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In case you are writing a dissertation for the first time then hiring a dissertation editing service renders merit to have your writing re-examined by pros and specialists, who are expected to have reviewed 100s of such theses. Hence rejection of your thesis comes down to a minimum and you will pass out your Ph.D easily

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  1. 1. About 24x7 Editing  Who does not want to get the best out of their laborious and painstaking hard research work? Do you want your work to be presented in the best acceptable format? Every researcher wants to receive a professional assistance in making their research work look up to standard from all aspects. That’s where we come into picture.  We, at 24x7 Editing, assist researchers across the world in providing them with editorial services for their dissertations and research papers. With our experience in this field and with a competitive price, we have reached several renowned academic institutions in the world.
  2. 2. Structuring a Manuscript  Doing a rigorous research work is not the only thing to be carried out by a researcher. Unless the work is presented in the most lucid manner, then with due course of time, the work loses its relevance. It is required to structure the manuscript in such a way, in which the rigor that has been put forth in the work, is reflected properly.  Maintaining continuity in the writing is the first and foremost task to be covered. If the reader does not find a proper flow of thought between the paragraphs, he / she gets disinterested. We ensure the coherence in the entire manuscript by restructuring the paragraphs sequentially.
  3. 3. Structuring a Manuscript  Maintaining a proper grammatical tense in the entire manuscript is sometimes tough for a researcher, as the work has been done in past, and it is needed to be written in a present context. We ensure that the grammatical flow in the entire manuscript is maintained thoruoghly.  Most of the times, snob about the researcher becomes prevalent in the mind of a reader, if he / she finds too many spelling errors in a research document. We properly check the words those have been written in the manuscript, and if required, we use alternate words to bring more clarity.
  4. 4. Structuring a Manuscript  Stating one single statement again and again brings forth redundancy in the manuscript, which in turn reduces the readability of the same. In this case, we eradicate unnecessary words and phrases, and in place of those, we use academically sound words and phrases. This enhance the richness of the manuscript.  While incorporating all these changes, we maintain customary contact with the researcher, by notifying them concerning the editorial changes those have been incorporated in the submitted manuscript.
  5. 5. Publication Editorial Support  Most of the academic journals across various domains accept original research works in some particular formats being followed by them. If the papers are not formatted according to their formats, mostly those get rejected.  We assist researchers in formatting their papers intended for publication in specific journals. This includes maintaining the overall outline of the paper, usage of in- text and out-text citations, bibliographic pattern, size of the paper in terms of number of pages, size of font to be used, resolution of graphical artworks, and finally extension of the final document.
  6. 6. Complimentary Services  From a consumer’s point of view, we understand that one always needs the best out of their outlay for a particular service. For this purpose, we have thought of and come up with complimentary editorial services. If any client wants to check the quality of our work prior to submitting the entire manuscript to us, he / she can send maximum five pages to us for editing. Once satisfied by quality of our editorial work, then the client can send us the entire work. Editing of those five pages are totally free of cost. This is a unique feature of our service, which has made us apart from our competitors in this field.
  7. 7. Our Reach  Being confined with a specific language oriented task can hardly prove out to be a fruitful one over a long period of time. Therefore, we have extended our services across several languages. This has enabled us to edit more than thirty five thousand original manuscripts across eight languages.  As our editors are experienced professionals in their own domains, and they are dedicated to their assigned work, our client base has been spread across the world. More than forty academic institutions across the work have suggested their researchers about taking our services.
  8. 8. How It Works? Send the Manuscript Receive the Estimate Pay the Required Fees Receive First Edited Draft Validate the Edit Receive the Final Manuscript
  9. 9. Contact Us  Address:  24x7 Editing Suite 700, 90 State Street Albany, NY 12207  Phone: (718) 8785831  Email: contact@24x7editing.com  Website: www.24x7editing.com