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Focus Boost - Simple Hacks from 24Slides Designer


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With lot of things seem to be worthy to receive our attention, some of us may suffer the lack of focus.

Carefully compiled by one of our designers, these focus boost hacks will definitely help you maintain your focus and finish things undistracted.

Play Saturday: WOW Me.
It was a unique opportunity for 24Slides team members to shine and showcase two of their greatest skills: presenting awesome slide designs (Works of Wonder) and sharing inspiring Words of Wisdom—making it a WOW moment for all the participants and the audience.

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Focus Boost - Simple Hacks from 24Slides Designer

  1. 1. PLAY SATURDAY S| ide5 20 / 06 / 2015 Simple Hacks from an ADHD survivor
  2. 2. 2%, , F’fE§Efl; Ts3ti&‘Ft i MIRA MARIKA Design Manager
  3. 3. INSTRUMENTAL You can find a lot of ‘focus music’ in the internet nowadays. They are meditative and will bring you to a phase where there is only you and your awareness. There are also artists who play beautiful instrumental, My favorites are Yann Tiersen and Evgeny Grinko. And of course, if you’re feeling edgy, go ahead with Mozart. He's the best! AROUND THE WORLD Choose music with foreign language to prevent you from singing along and get carried away and drown in those sweet memories. .. Here are some suggestions: Carla Bruni (French) Jehan Barbur (Turkey) Son Feci Bisiklet (Turkey) Siri Nilsen (Nonivay) REPEAT Choose one song you like the most and play it on repeat
  4. 4. WHOLE GRAIN for BREAKFAST Take whole grain for your breakfast rather than refined carbohydrates. It will help you boost your focus during the day. LEAFY GREENS Eat at least two servings of leafy greens to maintain your mental focus. A study in Neurology showed people who consume leafy greens had the mental focus of people five years their junior1- 1) Source: http2// www. eatingwe| |.com/ n utrition_health/ nutrition_news_ information/4_foods_to_he| p_you_focus_better? page=5
  5. 5. CAFFEINE No surprises, caffeine can boost your focus. Don't like coffee? Take green tea! GUM I know, gum is not a food. But it comes to your mouth and you chew it! A study in 2011 found that people who chewed gum were more alert during a task.
  6. 6. ?4 This has been a presentation from 24Slides Team. From this Play Saturday, we reveal the hiddenjewels of the incredible minds of awesome members behind 24Slides.