Mobile Marketing Trends In 2012 | SMS Marketing


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Mobile Marketing Trends In 2012 | SMS Marketing

  1. 1. SMS Marketing Will Be Among the Top Mobile Marketing Trends In 2012
  2. 2. SMS is here to Stay!
  3. 3. If you think SMS text messaging is not a viable strategy for marketing,you may need to think again and think different!
  4. 4. To say that SMS text messagemarket is growing rapidly may bean understatement.The great news for SMS marketingcompanies is that SMS text willcontinue to thrive in the comingyear.
  5. 5. The surge in mobile SMS marketingis nothing short of being calledphenomenal.Don’t take the word for it. Considera few startling global SMSstatistics:
  6. 6. Mobile MarketingStatistics 2011-12
  7. 7. There are more people using mobile devices than toothbrushes
  8. 8. • 6.9 billion SMS were sent in 2011 across theglobe• That figure is projected to rise to 8 trillion in2012• 83% of U.S. adults are mobile phone owners• A third of them prefer text message over aphone call
  9. 9. • Every second urban Indian acknowledgesreceiving a marketing SMS• 37% of Indians receive ringtones, wallpapersor game SMS from businesses• 95% of Text Messages are Read within 4Minutes• Only 6% of marketing emails are responded to• SMS campaigns on the other hand have aresponse rate of 45%
  10. 10. In other words, SMS messaginghas a higher response rate as ameans of direct communication than telemarketing, email, or direct post mails.
  11. 11. The mobile text message statistics go on to prove that the demand for SMS Short Code along with MMS and instant messaging, will continue to grow (even) with the steep increase in Smartphone purchases.
  12. 12. The SMS text message market means more fertile ground for businesses to experiment withcatchy text messages and enticing offers.
  13. 13. Here’s to Happy SMS Text Message Marketing in 2012!
  14. 14. A Presentation On Mobile Marketing Trends by Indias exclusively ISO & DMA CertifiedEmail and SMS Marketing Company
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Connect With Bulk SMS Marketing Company India company/valueleaf-services- india-pvt.-ltd./products