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  1. 1. MANAGING ONESELF Presented byAdarsh Chordiya
  2. 2. Glimpse of Topic •What are my strengths? •How do I perform? •What are my values? •Where do I belong? •What should I contribute?
  3. 3. STRENGTHS? • Discover your strength • Feedback analysis • Don’t focus on your weakness • Improve from first-rate performance to excellence
  4. 4. How do I perform?
  5. 5. How do I perform? • How a person perform is given cannot be changed easily • How one perform is unique • Too many people work in ways that are not their ways. • Bottom-line: Do not Try to change; Improve at what you are good at
  6. 6. What are my values • Not ethics; but the test called mirror test • Compatible with the organization’s values • What one does well- even very well and successfully –may not fit with ones value system
  7. 7. • Answer to previous question • Or Where I do not belong • Learn to say NO • Luck is what when your preparation meets opportunities • Successful careers are not planned; they develop when people are prepared for opportunity
  8. 8. Contribution • Requirement of the situation • Contribution based on strengths, values and way of performing • Results that needed to be achieved to make a difference • Stretch not Break
  9. 9. flashback