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Modern languages A level


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Pesentation on new MFL A-levels in England

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Modern languages A level

  1. 1. MFL A-LEVEL YORK PGCE October 2015
  2. 2. “Decoupled” AS and A-level From September 2016 AS-level is a standalone qualification AS-level can be co-taught with A-level AS-level a one year course A-level a two year course with exam at the end No re-sits Same grading structure as now: AS-level A-U, A-level A*-U
  3. 3. New, more “rigorous” content DfE asked ALCAB to look at existing A-level and suggest improvements ALCAB criticised level of cognitive challenge, inconsistencies across schools and content too general, too much like GCSE All content to be rooted in the culture of the target language cultures Prescribed list of literary works and films Reaffirmation of the importance of grammar and translation
  4. 4. DfE prescribed content Topics should come from general themes: Social issues and trends Political, artistic and intellectual culture Grammar Exam boards have worked within this framework and produced specifications they think students and teachers will enjoy
  5. 5. AS and A-level French content (1) - OCR Stereotypes, equality and gender - the family (different structures and relationships); attitudes to marriage; gender identity; equality of opportunity; the roles of men and women; the effects of communication technology on human relationships. Modern world issues - eating habits, genetically modified (GM) foods, vegetarianism, organic food and food production in target language countries and communities; obsessions and addictions; impacts of lifestyle on health, sport and fitness; technology. Law and order - types of crime, demographics of crime and punishment; cybercrime; crime prevention measures; punishments (prison, fines, alternatives to prison).
  6. 6. AS and A-level French content (2) - OCR Medical advances and related ethical issues - medical research; animal testing; genetic engineering; cosmetic surgery; the effect of extending life expectancy on demographics. Aspects of artistic culture - the popularity and significance of TV, film, theatre and music in the countries and communities where the language is spoken; music as an element of personal and national identity; the impact of digital technology in the world of the arts. Aspects of political culture - political systems; the impact of politics on the individual and society (education, housing, the environment, employment and migration); the role of the EU.
  7. 7. AS and A-level German content (1) - AQA • The changing state of the family (Familie im Wandel) • The digital world (Die digitale Welt) • Youth culture: fashion and trends, music, television (Jugendkultur: Mode, Musik und Fernsehen) • Immigration (Einwanderung) • Integration (Integration) • Racism (Rassismus)
  8. 8. AS and A-level German content (2) - AQA • Festivals and traditions (Feste und Traditionen) • Art and architecture (Kunst und Architektur) • Cultural life in Berlin, past and present (Das Berliner Kulturleben damals und heute) • German and the European Union (Deutschland und die Europaïsche Union) • Politics and youth (Die Politik und die Jugend) • German re-unification and its consequences (Die Wiedervereinigung und ihre Folgen)
  9. 9. AS and A-level Spanish content (1) - AQA • Modern and traditional values (Los valores tradicionales y modernos) • Cyberspace (El ciberespacio) • Equal rights (La igualdad de los sexos) • Immigration (La Inmigración) • Racism (El Racismo) • Integration (La Convivencia)
  10. 10. AS and A-level Spanish content (2) - AQA • Modern day idols (La influencia de los ídolos) • Spanish regional identity (La identidad regional en España) • Cultural heritage or cultural landscape (El patrimonio cultural) • Today's youth, tomorrow's citizens (Jóvenes de hoy, ciudadanos de mañana) • Monarchies, republics and dictatorships (Monarquías, repúblicas y dictaduras) • Popular movements (Movimientos populares)
  11. 11. Literature and film AS-level Students do one book or one film Assessed by a target language essay A-level Students do EITHER two books OR one book and one film All works come from prescribed lists
  12. 12. Example books (French) Césaire - Une saison au congo. Camus - L'étranger . Nothomb - Stupeur et tremblements. Mauriac - Thérèse Desqueyroux. Labro - Le petit garçon. Grimbert - Un secret . Guène - Kiffe kiffe demain . Molière - L’Avare.
  13. 13. Example films (French) La Haine Les quatre cents coups Le Corbeau Jean de Florette Intouchables Sans toit ni Loi Entre les murs
  14. 14. Example books (German) • Böll - Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum • Brecht - Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder • Dürrenmatt - Der Besuch der alten Dame • Frisch - Andorra • Heine – Gedichte-Buch der Lieder • Hensel - Zonenkinder • Kafka - Die Verwandlung • Kaminer - Russendisko • Lenz - Fundbüro • Schlink - Der Vorleser
  15. 15. Example films (German) • Good bye, Lenin! • Das Leben der Anderen • Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei • Almanya – Willkommen in Deutschland • Sophie Scholl – Die letzten Tage • Lola rennt
  16. 16. Example books (Spanish) • Esquivel - Como agua para chocolate • Lorca - La Casa de Bernarda Alba • Zafón - La sombra del viento • Isabel Allende - La casa de los espíritus • Sender - Réquiem por un campesino español • Bécquer - Rimas y leyendas • Fernando Fernán-Gómez - Las bicicletas son para el verano • Manuel Rivas - El lápiz del carpintero • Gabriel García Márquez - El coronel no tiene a quien le escriba
  17. 17. Example films (Spanish) • Volver • El laberinto del fauno • Ocho apellidos vascos • María, llena eres de gracia • El bola • Las 13 rosas
  18. 18. Individual research project Part of A-level only. Student chooses own area of interest Must relate to TL culture Research must include online sources Assessed as part of the A-level speaking test (presentation and discussion)
  19. 19. Assessment AS-level Three papers, one of them a speaking assessment. Task types include listening, reading, translation, TL essay (on film or literature). Individual control of audio. A-level Three papers, one of them a speaking assessment. Task types include listening, reading, translation, TL essay on film or literature. Individual control of audio.
  20. 20. Lesson activities Discussion from spoken and written texts Listening with audio and video (gap fill, matching, questions, summary, multi-choice, true/false, etc) Translation both ways Grammar exercises (pattern drills, gap fill, etc) Studying film and literature ICT-based tasks Whole class oral work Information gap pair work Task-based activities Games Extensive reading Individual research (reading and listening) Preparing for assessment Essay writing and technique