Online education helps Pharma major create Gen-Next leaders


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Read this case study to know AVAGMAH Online School helped Pharma major to create Gen-Next leaders
Few of the challenges faced were :
-They wanted to work towards the career enhancement of district mangers to regional managers, by providing uniform and industry relevant education.
- There was a need for Developing the Leadership Pipeline from the clients’ 1st Level Managers on wards through Management Education.
-Client has a large base of first time supervisors who were graduates but had missed out doing MBA and were unable to move to the next level in the organizational hierarchy

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Online education helps Pharma major create Gen-Next leaders

  1. 1. TMBusiness NeedIt was critical for the client to nurture 1st level District and Regional Managers to takeup future leadership positions. Many of them were Pharmacy graduates and wereunable to move to the next level in the organizational hierarchy due to the lack of atraditional Management qualification.The client wanted to introduce an Executive Education program that will help increating leadership pipeline. However, there were some key challenges that wereidentified:n Ensure Business Continuity during the course of studyn Provide uniform learning across the 26 locations including Tier 3 and Tier 4 towns in Indian Provide contemporary and market oriented contentn Minimize time loss due to travel to study centersConcerns Addressedn Classroom based education was not viable as students were based out of 26 locationsn Providing leave or cutting down work hours for attending classes was not feasible considering the nature of the businessn Students going for exam leave of 10-12 days at the same time would hamper businessStudent Profilen Age Group: 28 - 40 yearsn Role in the organization: District Managers and Regional Managersn Tenure: Average tenure of 10 years in the organization
  2. 2. An all encompassing solution BENEFITSAVAGMAH Online School offered a 2 year Online MBA to provide them careerenhancement ä Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing forn Classes were offered right on the students’ laptops using live online geographically spread workforce faculty led sessionsn All classes were scheduled on Sundays to ensure minimum business ä Business awareness among hour loss employeesn Archives of all lectures were made available in case anyone missed classes ä Business Continuity, with minimaln Online examinations were conducted disruptionsn Exams were scheduled in batches over weekends to ensure business continuityn Apart from hard copy books, a digital library of 6000+ management books were providedAVAGMAH Virtual Campus ensured that employees had access to a blend ofsynchronous & asynchronous learning around the clock without anydisruptions to their productivity.Galvanizing ResultsAVAGMAH Online School’s initiative was successful in delivering uniformlearning to 110 of the client’s employees across 26 locations - including at Tier4 towns like Chapra, Purulia and Madhubani. Business disruption wasminimized and learners were able to attend classes at their convenience.Industry relevant content from AVAGMAH Online School provided the rightlearning to all employees and they are able to develop a better sense ofbusiness.AVAGMAH ONLINE SCHOOL#20, Annaswamy Mudaliar Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore - 42, India.T: +91 80 4069 9100 I E: