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Do you have what it takes to bring your customer service to the next level?


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To ensure your product or service will last and survive the challenges ahead, you don’t just need great customer service. You need to redefine great service so that it meets the demands of the future. Source by

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Do you have what it takes to bring your customer service to the next level?

  1. 1. what it takes Do you have to bring your Customer serviceto the next level ?
  2. 2. the fundamentals tosuperbservice = customers mustfeel valuedandcaredfor
  3. 3. When it comes to customer service, it’s still all about appealing to your consumer’s emotions than logic (American Express Study - 2013) find NEW ways to address these age-OLD essentials Ask 5 questions
  4. 4. hAVE A Do you BACKUP PLAN Plan APlan BPlan APlan A
  5. 5. Allowyourconsumersaccesstoanalternativeorbackup toovercomeanylimitationofyourproduct. Thisreducesanyriskthatcomeswithbuyingyourproduct. Plan A Plan B Forexample: Some mobile companies allow prepaid users to call or send a text even without existing load in case of emergencies by “loaning” load to be “paid” upon the next reload.
  6. 6. does your service keep up with TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT ?
  7. 7. webcam-enabled face to face interaction with customer service representatives for questions, complaints, real-time product demos or trials. Leveling up beyond emailsorcommentboxes
  8. 8. more do you deliver than JUST GOODS ?
  9. 9. it’s not just about getting the goods deliveredthesedays. Creating add-on’s like what Volvo did. They developed an application that allows goods to be delivered to your car as a destination. HOW?
  10. 10. Do you have when it comes 6 SENSE TO YOUR Customers ? th
  11. 11. Superiorcustomerservice includesanticipating whatyourcustomers needorwant evenbeforetheyexpressit Users hope that the feedback they leave on sites like Trip Advisor should be maximized by hotels, resorts, and restaurants in profiling them and preparing them for their next visit.
  12. 12. do you ENCOURAGE courtesy AMONG YOUR CUSTOMERS ?
  13. 13. Realizethatotherconsumershavethegreatest influenceoncustomerexperience,whethergoodorbad. Encourageeveryconsumertobuildapositiveatmosphereand ensuringprocessesrunsmoothly.
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