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time management by Vignesh

  1. 1. Every Human on Earth has the Same Amount of Time ~ • 60 seconds in a minute, • 60 minutes in an hour, • 24 hours in a day, • and 168 hours in a week. • Time cannot be saved or stored. It is not how much we have, but rather the way we use it.
  2. 2. What is Time ? Yesterday is History Tomorrow is a Mystery But Today is a Gift That’s Why They Call it The Present
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Time Management is not a matter of what To Do [To Do List] only, But a matter of what Not To Do [Not to Do List] as well.
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION • In order to understand time management, you must understand how you utilize your own time. • Time Management is about prioritizing and planning. • Please print the next slide and complete the time management assessment.
  5. 5. Time is ? •A non renewable resource •Once it is gone, it is gone. • You will never see this moment again. “An inch of gold cannot buy an inch of time.” Chinese Proverb
  6. 6. Why Time Management is Important ?
  7. 7. Why Time Management is Important ? Bad time management = STRESS
  8. 8. Why Time Management is Important ? Most people waste about 2 hours a day.
  9. 9. Signs of Wasting Time Time Missed appointments unable to concentrate Messy desk and cluttered stuff Can’t find thingsTired
  10. 10. Time Wasters Wasted time can’t be Recycled ”A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life.“
  11. 11. Time Management Time management has five main aspects: Planning & Goal Setting Managing Yourself Dealing with Other People Your Time Getting Results The first 4 all interconnect and interact to generate the fifth - results
  12. 12. Purpose Provide you with the skills and techniques to manage your time more effectively.
  13. 13. 5 Rules for Successful Time Management 1. Don't create impossible situations. 2. Define and set priorities. 3. Stop procrastinating. 4. Get organized. 5. Plan.
  14. 14. Benefits of Time Management Improves communication More time to relax Reduces stress Improves efficiency
  15. 15. Time Management Tips  Eliminate low priority tasks or activities.  Find someone to help you with your workload.  Always think on paper.
  16. 16. “Time Wasters” Things that get in the way of your planning Something (or someone) that keeps you from doing things which have more value and importance.
  17. 17. Time Wasters Influenced by Your Surroundings  Visitors / interruptions  Phone calls  Meetings  Customer complaints  Paperwork  Computer problems
  18. 18. Tips to Remember When Managing Your Time Establish goals and priorities Use a 'to do' list Prioritize your tasks Avoid procrastination Manage interruptions Celebrate your achievements