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Top 6 Fielders in Indian Cricket Team



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Top 6 Best Fielders in Indian Cricket Team history. Indian Cricket Team Always know as their Batting Line-up But We Can't Ignore Indian Cricket Team Best Fielder who is Saving 10-15 Runs in each Match.

Top 6 Fielders in Indian Cricket Team

  1. 1. Top 6 Fielders in Indian Cricket Team
  2. 2. Eknath Solkar Definitely India’s best fielder ever. The Late Eknath Solkar was the first man who took India to victory only by his fielding skills. Renowned for his outstanding close catching, his stunning pouches helped India to victory against England at The Oval in 1971, the team’s first Test win in England. His record of 53 catches in only 27 matches
  3. 3. Mohammad Azharuddin The former Indian skipper was perhaps one of the few who were brilliant both at covers and in the slips. Apart from his stylish back flick throw, Azharuddin was quick on his feet, had fabulous anticipation and had soft hands that allowed him to pouch the absolute screamers.
  4. 4. Mohd. Kaif The fastest and the slimmest of the lot. Md. Kaif This middle order batsman is well known for his agility across the turf. He had an enviable throwing accuracy as well. He has the world record of five catches in a World Cup match.
  5. 5. Suresh Raina Suresh Raina has to be the best thing that Greg Chappell has done for Indian cricket. This smashing left hander is the backbone of Indian fielding. Quick hands, nimble feet and excellent anticipation makes him arguably India’s best fielder and one of the best in the world.
  6. 6. Ravindra Jadeja Young, energetic, athletic and simply outstanding in all the corners of the ground. Jadeja is the fielder the captain can send to any part of the field and forget about leaking runs from there. The short-heighted Jadeja has invented a new type of catch – THE RUNNING CATCH.
  7. 7. Virat Kohli He can bat , he can bowl and he can field. Let me introduce youto – Virat Kohli. Kohli’sgymnastic actsin the field make sure that the batsmen have to struggle and struggle hard to get the ball past this amazingfielder.
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