Bees bites and bikes | 24 Protect Plus


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Tips from 24 Protect Plus to Keep Your Tykes Safe in the Summer!

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Bees bites and bikes | 24 Protect Plus

  1. 1. Bees, Bites and Bikes!<br />Tips from 24 Protect Plus to Keep Your Tykes Safe in the Summer!<br />
  2. 2. Summer Time<br />As summer approaches kids pack up their school books and kiss them goodbye<br />Parents on the other hand, pull up their socks in order to mind their children 24/7<br />And this is probably the best thing to do since kids tend to get into accidents – big and small<br />Loosing sight of caution can lead to your kid spending the vacation in bed rather than enjoying with his pals<br />
  3. 3. Ensure that Summer is Accident Free for your Child<br />Tips from 24 Protect Plus to Ensure Child Safety in Summer<br />
  4. 4. Sports Caution<br />Summer time is a great time to go out an play with friends<br />And this is exactly what kids want to do in their vacations<br />Children want to try their hand at all kinds of sports<br />Whether it basketball, swimming, horse riding, tennis or football<br />Even as you allow your kids to undertake these activities and explore, maintain caution at all times<br />Swimming pool safety tips should adhered to at all times<br />A lesson in animal safety tips will also come in handy<br />
  5. 5. Weather Safety<br />Summers are hot, and in more ways than one!<br />Since kids play in the sun, they need to be shielded adequately from the harsh rays<br />Proper application of the right UV protection lotion is necessary<br />Ensure that you child gets in enough fluid to avoid dehydration<br />Give them a bottle of water or lemonade when they go out to play<br />Avoid aerated beverages since these do not provide much hydration<br />Keep your kids indoors when the sun is at its peak and allow them to go outdoors only in the evenings<br />
  6. 6. Medical Care<br />As the plants blossom, pollen is all around <br />This is something that can cause allergies<br />Take precautions to prevent these allergies from flaring<br />Wash hands regularly and stay away from pollen rich areas<br />If the allergies are too frequent or too severe speak to the pediatrician <br />He might ask you to get an over-the-counter medicine or prescription antihistamine<br />24 Protect Plus recommends that insect repellants be used to guard against bee stings, mosquito bites that can cause itchiness and skin rashes<br />
  7. 7. Adopt these Simple Tips from 24 Protect Plus and you can be Sure that your Child will be Safe from Unforeseen Accidents during Summer<br />