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Heinz beans mm ppt

Its about the Beans made by the company Heinz

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Heinz beans mm ppt

  1. 1. Head office of the company in Mumbai. Branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. This manufacturing facility is HACCP(Hazard analysis and critical control points) certified and follows GFMP (Good Food Manufacturing Practices) It is the one of the fastest FMCG company. Zero debt Company. ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.
  2. 2. Mission & Vision of the “Heinz as a food company company trusted leader in nutrition in India is a Mission and Pure Food Company, and wellness. Regarded as the original vision of the Heinz is dedicated to the sustainable health of the people, the company Mission planet and our Company”. Vision ‘‘We define a compelling, sustainable future and create the path to achieve it.’’
  3. 3. Distributors of the company
  4. 4. HNFI -Heinz Nutrition Foundation India • Founded in 1997 as a Non Profit Trust • To advance the Knowledge and practice of nutrition. Mission of HNFI:
  5. 5. SWOT ANALYSIS S STRENGTH W WEAKNESS Strong brand portfolio Strong financial performance of business segment Diversified operations Research and development Low inventory turnover Rating downgraded Manufacturing plant in the US dependent on economic environment O OPPORTUNITY Growing baby food market New product launches Changing consumer habit Further international expansion Growth of emerging markets Emerging the market of china and brazil T THREATS Private label growth Increasing competition and industry consolidation FDA regulations Losing to business to suppliers
  6. 6. Distribution Channel:
  7. 7. Promotion strategy of Heinz
  8. 8. HEINZ BEANZ TRIVIA Between 1941 and 1948, the Ministry of Food did the nation a favour by classifying baked beans as 'essential' in the rationing system. In 2005 Heinz Beanz had the honour of being voted 'Most Loved Brand' by the British public. Heinz Beanz are exported to over 60 countries including Russia and China 1 million people have Heinz Beanz for their dinner every day
  9. 9. WHY NEEDED IN INDIA Obesity is emerging as a public health problem among adolescents in India Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in kids Malfunctioning of kidneys due to increased cholestrol which leads to swelling, infection or damage in kidneys High blood pressure and High cholesterol Type 2 diabetes. Increase in the number of heart attacks
  10. 10. HEINZ BEANS Integral part of the modern full English breakfast 2.3 million British people eat Heinz Baked Beans; 1 million of those people eat them for dinner It has been proven that consumption of baked beans does indeed lower total cholesterol levels and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, even in normocholesterolaemic individuals
  11. 11. BETTER FOR YOUR HEART Our Better for you platform includes foods that are the focus of our ongoing initiative to reduce sodium and sugar and eliminate trans fats.
  12. 12. • Heinz is enhancing to deliver higher nutrition by adding vegetables and whole grains.
  13. 13. FOR ALL AGES
  14. 14. WEIGHT MANAGEMENT • Good source of fibre • Low calorie content
  15. 15. BEANZ EQUIVALENT TO Run 7 min Walk 20 min Swim 9 min Cycle 9 min Aerobics 12 min Tennis 9 min Weights 14 min
  16. 16. HEALTH MANAGEMENT Offer low-protein products for consumers who must restrict protein consumption, such as people with kidney disease. Gluten-free products for individuals with celiac disease or sensitivity to gluten
  17. 17.  Heinz Baked Beans (415g)  32p  Branston Baked Beans (410g)  69p  ASDA Baked Beans (410g)  41p  Tesco Baked Beans (420g)  40p  Smart Price Baked Beans (410g)  26p  Everyday Value Baked Beans (420g)  26p