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September 11, 2001

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September 11, 2001

  1. 1. September 11, 2001By: Carri MimsPeriod 6
  2. 2. Terrorism• Terrorism means:The use ofviolence andthreats tointimidate orcoerce, especiallyfor politicalpurposes.• 19 men wereterrorist whoattackedAmerica.
  3. 3. Twin Towers• There were 110floors on each tower.• There was anaverage of 45,000 –50,000 square feetper floor.• Over 50,000 peopleworked in eachtower.• 103 elevators were ineach tower also.• There were 200,000tons of steel thatheld up the towers.
  4. 4. • The first planehit the northtower at 8:47 infloors 90-100.• The plane (Flight11), was caring24,000 gallons ofjet fuel.• 5 hijackers wereon that plane, 76passengers and 11crew members.
  5. 5. • At 9:02 thesecond plane hitthe south towerand flew into thefloors 78-87.• The plane (Flight175) had 5hijackers, 51passengers and 9crew members.
  6. 6. • While all of thiswas happingPresident GeorgeBush was in aschool inSarasota, Floridareading to agroup ofkindergarteners.• He was told at9:00 that thefirst plane hadhit the northtower in N.Y.
  7. 7. • The White Housewas evacuated at9:45, and theCapitol and otherfederal buildingswere evacuatedat 9:48.• At 9:55President Bushleft Florida andheaded to the Airforce base but hewas in the airmost of the time.
  8. 8. • At 9:50 thesouth tower ofthe world tradeCenter collapsed.• At 10:28 thenorth towercollapsed.• New York wascovered in ashesand debris
  9. 9. The Pentagon
  10. 10. • At 9:41 Flight 77Crashed into theside of thePentagon.• 5 hijackers, 53passengers and 6crew memberswere on theplane.
  11. 11. Crash in Pennsylvania
  12. 12. • Flight 93 crashed intoa field in Shanksville,Pennsylvania which is80 miles out ofPittsburg at 10:00.• This flight had 4hijackers, 33passengers and 7 crewmembers.• This plane was supposeto be heading to theWhite House, butinvestigators say thatsome of the passengersfought to hijackers andbrought the plane downbefore it got to theWhite House.
  13. 13. • In some of the planerubble investigatorsfound part of a letterthat belonged to thehijackers that read,“Purify your heart andforget something calledlife, for the time of playis goneand the time of truth hascome…when the planestarts moving, then youare travelingtoward god and what ablessing that travel is.”• The plane attacks werenot a suicide attack butto the hijackers it wasact of serving theirgod.
  14. 14. The Hijackers
  15. 15. • There were 4 planesthat were used forthis terroristsattack and 19terrorist.• There terroristssmuggled smallknives onto theplanes to kill thepilots.• Most of theterrorist took flightlessons in America sothey would know howto fly the planes.• They also took a GPSwith them on theplanes so they wouldknow where they
  16. 16. • All these men werefrom the MiddleEastern nations.• They all belonged toan internationalterroristorganization calledal Qaeda whichmean “the base”• These men were allwell educated andwent to graduateschool.• Their parents wereall every shockedthat they did thishorrible attack andthey didn’t evenknow about it.
  17. 17. Osama bin Laden• He is the most infamousterrorist of all time.• He grew up aroundwealth and privilege• He graduated from aSaudi university in 1979with a degree in civilengineering.• Osama inherited $80million form his fatherwhich was estimated tobe about $250 millionwhen he was an adult.• He was shot in the headby the Navy SEALs onMay2, 2011 and wasburied in the NorthArabian sea.
  18. 18. Twin Towers Memorial
  19. 19. Building the Memorial• 4 Word TradeCenter buildingswere built alongwith 2 Reflectingpools/waterfallswere the towersstood, 1 WorldTrade CenterTransportationHub and a 9/11Museum.• It took about 10years to do thisproject.
  20. 20. • Where the twintowers used tostand, they put agiant reflectingpool/waterfall.• Around the poolare engravednames of all thevictims that werekilled in thetragedy.• Over 3,311 Peopledied in all of thecrashes andattacks.