AHLIST 2012 - The concept of Book as a Service


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Presentation of 24symbols at AHLIST conference (ahlist.org). The topic was the concept of "Book as a Service", and the evolution of the book once it becomes digital.

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  • Estamos acostumbrados a noticias como ésta: Las Nuevas Tecnologías Convierten a las Personas en Individuos Aislados. 
  •      También se critica ásperamente al libro electrónico, pues, según algunos expertos, este nuevo formato corrompe los textos, creando ediciones llenas de fallos de manufactura, creadas únicamente para obtener un beneficio comercial. IMAGE: Imagen de una muy mala edición de libro electrónico
  • En cada etapa, que casi siempre ha ido unida a algún tipo de revolución humanística, política o social, ha habido miedos sobre lo que le depararía al libro, o a los lectores de estos.Mainsource: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_book_burning_incidents
  • http://aclweb.org/anthology-new/W/W11/W11-15.pdf#page=117http://www.cse.unt.edu/~rada/papers/csomai.flairs07.pdfhttp://www.ltg.ed.ac.uk/np/publications/ltg/papers/Betts2007Utility.pdf
  • AHLIST 2012 - The concept of Book as a Service

    1. 1. Opportunities and challenges of the advent of new reading paradigms: the case of eBooks as a Service Justo Hidalgo, Chief Product Officer @justohidalgo
    2. 2. ■ Co-founder, 24symbols■ Past: B2B software (data integration, metadata, web search and automation, …) • VP Sales Engineering, Product Management • VP Technology■ Mentor at Startup Bootcamp, Tetuan Valley■ PhD, MSc in Computer Science • Training in Product Strategy/Mgmt, Innovation&Creativity at Stanford, UC Berkeley■ Blog: www.loscuentosdelabuelo.com■ @justohidalgo
    3. 3. … but always related to books and learningSpanish TV Magazine
    4. 4. Printing transforms the citizeninto an isolated human being - Guillaume-Chrétien de Lamoignon de Malesherbes French Stateman XVIIIth century
    5. 5. Est virgo hec penna… meretrix est stampificata - Judge Filippo di Strata, XVth Century
    6. 6. Chinese Sacred - Christian Antiochia Serapeum of Alexandria PhilosophyJerusalem Roman Emp. Roman Emp. Roman Emp. 213 BC 168 BC 303 AD 325 AD 392 ADBook Burn Nalanda (Dharma Gunj) House of Wisdom Gupta Emp. (India) Historical codices Non catholics Bagdad (Irak) Aztec state Spain Talmud burnings 1193 AD 1242 AD – 1568 AD 1258 AD 1427 AD 1480 AD Sacred – Maya Decameron Spanish Emp. Quakers Protestants In Braille Anti-comunists Italy Boston, USA Salzburg Paris Russia 1497 AD 1562 AD 1656 AD 1656 AD 1842AD 1945AD–1989 AD Univ. of Leuven Pompeu Fabra Lib. Univ. of Leuven Anti-nazis Nacional Lib. Belgium Spain Belgium Germany Irak 1914 AD 1930 AD – 1940 AD 1939 AD 1940 AD 2003 AD
    7. 7. At least they can read!
    8. 8. Book Discovery Biz Model ConversationOpenness
    9. 9. Multidevice synchronizationHTML5 Web iPad app
    10. 10. Real- TimeLearning and Control
    11. 11. Beautiful, but static
    12. 12. Alive
    13. 13. What if thewallbetweenthe bookand thereaders istorn down?
    14. 14. … and with the author?
    15. 15. Mutable artifact Credits: Craig Mod, June 2011
    16. 16. This is what publishers would like to be
    17. 17. But that’s a huge challenge for MOST publishers… and for readers Big PublisherI just wanted to read a book… Great Publisher Cool Publisher
    18. 18. Are books “it”?
    19. 19. Book or app?
    20. 20. The book as an “applicationOpen Bookmarks container”
    21. 21. Find what you need
    22. 22. Explicit contexts
    23. 23. RecommendationsRecommendationsEngine based on priorreadingsSocialrecommendations(your friends!)
    24. 24. … not just for fun…■ Edition, Author and Publisher Pages■ Sharable in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (virality)■ Organic positioning in search engines
    25. 25. Implicit contexts
    26. 26. Content is not enoughFREE CONTENT PAID CONTENT many 1
    27. 27. But it is still key…
    28. 28. … and core of the business
    30. 30. Free / Premium FreeUsers Delayed subscription (test the service & engage) Premium Conversion Rate Time
    31. 31. Fear of free?
    32. 32. Book Discovery Biz Model ConversationOpenness
    33. 33. Aren’t they beautiful challenges?
    34. 34. Books have shaped my vital map… now they will be my GPS - Justo Hidalgo