e-Recruitment through online Interview


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e-Recruitment through online Interview

  1. 1. “Making Recruitment Easy through Online Interview”
  2. 2.  An online Recruitment Process or e-recruitment is an online research procedure to attract candidates as well as to support recruitment process. It mainly focuses on the conduct of one-to-one exchanges as well as one-to-many exchanges which are commonly known as online focus groups.  Online Recruitment solves many methodological issues which are raised in traditional F2F or face to face interviews.
  3. 3. There are mainly two different forms of online interviews:  Synchronous online interviews: Online Interview is conducted through online chat.  Asynchronous online interviews: Online Interview is conducted via email. In addition, online interviews can also be distinguished according to the number of interviewees that participate.
  4. 4. An Online Recruitment Process consists of some following steps:  Write Up: To test writing ability of the candidate. Our system can check for basic grammatical skills as well as errors.  Online Test: To judge the candidates eligibility (basically Quantitative, Verbal and reasoning skills) through the online assessment tests. The test can be customized according to company’s requirement as well.  HR. /Technical Interview: This section covers HR interview questions and answers for fresher’s and experienced through Video chat on Skype. This round will check your communication skills, Time management skills, your confidence and technical skills as well. Moreover this recruitment process can be customized according to company’s requirement as well.
  5. 5.  Free of Geographical location: Need not to worry more about the geographical location, no need to set a venue.  Time Savings: Online interviews eliminate the probability of Time wastage which is beneficial for both of company as well as candidates also. The concerned person in recruitment field of a company does not need to come at Interview venue and same thing is applicable for applying candidates also.  Cost Savings: Online Recruitment Process provides savings in costs to the company as well as candidate also (for example, costs associated with travel and venue hire).
  6. 6.  Data Availability/ Intelligence Report: Supply ready transcribed interview data, quickly, providing fast and cheap alternatives to face-to-face interviews. Reports are generated in real-time based on submission received during the contest, and the candidates are auto-ranked intelligently based on their performance.  Wider reach for employers: In Online recruitment process, recruitment portals have currently updated and active talent databases that cover all kinds of career levels and industries.  Wider reach for candidates: Candidates benefit immensely from the wider scope they gain through online job sites. By posting their CVs online they can be contacted by employers/recruiters directly for opportunities that may not even be advertised.
  7. 7.  Return-on-Investment: In this process companies do not need to spend any time in conducting the challenge and the 10 candidates that they will call on-site will be interviewed and selected in a day. So this procedure will effectively reduce the 2 month hiring cycle into just a single day, and that too, at a lower cost. Moreover, their technical team does not involve before the on-site interviews and hence do not have to spend time in filtering and short listing the candidates for interviews.
  8. 8. “It’s an initiative to connect Recruiters like you with the job seekers.”
  9. 9. For more details, Call us at 01143560050 Or Write to us at mail@oureducation.in arpita@oureducation.in