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The doping knocks down myths


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Published in: Sports
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The doping knocks down myths

  1. 1. The doping knocks down myths. Abstract: The present article analyzes the use of substances of doping in high performance sport in Spain since 1970. Article: The doping is related to the promotion or consumption of any method or forbidden substance by athletes. This substances can be very dangerous for the health of the athlete and it improvement the performance of them. The doping has existed in Spain since decade of 1970. Famous athletes such as the cyclists: Jaime Huelamo, Pedro Delgado, José Manuel Fuentes, Txema del Olmo, Igor González, Alberto Contador…, the football players Ramón Calderél, Sanchez Lorenzo…, the swimmer David Meca, the runners: Marta Dominguez, Ángel Arroyo, Sergio Sánchez…and other important athletes haven’t pass the antidoping control for the consumption of drug as amphetamines… Thank to the consumption of this substances they have a great performance and they are contracted by the most rich team so they earn for year between 40.000€ to 73.500.000€. Conclusion: Almost all the athletes that have a great performance have used in a moment of his life some drug to improve their mark or to be contract for a better team. My opinion: In my opinion any athlete that use some of this substances, they aren’t cheating on the people but themselves because they never know if the can get their goals without the help of forbidden substances also they must reflect about their salaries because in the majority of the case the money that they earn is more that their effort, because they earn more money in a day that the normal people ear in a month.