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Cuts of vegetables


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Cuts of vegetables

  1. 1. Julienne  Thin matchstick shape strips of 1mm x 1mm x 25 mm  purpose Garnishes/Chinese stir fries/salads
  2. 2. jardiniere  Batons of 3mm x 3mm x18mm  Used in Sautéed preparation
  3. 3. Macedoine Small dices 5mm x 5mm x 5mm Used for Salad/ sautéed preparations
  4. 4. Brunoise  Small dices – Sugar grain Sizw  2mm x 2mm x 2mm  Used for Garnishes/ stuffing
  5. 5. slicing  Cutting crosswise or lengthwise of desired thickness  Used for Salads/roasts/grills/ bake
  6. 6. Paring peeling the skin of vegetables using paring knife Paring fruits such as apples.
  7. 7. Chiffonade Shredded leafy vegetables Sautéed preparation/ stuffing/ garnishes
  8. 8. Paysanne  Geometrical shapes of 1 mm thickness  Sautéed preparation/ garnishes
  9. 9. Wedges  Round vegetables cut equally lengthwise  Stews/fried/grills/roasts/ boil/poached/braised
  10. 10. Mirepoix  Roughly cut vegetables, sometimes with skin  Used for Stocks/soups/flavouring
  11. 11. Tourne/chateau Turning of vegetables into barrel shapes Sautéed/boiled/poached /roasted/baked
  12. 12. Chopping Evenly cut vegetables smaller than brunoise Uses for Garnishes/sauces/gravie s/stuffing