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Digital Competivtie Advantage For Publisher


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Real Media Group, a business unit of 24/7 Media provide comprehensive revenue management solutions. Efficiently identify, analyze, and package your audience for advertisers extracting the maximum value from your inventory; and run every facet of your digital operation effectively, profitably and competitively.

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Digital Competivtie Advantage For Publisher

  1. 1. Digital Competitive Advantage forPublishers
  2. 2. Real Media Group A WPP company providing integrated digital marketing solutions globally Distinguished industry leader, with over 15 years’ experience Empowers advertisers and publishers to engage with target audiences Comprehensive ad management platform Leading precision targeting media network Target, Optimize and Buy audiences in real-time2
  3. 3. The 24/7 Media Platform3
  4. 4. 24/7 Media’s Technology Hub Global Locations Leading Agencies and Top Advertising ClientsCanada Japan Korea EuropeU.S.Brazil Australia Other Media Networks Hundreds of Publisher Licensees Globally4
  5. 5. OverviewThe most robust ad management platform Contract Management Business Management Business Intelligence Reporting Creative Workflow Targeting & Optimization Ad Delivery & Optimization Inventory Management Video and Rich Media Web Analytics Audience Management Data Management Audience Segmentation 24/7 Connect Inventory Extension 24/7 Trader Network Management Multi-Platform Delivery Advanced Solutions Open API Professional Services5
  6. 6. MultiplatformBe where advertisers want to goEnable advertising experiences for visitors — regardless of where they are, orwhat device they’re usingEfficient, scalable deliverycapabilities across video, mobile,IPTV and other addressable mediachannelsAdvanced content, audience anddevice targetingRobust dashboards, tracking,engagement and performanceanalytics6
  7. 7. We Power Digital Publishers7
  8. 8. Professional ServicesClient-specific custom solutions Consultant sessions specific to client business, site, and goals Custom technology applications and enhancements Evaluation, consulting, recommendations, implementation Sample Custom Solutions Sample Custom Solutions Consulting/Analysis Session Advanced Inventory Forecasting Advanced Inventory Manager Dashboard Custom Reporting Database Export Audience Segmentation (CRM)8
  9. 9. ServicesElevating and expanding your business Offering – Dedicated account management – 24/7 technology support – Ongoing education and training Our team focuses on: – Client satisfaction – Customers current business needs – Future and changing market landscape Skilled and experienced global support – Continuous management of your interactive business initiatives – Remain competitive in todays marketplace – Maximize the use of 24/7 Open AdStream9
  10. 10. Scaled Ad DeliverySchedule, Manage, Target, Deliver10
  11. 11. Scaled Ad DeliveryAd management platform 200+ billion ads served monthly Robust scheduling, pacing and yield management Multi-placement delivery from single tag First party cookies Site analytics and behavioral segmentation11
  12. 12. Open API Integrate custom solutions via open API – Custom and third party software applications through open connectivity API – Leverage 24/7 Open AdStream’s ad management and reporting functionality – Increase functionality, efficiency, and automation Open API Self Service UI Custom Report Portal DMP Integration Custom Dashboard Custom Custom Inventory Analysis application application 3rd party application12
  13. 13. Contract Management by FiviaOperate Effectively from End to End13
  14. 14. Contract Management Fully integrated sales, billing Sales Finance and revenue management CRM system Accounting system Automated proposal, approval, booking and invoicing order process Integrates with CRM and Contract Management accounting systems Comprehensive reporting including extensive revenue based reports Customized role-based workflow14
  15. 15. 24/7 MobileIntegrate, Enhance, Streamline15
  16. 16. 24/7 Mobile Web publishers can serve digital ads into: – Feature phones – Mobile web – Apps Various creative types can be used: – Text link – Image – Video & Rich Media Plus, most standard ad serving Targeting options include: capabilities: – Device and device groups – Frequency cap – Carrier – Prioritization and Pacing – Operating systems (iOS, Android, BB) – Third Party Network Optimization16
  17. 17. 24/7 Mobile Creative Formats Banner Interstitial Video Interstitial Expandable Banner17
  18. 18. 24/7 VideoMaximize Revenue, Reduce Costs18
  19. 19. Video & Rich MediaLeverage interactive and dynamic formats to drive engagementEasily integrate video and rich media solution, avoiding multipleprovider complexitiesEfficient creative workflowDynamic, engaging video and richmedia unitsCross player and device deliveryto live and on demand audiences • SDK • XML • API19
  20. 20. Rich Media FoundryEasily create, customize, and serve video/rich media Comprehensive partner support Streamlined process Creative wizard and templates 13 High Impact in-stream formats IAB VAST/VPAID compliant Advanced targeting and reporting20
  21. 21. Video Examples Pre-roll Overlays Quick Click Nonlinear Lower Thirds Spotlight Roadblocks21 Ad Catalog:
  22. 22. Reporting & ForecastingBusiness Intelligence In Real-time22
  23. 23. Comprehensive Reporting Comprehensive real–time view into performance Real-time customizable dashboard Content, audience, advertising and revenue Robust reporting and analysis Email report delivery23
  24. 24. Inventory ManagementForecast. Analyze. Drive return. Understand and derive the most value from your inventory Accurately manage campaigns based on inventory availability Automated campaign prioritization Sophisticated multi-variant audience analysis Configurable algorithms to align with your business and objectives.24
  25. 25. AnalyticsCapture Actionable Web SiteIntelligence25
  26. 26. Robust Web Analytics Audience analysis and advertising analytics Custom performance metrics Real-time visibility and robust reporting Conversions Sales Visitors Content Advertising26
  27. 27. Performance Tracking & Optimization Full analysis of post-click and post-view conversion activities Comprehensive view into audience metrics and behaviors Better understand campaign success, revenue generation and target accordingly View Browse Click Convert27
  28. 28. Audience Segmentation / Data ManagementSegment visitors based on user attributes and online behavior Dynamic, rules-based segmentation Combine first and third party data to create custom segments Remarket and access consumers on and off site leveraging 24/7 Access Music Lover Premium Customers Bargain Shopper Busy Mother28
  29. 29. Metrics that Matter by MOAT Prove the value of your best inventory and placements Make brand advertising more effective online Shift remnant to premium inventory based on concrete evidence29
  30. 30. Optimization by MaxifierMaximize Individual Campaign andOverall Inventory Performance30
  31. 31. 24/7 Open AdStream Optimization Prioritize and optimize revenue across advertising campaigns Segmentation, automatic optimization and simplified processes Max performance based on all targeting attributes Increased performance for individual campaigns Increased overall inventory yield Publishers control over and visibility into proprietary data Streamlined ad operations Revenue maximization Individual Campaigns Performance Increase31
  32. 32. Demand GenerationLink into External Monetization32
  33. 33. Incremental demand generationConnect to external digital ad spend; directly integrated within24/7 Open AdStream Additional revenue opportunities Access to premium media buyers Reduced transactional fees and fewer vendors Increased transparency and control Dynamic allocation and yield management33
  34. 34. Turn unsold inventory into revenue Inventory monetization through dedicated Real Media Group sales team; media buying opportunities Favorable revenue-share Premium formats including Video, High Impact and Rich Media Access wide array of buyers, both WPP and non- Key Stats: WPP agencies Top 5 reach vehicle Transparency and publisher control over advertisers, categories and rates Over 3,000 Web sites Reaching 174 million unique users and 81 percent of the Internet per month34
  35. 35. Media buying for ‘Pubvertisers’ Gain new inventory, reach a bigger audience, and drive more revenue by tapping into the power of your extended audience. Audience extension – Extend audience beyond your website with retargeting – Segment proprietary audiences and serve customized messaging – Purchase media real-time or guaranteed based on objective Digital media buying – Custom advertising campaigns to engage with customers – Advanced targeting and formats to achieve branding or activation goals – Integrated reporting and conversion metrics to measure performance35
  36. 36. Microsoft Digital Advertising Partnership Microsoft Media Network expands demand sources to include more high-quality advertisers Seamless access and management of the Microsoft Advertising Exchange via the 24/7 Open AdStream UI Plans to explore development of a zero discrepancy solution between Atlas and Trading 24/7 Open AdStream Desk DSPs Yield SSP Networks Demand Publisher Agency Control Inventory36
  37. 37. NameTitleemail@realmedia.com212-231-XXXX