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Fast facts mobile8_08102012


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Here are some insights and ideas to consider when developing your mobile strategy.

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Fast facts mobile8_08102012

  1. 1. REAL MEDIA MEDIA INNOVATION GROUP GROUPFast Facts: Mobile Advertising GrowthIn today’s agile marketplace, advertisers and publishersneed to build a consistent customer experience acrossall connected devices and platforms, including Mobile.Mobile’s rapid rise impacts the way business is done andignites significant growth potential.Here are some insights and ideas to consider whendeveloping your mobile strategy.Mobile Reach Increasing—Why Mobile and Why Now? 2011 REGIONAL MOBILE Mobile Adults 44% PENETRATION who own a phone usage¹ 92% 102% 131% SMART 71% 77% PHONE 84% 100% EU² US³ 48% Worldwide 86%4 EU users EU users accessing average INTERNET viaIME T mobile² through mobile N 52% IO 9.4 Hours/Week GROW TO 400 MILL OF MOBILE USERS ACTIVELY BROWSE in 2012 THE INTERNET ON THEIR DEVICESSources: ¹European Journal of Scientific Research, 2010 ²IAB Europe MediaScope Europe, 2012 ³eMarketer, July 20124Portia, April 2012A WPP COMPANY
  2. 2. REAL MEDIA MEDIA INNOVATION GROUP GROUPThe Rise of Mobile Impacts Consumer MediaConsumption and Behavior DISPLAY There will be 7.1 BILLION 22% connected mobile devices US smartphone users who worldwide by 2015¹ made a purchase via PC after viewing a mobile ad6 VIDEO SOCIAL 1 in every 10 37% of EU mobile owners use their phones tablet users view video to check social content almost daily.³ networks² SEARCH 22% 11% E-COMMERCE 9% of all US mobile owners 11% of EU mobile owners used search on their phone use their phones to buy in January 2011, up from online and 9% buy online 16% a year earlier via an App²Mobile GLOBAL MOBILE AD THE TABLET MARKETAdvertising SPEND WILL REACH $6.4 BILLION IN 20124 WILL GROW 91.7% IN 20125is a GrowingOpportunity SMARTPHONE CTRs 82% OF EU BUSINESSES ARE 72% HIGHER AND WILL INCREASE THEIR TABLET SEARCH AD CTRs MOBILE AD SPEND ARE 31% HIGHER VS. IN 20124 DESKTOP SEARCH ADS7Sources: ¹, “How Mobile Devices Have Redefined Media Consumption,” April 9, 2012 ²IAB Europe, MediaScope 2012³US ComScore June 2012 4eMarketer, July 2012, June 2012 6Nielsen “Counting Today’s Mobile Consumer,” July 20127Marin Software, “State of Mobile Search Advertising in the U.S. 2012”A WPP COMPANY
  3. 3. REAL MEDIA MEDIA INNOVATION GROUP GROUPAdvanced Mobile Technology and AnalyticsProvide Competitive Advantage ENGAGEMENT TARGETING New technology facilitates Mobile advertising increases pinpoint targeting, including message relevancy and drives age, gender, interests/behav- direct response, enabling reach ior, device type, operating to consumers across screens. systems and more. INTERACTION Mobile QR codes are rapidly gaining popularity. They allow marketers to leverage the visual engagement of print ads and drive user actions. ROI TRACKING & For every dollar REPORTING spent on Mobile Despite fragmentation, new in 2012¹ technology enables market- ers to effectively analyze $1 campaign information and $11.37 optimize strategies across devices and platforms. INNOVATION Advertisers can target their campaigns to appear on mobile devices within a given distance of one of their outlets, using mobile advertising to drive offline sales. Users clicking on a mobile banner can redeem coupons to use in-store at the point of sale.A WPP COMPANY Source: ¹DMA “Power of Direct Marketing, 2011-2012”
  4. 4. REAL MEDIA MEDIA INNOVATION GROUP GROUPChallenges/Questions About Mobile WHY IS A MOBILE It is important to engage with your audience in the most effective STRATEGY IMPORTANT? way, and reach them where they are consuming media. More and more, this involves mobile devices. In terms of advertising, co-branded cross-channel promotion has shown to be the most effective approach for advertisers, who increasingly look to add Mobile into their media mix. CBS TV CITY MEDIA LAB STUDY When complementing TV advertising with mobile: ■■ Brand recall was 69% higher ■■ Purchase intent increased by 72% ■■ 5.5 times more effective at driving search Comparing cross-screen viewers to TV only viewers¹ WHY SHOULD I HAVE A With mobile consumption sky rocketing and 77% of companies MOBILE SITE? globally boosting investment in the mobile channel,² companies should consider expanding and enhancing their touch points by including Mobile sites. WHY SHOULD I CREATE Apps allow publishers to foster brand awareness, enable greater A CUSTOM APP? customer loyalty, promote offerings and interact with users individually, giving them easy access to offerings and services. WHAT ARE THE TOP ANDROID iOS BLACKBERRY THREE MOBILE GOOGLE APPLE RIM PLATFORMS? PHONE³ 59% PHONE 23% PHONE 6% TABLET4 36% TABLET 63% TABLET 1% WHAT IS THE BEST HTML vs. Flash—Adobe Flash powers the majority of desktop ad- FORMAT TO USE FOR vertising, however, the reverse is true with mobile. The majority of MOBILE WEBSITES? mobile websites do not support Flash and cannot read Flash websites or ads. Mobile sites must be built in HTML to be WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) accessible. WHAT IS THE BEST 1.5% Creating ads for desktop campaigns is positively FORMAT TO USE FOR simple compared to mobile. While online campaigns MOBILE ADS? rely heavily on 3 sizes, mobile web uses Pre-roll Video many more variations. 0.9% 0.7% AVG CTR5 0.5% 0.5% Interstitial Geo- Traditional Click-to localized Standard Banner ads ads Sources: ¹Nielsen “Cross-Platform Video Ad Effectiveness Study” conducted by AdColony, April 2012 ²eConsultancy 2012 ³IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, May 24, 2012A WPP COMPANY 4IDC global tablet forecast 5Jumptap, 2012
  5. 5. REAL MEDIA MEDIA INNOVATION GROUP GROUPConclusion Mobile devices are changing the digital landscape and the way in which users interact with digital media Mobile access is growing globally year-over-year and the demand for mobile content is at an all-time high. As mobile device adoption reaches critical mass, companies need to have a mobile strategy on their radar as a new channel to reach customers, appeal to advertisers, and accomplish their goals. Below are our top tips for your mobile strategy: FOCUS ON STRATEGY, Don’t build a mobile site or app because that’s what others are doing. NOT TACTICS Determine how your business can use mobile to enhance users’ experiences as well as drive business and advertising growth. Understanding this will help you to develop a long term strategy that aligns with your customers’ needs. GET TO KNOW YOUR Evaluate how people use mobile technologies in their daily lives. AUDIENCE Is your target audience tech-savvy? What is their relationship with your brand and how do they communicate with it? Answering these questions is the key to building a mobile strategy and experience that will resonate with your audience. PICK A TECHNOLOGY There are many options in the marketplace so it all goes back to PLATFORM understanding your target audience. What mobile devices do they use? Do they use smartphones or tablets? Android or iOS? Understanding the answers to these questions will drive what technology platform is best for your strategy. MOBILE SITE Keep your mobile site simple. Use traditional site analytics to see which pages are most used. Avoid heavy graphics and keep scrolling to a minimum. MOBILE APPLICATION Assess the pros and cons of mobile apps to determine if a mobile app is right for your business. Users spend more time with mobile apps than the web (mobile and desktop) and are generally more engaged. Content is another factor to consider. How are users going to interact with your business on mobile devices?A WPP COMPANY