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Build Your Brand and Boost Revenue Through Social Media Marketing


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Build Your Brand and Boost Revenue Through Social Media Marketing

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Build Your Brand and Boost Revenue Through Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. by Celeste
  2. 2. One of the biggest trends spotted at September’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York had little to do with what was being presented on the runway, but more with
  3. 3. The Twitter-sphere and fashion blogs were abuzz with live moment-by-moment Fashion Week updates, while streaming website feeds of designerpresentations and real time commenting on Facebook brought the live showfrom New York to any mobile device or laptop near you.
  4. 4. Social Media ruled both the runwaysand back-stage, democratizing whatwas once Fashion’s most exclusiveaffair by providing real-time access tothe masses. This heralds perhaps oneof the most exciting developments inFashion & Retail – the increasingadoption of Social Media in theMarketing mix.
  5. 5. Almost 70% of Online Shoppers Are Social Media UsersSocial Media is not a flash in the Marketing pan, but rather a form ofcommunication and connectivity that’s here to stay, A recent Future of theInternet study by the Pew Research Center stated that “experts believe SocialMedia usage will grow with younger generations as they mature… and moveup the economic ladder”.
  6. 6. Today’s older generations are Social Mediaenthusiasts too, with another Pew studyindicating that “social networking use amonginternet users ages 50 and older nearlydoubled—from 22% in April 2009 to 42% inMay 2010”. And when it comes to Mobilemarketing, Pew predicts the “rise of an appsculture”, with “some 35% of U.S. adults usingsoftware applications or ‘apps’ on theirphones.”
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  8. 8. Create Brand Fans and Drive Sales with Social MediaSocial Media is proving to be a way for Fashion & Retail companies to evolveonline communications from a one-way “information push” to an active,dynamic two-way dialogue with consumers. Social Media, when used correctlyand strategically, allows companies to connect more meaningfully withcustomers online, inspire brand evangelism, and nurture shopper loyalty.Active Social Media users are often progressive early adopters and keyinfluencers among their peers.
  9. 9. For retailers and designers, connecting “socially” with these faithful brandfollowers will generate traffic in-store and online.Unprecedented consumer engagement through Social Media not allowscustomers to participate at the catwalk, but they are part of the virtual designroom and merchandising meeting, too.
  10. 10. From Ann Taylor Loft, to Lulu Lemon,Burberry and Diane Von Furstenberg,‘straight from the street’ consumer insight viasocial networks is fueling innovation, productdevelopment and strategic businessdecisions.Additionally, designers and retailers can “talkback” with brand news faster than ever,building meaningful connections withconsumers.
  11. 11. Specialized Talent Drives Social Marketing SuccessWhile many big name retailers and designers have jumped on the Social Mediabandwagon, others are hesitating, overwhelmed and intimidated. To jumpstarttheir effort, companies must access talent who not only understand themedium and all its platforms technically, but can also quickly learn thecompany business to develop a Social Media strategy that promotes the brandcredibly and passionately.
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  13. 13. In addition to Strategists, Social Media teams include a variety of supportplayers for each step of the Social Marketing life cycle. It takes more than afew people to manage the Facebook community, develop video content,monitor and respond to Tweets, regularly tend to blogs, all the whileintegrating with traditional Marketing programs that are running in tandem.
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  15. 15. In an emerging practice area, there are so many candidates promotingthemselves as experienced thought leaders and Social Media gurus.Companies need help vetting and filtering talent to identify those few with aproven ability to increase followers, build brands, inspire loyalty, generaterevenue – in other words, deliver real results – by being “social”.
  16. 16. Partnering with a strategic recruiting partner to access all levels of specializedtalent is often a crucial first step on the path of Social Media mastery. In arecruiting partner, companies should seek one who is connected acrossindustries, especially those that have been early adopters in Social Media, inorder to access experienced talent and fill roles that run the Social Mediagamut.
  17. 17. 24 Seven is the leading expert in providing top talent to Fashion and Retailcompanies, not only for traditional fashion design, production and retailroles, but also strategic Marketing positions, including Social Media.
  18. 18. Through our Marketing, Interactive and Creative talent network across avariety of industries, we have access to the best and brightest, provenSocial Media candidates to fill the following roles and more: • Blog Editor • Mobile Apps Developer • Digital Strategist • Online Video Producer • Directors & Managers, • SEO Strategist Social Media Marketing • Social Media Campaign Manager • Facebook Community Manager • Social Media Community Manager • Flash Designer • Social Media Marketing Analyst • Interactive Content Copywriter • Web Analyst • Interactive Content Manager • Web Designer • Interactive Designer • Web Developer • Interactive PR Specialist
  19. 19. Remember that any Social Media endeavor will only be as good as the talentput in charge of leading it, so companies must choose a strategic recruitingpartner wisely. A hiring strategist who stays on top of Social Media trends canpredict where the market is moving and where the talent is.
  20. 20. Select a partner with ready access to prescreened, proven experts who arehighly motivated to make their next career move. By taking these critical steps,companies will be well prepared to evolve their hiring strategy in step withtheir increasing Social Media sophistication, the newest revenue generatingchannel.
  21. 21. About The AuthorCeleste Gudas is a leading authority on workforce strategy for creative-drivencompanies. A distinguished entrepreneur and recruiting industry innovator,Ms. Gudas has grown 24 Seven from a single New York office to 9 US locationsand internationally to London and Canada, and has expanded the industriesthe firm serves.Today 24 Seven is the go-to talent source supporting the world’s top teams inFashion, Retail, Advertising, Marketing, Design, Interactive/Digital, Media,Beauty, CPG and Entertainment. A certified Women’s Business Enterprise bythe Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, 24 Seven is also a recipientof the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
  22. 22. Connecting Top Brands with Top Talent. Every Day. 120 Wooster Street, Fourth Floor New York, NY 10012 UNITED STATES Phone: 212-966-4426 General Inquries: newyork@24seventalent.comResume Submissions: