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7 Expected Attitudes of Great Customer Service


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Customer service is a vital part of any company. When customers are happy and satisfied, they come back to repeat business with you. They also become ambassadors of your products and services to potential loyal customers.
In this presentation, we listed 7 ways on how a customer service staff should approach a customer. Feel free to share this presentation to anyone who wants to grow their business.

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7 Expected Attitudes of Great Customer Service

  2. 2. 1 “ Always give your customers more than what they expect to get. ” WOW EFFECT
  3. 3. 2 L VE AT THE FIRST SIGHT “ From the moment you start talking, make them feel connected. Your customers will be comfy and feel that they are in the right place. ”
  4. 4. “ Listen intently to your customers’ demand. Show that you care and ensure you will find the solution. “ 3 PUT YOURSELF INTHEIR SHOES
  5. 5. Engage with your customer by being human, not a robotic auto reply email and phone call. HUMAN ROBOT BE NOT 4
  6. 6. Words are weapons. They can be as sweet as honey yet be bitter as gall too. Use positive words to explain the problems and solutions to your customers. POSITIVELANGUAGE 5WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS
  7. 7. Each customer possesses a different character. You should sense their moods and adapt accordingly CHAMELEON ACT LIKE A 6
  8. 8. Never delay the solution until days or weeks; act to solve the problems, not make excuses. SOLUTIONS NOT EXCUSES 7
  9. 9. THANK YOU& k e e p i m p r o v i n g w w w . 2 4 s l i d e s . c o m