ?The creation of the 27th Region a way to find new solutions;was based on the strong belief promoting the participation ofthat (re)designing public policies the citizens, and concepts suchwas possible, and that both as co-design led by users anddesign thinking and social inno- stakeholders, but also visionningvation could highly contribute and experience prototypingto reshape the public sector during the administrative several ways : transforming The role of the 27th Region istraditional «new public manage- to promote these concepts asment» of the 70’s into a radi- the signs of a brand new culturecally more user-driven model; that politicians must put higherdeveloping horizontal practices in their agenda in order to findin public departments that are new solutions in fields like demo-traditionnaly organized around cracy, sustainable developmentvertical silos ; encouraging civil or poverty.servants to use creativity asWhat ?The 27th Region operates as an them to create and embed theirinnovation lab for the 26 french own «design labs». In order toRegions. In the middle term, build this knowledge, action-the ultimate goal is to empower research programs are initiatedRegions and their partners with and run together with thethis new culture, and to encourage Regions and their partners.
  3. 3. How ?From January 2009 till decem- social issues, and to get a betterber 2010, the 27th Region has understanding of the potential oflaunched 12 local experiments, design in finding new solutionsbased on the principles of to existing problems.«residences». In each experi- Since 2011 and till 2014, as ament, a cross-disciplinary team result of this first successfullled by a designer has spent 3 project, the 27th Region hasmonths, including 3 weeks of launched a new program with 5total immersion, in a territory or Regions, called «La Transfo». Itsa public space (neighborhood, goal is to help these Regions tovillage, station, high school, prototype their own «design lab»university etc..) The goal was to within 3 years and to enabledevelop desirable projects and them to build their own designsustainable solutions with vision, strategy and tools.people in response to economical orMembership and awardsThe 27th Region is a partner of Region. In June 2011, the 27thSIX (Social Innovation Exchange), Region has received a nationalDESIS (Design for Social Inno- award called «Victoires desvation and Sustainability) and acteurs publics» for its newPERL (Partnership for Respon- program «La Transfo» and issible Education and Research nominated for the Europeanabout Living). Strategic Design Design Management Award 2011Scenarios, based in Brussel, is on 23rd september.the scientific partner of the 27thPublicationsIn 2010, the 27th Region has cases, interviews of pioneers ofpublished «Design des politiques design and public sector,publiques», a concept-book testimonials with numerouspromoting design and co- visuals (la Documentation fran-creation has a major way to res- çaise, April 2010, 160 pages, 18hape public policies, collecting euros).ContactsStéphane Vincent, director, svincent@la27eregion.frCharlotte Rautureau, project manager, crautureau@la27eregion.frRomain Thévenet, designer,
  4. 4. last projects run by la 27e Région :residence in a cyber-centre exhibition during the St residence in a high schoolnear Marseille (south of Etienne Design Biennale in Annecy (near Switzer-France) land)residence in an agricultu- workshop with the policy INFU, european researchral school in a rural area in commitee of la 27e Region project on futur of inno-North of France vationstudy trip with policy residence in a railway residence in a neighbour-makers in Malmö and Co- station in rural area in Bur- ghood of Lille (North ofpenhaguen gundy (centre of France) France)workshop with design stu- tool design for regions to concept-bookdents of Ensci Les Ateliers build visions about the futur of highschools 8 passage Brulon 75012 Paris France