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Twitter Vs Blogs


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Twitter Vs Blogs

  1. 1. Twitter vs. blogs<br />TEED 3035<br />Section LA1<br />Hector I Santiago Calvente<br />
  2. 2. What is Twitter?<br /><ul><li>Twitter is a free microblogging service that allows users to send micro-text-based entries, called ‘’tweets’’ of a maximum length of 140 characters. The sending of these messages can be performed either by the Twitter Website , and via SMS from a mobile phone, from instant messaging programs, or even from any third party applications, such as Twidroid, Twitterrfic, Tweetie, Facebook, Twinkle, TweetDeck, Tweetboard or English.</li></li></ul><li>Twitter uses<br /><ul><li>Knowwhatfriends, family and acquaintances do on a dailybasis.
  3. 3. Readwhatotherssayor do
  4. 4. Advice
  5. 5. Opinions
  6. 6. Helporinformation
  7. 7. Sharednews, knowledge and materialsthatyouthinkisinterestingforothers</li></li></ul><li>Advantages and Disadvantagesof Twitter<br />Advantages<br /><ul><li>Is in English and Spanish
  8. 8. Job opportunities
  9. 9. Spread ourprojectsorevents
  10. 10. Meetpeoplewith similar interest in workorstudies
  11. 11. Respondtoquestions,answer, doubtsorknowledge.</li></ul>Disadvantages<br />Twitter is not a social red, chat or blog<br />Is used by many users of SPAM(unsolicited messages)<br />With Twitter we have to write less and abbreviate more in order to reach 140 characters.<br />
  12. 12. Blogs <br /><ul><li>A type of website, use bypeople, withvariousentriesthatinvolve. Cmmentary, descriptions of events, and manyothers material such as graphics, or videos.</li></li></ul><li>Advantages<br /><ul><li>Positive way of gettingfeedback.
  13. 13. Excellentway of sharingKnowledge.
  14. 14. Youdon’tneedpaperor link.
  15. 15. Yousavemoney and trees.
  16. 16. They providetheopportunityforallstudentstoparticipate and tointeractwitheachother and withtheteacher especiallyforthosestudentsthat are shy and do notspeak in theclassroom.
  17. 17. Teachers can use itbypostingassignment, questions, readings, important, information, instuctionaltips, etc.
  18. 18. Students can benefit and enhancereading and writingskills.</li></li></ul><li>Disadvantages<br /><ul><li>Needinternet
  19. 19. Badvocabulary
  20. 20. Thereis no confidentiality as itis a publicforum.
  21. 21. To use blogs, studentsneed internet and laptops orcomputerstohave complete accesstoit.
  22. 22. Blogs needtobeconstantlyupdated.
  23. 23. Regular writingmaygetstudentstowriteslangs and a slack of writing.</li></li></ul><li>If I were a teacher…<br />I wouldn’t use twitternor blogs because I believethereisnothinglikefacetoface comunication.<br />
  24. 24. Thankyouforyourattention!<br />