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Frankfurt Book Fair 2011 - Hotspot Presentation


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Presentation of 24symbols at Frankfurt Book Fair 2011

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Frankfurt Book Fair 2011 - Hotspot Presentation

  1. 1. Cloud and subscription models for the publishing industry Justo Hidalgo (@justohidalgo) Co-founder, Chief Bus Dev Officer
  2. 2. 24symbols is a platform to read digital books on the Internet = cloud + social + freemium
  3. 3. No file download required On the cloud
  4. 4. Your readings go with you Social
  5. 5. Breaking the wall between the book and the readers
  6. 6. Freemium Free: ability to read ebooks, free and with non-intrusive ads Premium: ability to read ebooks, ad-free, even without Internet connection. Price by subscription Affiliation: we redirect traffic to your site or wherever you sell your printed books
  7. 7. Income model 24symbols income is based on advertising and subscriptions. 70 % of this revenue is shared equally among the total number of pages read. Publisher’s Income 70% Total Income Publisher's Pages Read Total Pages Read = x
  8. 8. Fear of free?
  9. 9. Understanding Freemium time users Delayed subscription (test the service & engage) free premium Conversion Rate
  10. 10. Pageview price is related to Conversion Rates Conversion Rate Goal: 10% Pageview Price Pageview Price
  11. 11. “You want to give out all books for free (shame on you!)”
  12. 12. “Ads are never a relevant income source”
  13. 13. “It is more profitable to have 100K premium users than 10M free users”
  14. 14. “A minimum pageview price is not guaranteed”
  15. 15. Why 24symbols Income Marketing Control
  16. 16. Control  Real Time Statistics  International Markets  Audits  No Downloads  Flexibility (catalog)  No Exclusivity
  17. 17.  Additional income (direct + related to potential losses due to piracy)  Proved business model  Additional imprint sales (due to discoverability and impulsive purchase) Income
  18. 18. Marketing  SEO  Virality  Recommendations
  19. 19. It’s happening now! ■ Open access from June 30th • Web, iPad • Number of active beta users: 50,000+ • Number of pages read: 1,000,000+ ■ Next milestone: Christmas • iPhone, Android • +20,000 books
  20. 20. What to do then? Explore new business possibilities No risk (stats for decision making) Easy, flexible to use Traditional sales increase + new increasing income source And, of course…
  21. 21. …visit our stand! Thanks! @24symbols / @justohidalgo /