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24symbols - what's in it?


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Do you want to know what we have in 24symbols? This presentation shows you the main characteristics of the platform.

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24symbols - what's in it?

  1. 1. Product
  2. 2. ■ Platform already in production: • Multi-device (browser, iPad, HTML5) • Cloud reader • Cloud DRM • Social capabilities • Subscription service • Offline read • Internationalization & Localization • Real-time reader usage statistics
  3. 3. Multi-device platform Browser • For laptops, computers
  4. 4. Multi-device platform iPad • Native app
  5. 5. Multi-device platform iPhone • HTML5
  6. 6. Multi-device platform Android • HTML5
  7. 7. Cloud Reader■ Multi-device cloud reader■ ePub2 compliant■ Device synchronization■ Ad-enabled■ Geo-constrained
  8. 8. Cloud DRM■ Server-based security■ Secure encryption■ Asynchronous processing
  9. 9. Social Capabilities■ Edition, Author and Publisher Pages in 24symbols■ Sharable in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (virality)■ Organic positioning in search engines
  10. 10. Subscription Service■ Freemium • Free access – complete books • Free access – book preview • Premium access – limited catalog (e.g. Bundle) • Premium access – complete catalog■ Payment platform available
  11. 11. Offline Read■ Available in iPad (rest of mobile devices in 2012Q1)■ Encrypted content■ Key aspect of conversion to premium
  12. 12. Internationalization & Localization Currently localized in english and spanish • Extremely easy to add new languages • Ideographic as well. Cloud reader prepared for i18n: • Latin/saxon languages (spanish, english, german, ...). • Slavic languages • Ideographic languages (chinese, japanese, ...) • Reading directionality: Left to Right (LTR) ➤System prepared to accept RTL
  13. 13. Real-time reader usage statistics Traffic and Social stats Real-time info
  14. 14. Achievements in year I Ability to execute: top-class, multi-device, social reading platform Brand recognition Contacts with main publishers in Spain, UK and US (“inside of the industry”) All just with seed capital
  15. 15. ThanksJusto Hidalgo: Co-founder,,24symbols,com